Unboxed: The Rolling Stones in Mono


Check out this brand new video which unboxes the forthcoming The Rolling Stones in Mono box set in anticipation of its 30 September release date…

The box sets are available to pre-order as 15CD or 16LP vinyl collections. Both contain 14 studio albums plus Stray Cats, a newly compiled collection of songs from singles and EPs issued in the 1960s. In total, The Rolling Stones in Mono delivers 186 tracks.

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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones in Mono – 15CD box

Shop Price GBP Stock
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 117.29
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 144.39
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 176.90
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 110.49
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 121.64
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 146.20
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 116.44
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 119.99

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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones in Mono – 16LP box

Shop Price GBP Stock
Amazon de 6LP coloured vinyl box 271.99
Amazon usa 6LP coloured vinyl box 296.39
Amazon ca 6LP coloured vinyl box 360.06
Amazon fr 6LP coloured vinyl box 254.99
Amazon it 6LP coloured vinyl box 276.78
Amazon es 6LP coloured vinyl box 344.25
JPC de 6LP coloured vinyl box 271.99
HMV uk 6LP coloured vinyl box 335.99


In The Rolling Stones In Mono box

  • 1)  The Rolling Stones (UK, 1964)
  • 2)  12 X 5 (1964)
  • 3)  The Rolling Stones No. 2 (UK, 1965)
  • 4)  The Rolling Stones Now! (1965)
  • 5)  Out of Our Heads (US, 1965)
  • 6)  Out of Our Heads (UK, 1965)
  • 7)  December’s Children (And Everybody’s) (1965)
  • 8)  Aftermath (UK, 1966)
  • 9)  Aftermath (US, 1966)
  • 10) Between the Buttons (UK, 1967)
  • 11) Flowers (1967)
  • 12) Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
  • 13) Beggar’s Banquet (1968)
  • 14) Let it Bleed (1969)
  • 15) Stray Cats (a new collection of single A & B sides plus E.P. tracks)

The Rolling Stones (UK)
1.Route 66
2.I Just Want To Make Love To You
3.Honest I Do
4.Mona (I Need You Baby)
5.Now I’ve Got A Witness
6.Little By Little
7.I’m A King Bee
9.Tell Me
10.Can I Get A Witness
11.You Can Make It If You Try
12.Walking The Dog

12 x 5
1.Around And Around
2.Confessin’ The Blues
3.Empty Heart
4.Time Is On My Side
5.Good Times, Bad Times
6.It’s All Over Now
7.2120 South Michigan Avenue
8.Under The Boardwalk
10.Grown Up Wrong
11.If You Need Me
12.Susie Q

The Rolling Stones No. 2
1.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2.Down Home Girl
3.You Can’t Catch Me
4.Time Is On My Side
5.What A Shame
6.Grown Up Wrong
7.Down The Road Apiece
8.Under The Boardwalk
9.I Can’t Be Satisfied
10.Pain In My Heart
11.Off The Hook
12.Susie Q

The Rolling Stones, Now!
1.Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
2.Down Home Girl
3.You Can’t Catch Me
4.Heart Of Stone
5.What A Shame
6.Mona (I Need You Baby)
7.Down The Road Apiece
8.Off The Hook
9.Pain In My Heart
10.Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)
11.Little Red Rooster
12.Surprise, Surprise

Out Of Our Heads (US)
1.Mercy Mercy
2.Hitch Hike
3.The Last Time
4.That’s How Strong My Love Is
5.Good Times
6.I’m All Right
7.(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction
8.Cry To Me
9.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
10.Play With Fire
11.The Spider And The Fly
12.One More Try

Out Of Our Heads (UK)
1.She Said Yeah
2.Mercy Mercy
3.Hitch Hike
4.That’s How Strong My Love Is
5.Good Times
6.Gotta Get Away
7.Talkin’ ‘Bout You
8.Cry To Me
9.Oh, Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin’)
10.Heart Of Stone
11.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
12.I’m Free

December’s Children (And Everybody’s)
1.She Said Yeah
2.Talkin’ Bout You
3.You Better Move On
4.Look What You’ve Done
5.The Singer Not The Song
6.Route 66
7.Get Off Of My Cloud
8.I’m Free
9.As Tears Go By
10.Gotta Get Away
11.Blue Turns To Grey
12.I’m Moving On

Aftermath (UK)
1.Mother’s Little Helper
2.Stupid Girl
3.Lady Jane
4.Under My Thumb
5.Doncha Bother Me
6.Going Home
7.Flight 505
8.High And Dry
9.Out Of Time
10.It’s Not Easy
11.I Am Waiting
12.Take It Or Leave It
14.What To Do

Aftermath (US)
1. Paint It, Black
2. Stupid Girl
3.Lady Jane
4.Under My Thumb
5.Doncha Bother Me
7.Flight 505
8.High And Dry
9.It’s Not Easy
10.I Am Waiting
11.Going Home

Between The Buttons (UK)
1.Yesterday’s Papers
2.My Obsession
3.Back Street Girl
5.She Smiled Sweetly
6.Cool, Calm & Collected
7.All Sold Out
8.Please Go Home
9.Who’ s Been Sleeping Here?
11.Miss Amanda Jones
12.Something Happened To Me Yesterday

1.Ruby Tuesday
2.Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
3.Let’s Spend The Night Together
4.Lady Jane
5.Out Of Time
6.My Girl
7.Back Street Girl
8.Please Go Home
9.Mother’s Little Helper
10.Take It Or Leave It
11.Ride On, Baby
12.Sittin’ On A Fence

Their Satanic Majesties Request
1.Sing This All Together
3.In Another Land
4.2000 Man
5.Sing This All Together (See What Happens)
6.She’s A Rainbow
7.The Lantern
9.2000 Light Years From Home
10.On With The Show

Beggars Banquet
1.Sympathy For The Devil
2.No Expectations
3.Dear Doctor
4.Parachute Woman
5.Jig-saw Puzzle
6.Street Fighting Man
7.Prodigal Son
8.Stray Cat Blues
9.Factory Girl
10.Salt Of The Earth

Let It Bleed
1.Gimme Shelter
2.Love In Vain
3.Country Honk
4.Live With Me
5.Let It Bleed
6.Midnight Rambler
7.You Got The Silver
8.Monkey Man
9.You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Stray Cats (new compilation)
1.Come On
2.I Want To Be Loved
3.I Wanna Be Your Man
5.Fortune Teller
6.Poison Ivy (Version 1)
7.Bye Bye Johnny
9.Poison Ivy (Verison 2)
10.Not Fade Away
11.I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
12.The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (Single)
13.19th Nervous Breakdown
14.Sad Day
15.Con Le Mie Lacrime (As Tears Go By)
16.Long, Long While
17.Who’s Driving Your Plane?
18.We Love You (Single Version)
20.Child Of The Moon
21.Jumpin’ Jack Flash
22.Street Fighting Man (Single)
23.Honky Tonk Women
24.You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Single)

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57 responses to Unboxed: The Rolling Stones in Mono

  1. Robert says:

    This looks very nice. Im gonna put this on my ‘to buy’ list and hopefully in due time it’ll come down a bit in price

  2. eric slangen says:

    great video. Can’t wait for my vinyl box + the singles.

  3. Simon Taylor says:

    Looks very nice, would like to own but too expensive. Will wait and see what the overall verdict us and then hopefully the price will miraculously drop at some point. No hurry, I can wait until next year.

  4. Mark Phillips says:

    Hi Paul,

    How different are the Stones’ mono versions?

    Are they like The Beatles mono catalogue, where the earlier albums were mastered for mono and the stereo versions were a slapped together afterthought?

    In many cases the Fabs stereo versions are completely different takes (for example Help, where the stereo version is just wrong to anyone who grew up with the original single)

    So what should we be listening out for?

    (Anyone who hasn’t heard the mono mix of Sgt Pepper seek it out – it’s a revelation with guitar overdubs totally absent from the stereo mix)

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Someone else can probably answer this more accurately than me… can someone help Mark with this query?

    • David M says:

      I think up until Aftermath the albums were mainly released in mono and can be found on CDs that have been previously issued, e.g. 2002 versions. The next few albums had unique mono and stereo mixes. Then Beggar’s Banquet is a fold down (except Sympathy), as is Let it Bleed. I think it is unlikely that there will be the same revelations as with The Beatles mono mixes. Satanic Majesties is pretty different though I think.

    • DaveM says:

      Hi Mark,
      For the detail you are after, you need to look at the Hoffman forum on this, but be prepared to do plenty of reading. In a nutshell the early albums were in the main mono with a scattering of stereo tracks. Dependant on your collection you may have heard the bulk in mono anyway. From Aftermath they were stereo but unique mono mixes exist for Aftermath UK, Between the Buttons UK, TSMR (which is supposed to be as revelatory as Sgt Peppers in mono). Aftermath US, Beggars Banquet and LIB were fold downs from the stereo master. If anyone knows any different please feel free to correct.
      What excites me about the box is the new mastering of the existing monos, the inclusion of the original UK No1 and No2 albums and the unique mono mixes of the later albums.
      PS, agree about Pepper, never listen to the stereo now.

    • Andreas says:

      Hi Mark, I am curious where you hear guitar overdubs in the mono mix of Pepper that are absent in the stereo mix. I hear some additional organ overdubs in “Kite”, but apart from that I only hear mixing differences, like Paul’s screaming at the end of “Pepper reprise”. Maybe I should listen more carefully… which songs do you mean in particular?
      The differences in the Stones’ mixes are really minor. Anyway there was no proper stereo album before Aftermath. I think the Stones’ mono mixes sound more aggressive and have more punch than some of the rather odd stereo mixing choices (tracks often panned far left or right).

    • Jon T says:

      It’s Sgt Pepper+50 next year, and I’m expecting a new stereo and 5.1 remix by Giles Martin, but I’d also love to hear a multi-channel version that’s truer to the mono mix, if that makes sense.

    • vinyllistener says:

      more or less.
      much of the early stereo stones was electronically re-channelled mono.

      the other thing to note is that these were cut from the 2002 dsd masters.

      not good news for analogue fans.

  5. Paul says:

    Do we know yet if the releases will be as faithful as the Beatles mono box, inners and all?

  6. Mylene says:

    That video begs more questions than it answers. I wanna see the labels. The ‘mono’ on the back of Satanic Majesties’ in that video was from the US version.

  7. Philip Cohen says:

    I hope that soon we’ll get something better to watch than a computer animation of a “mock-up”, and then we’ll see what the set’s Decca & London labels look like, not to mention whether the fabrication of the L.P. sleeves is reasonably similar to the UK & U.S.A. originals.
    I’m realistic: we’re not going to get cellophane-laminated front sleeves on the UK albums. Maybe we’ll get a somewhat similar approximation, like in The Beatles mono vinyl box.

  8. Avitom says:

    OK, how long is “Tell Me”? If it is not the 4:06 as it should be then it ruins it all. Can anyone answer that, record company maybe?

    • Jamso says:

      According to the iTunes-page for the the preorder (which shows all the songs and times), it says that “Tell Me” lasts 3:49? Why is it important or problem?
      Im thinking of buying possible cd or vinyl-edition but dunno as I don’t have too much of these 60’s albums in any format (I have the 70’s albums more here).

  9. Vicente Olaso Sendra says:

    I suppose this is NOT the complete Decca recordings, as I can’t find ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘No stone unturned’, etc. in the box.

  10. johnny says:

    The iTunes preview, albeit not definitive, suggests that Tell Me is the 3.49, rather than the correct 4.06

    There’s a preview of the set below, where the reviewer seems very pleased with the sound…His comment about the absence of any inner sleeves, with the CDs having an alarming tendency to fall out, means my packaging expectations have been duly lowered : (

    • DaveM says:

      I hope that this is an advance copy without full packaging. Was hoping for at least Japanese style PVCish jackets. These do ‘fall out’ if you remove the paper inner sleeves and store them seperatley like I do, but at least the CDs don’t get scratched.

  11. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Yes, I’m now reconsidering my pre-order after reading the Billboard comment about there being no inner sleeves and the cds falling out. It may sound insignificant given this release is all about the sound but for the money I want this to be the same as the Beatles in Mono box set with the lovely repro packaging including inner and outer sleeves etc. Is there any way of finding out for sure?

  12. Michael says:

    For the price of the vinyl version, I’m expecting the psychedelic inner sleeve that came with TSMR and inner sleeve + poster from Let it Bleed. No high hopes for 3D image on front cover of TSMR. Hey Johnny, I read the sneak peak article too. I was negatively surprised that the CD’s will have no inner sleeves. I wonder if that applies only for regular protective paper sleeves or also for the TSMR sleeve and Let it Bleed poster. That would be a shame.

  13. Michael says:

    The japanese version will include all the sleeves, different album cover texture, Let it Bleed poster and even the fold overs on the back of the first albums.

  14. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Thanks Paul, that would be very much appreciated.

  15. Howie says:

    The covers for The Rolling Stones and No2 in the 1964-1969 boxset look like they have been printed on an inkjet printer on cheap paper. If these are the same quality then it’s a no from me.

  16. David M says:

    I see my comment above is still “awaiting moderation”, then DaveM posted a very similar one. We are not the same person!

  17. U.S. music critic says:

    ABKCO sent me the CD box (it’s the retail version, with a blacked out UPC) and I can confirm there are no inner sleeves and the CDs fall out quite easily. The outer sleeves are nothing special, either, and look and feel kinda chintzy. It’s disappointing given the price they’re charging.

    • Michael says:

      Oh wow. That is disappointing. I wonder if the vinyl version will also have this lack of attention. I mean, for over €300 (Germamy) you can expect something.

    • Josh says:

      Hey U.S. Music Critic, would you be able to confirm the length of the song “Tell Me” on the first album and whether it ends abruptly or fades out? Thank you!

  18. davep says:

    Yikes about the packaging.
    May have to spring for the Japanese.

  19. Ollie Carlisle says:

    Thanks for the info. Preorder cancelled!

  20. Michael says:

    At (and then typing in “The Rolling Stones in mono” in the search field) you can order the CD Box. Price – $310 / €276 / £234. A bit more than the European/American release, but the CD’s come as faithfully replicated as it’s humanly or digitally possible! They even give you a full description of how each CD will look like. I’m seriously considering this version. I want to purchase the vinyl edition, but after reading all the negative stuff about the CD’s, I’m afraid of spending over €300 (vinyl box price in Germany) and get cheap replicas without any goodies.

    • DaveM says:

      Michael, I would spring for this myself in view of US Music Critics comments, but the 7″ sleeves put me off because of storage. Plus having preordered the normal version for £96 it is a big leap financially. No doubt though, given the usual quality and attention to detail with Japanese CDs, this will be the ultimate version.

  21. Paul Wren says:

    Once again Europe (Germany) gets offered it £64 cheaper than us mugs here in the UK. Thank you, Paul, for your price comparison tool which highlights these pricing policies and gives us all the opportunity to avoid being ripped off.

  22. Michael says:

    Any news on the Stones box set anyone? I’d really like to know if they got the album covers right. Fold overs on the back, inner sleeves for TSMR and Let it Bleed and poster for Let it Bleed. Different textures between the UK and US versions. It seems that the CD version will be rather poor. You can’t get any updates, other then here really. I’m glad we have your site Paul! Thank you so much for keeping us on the forefront.

  23. elliott buckingham says:

    Beggars Banquet was heard for over thirty years at a slower speed than it was recorded. This had the effect of altering not only the tempo of each song, but the song’s key as well. These differences were subtle but important, and the remastered version is about 30 seconds shorter than the original release.

  24. Michael says:

    I just watched a video on Analog Planet from Michael Fremer unboxing the vinyl box set. Not much insight other than showing the covers and booklet. Still, nice to get some pre-release information. So, no fold overs, no 3D for TSMR (didn’t have high hopes for that one anyway),
    no Let it Bleed poster and NO Decca label on any of the first UK albums.

  25. El Barto says:

    Paul, any information why both sets are not available @ UK Amazon ?

  26. Mike says:

    Just what the punter needs another expensive collection of already issued songs,who thinks up these releases,do they receive a bonus as they wring out the last penny from hapless must have fans,who for their sins love the Stones and require every release under the sun.God help us when Jagger and Co start heading for their final release to the pearly gates.The sound of record company cash tills will be one mighty crescendo.Now the Beatles,thats another story…….

  27. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Anyone who can find the bonus 7″ singles offered on the Udiscover music store separately, please share !!!

  28. Megatof says:

    HELP! I don’t know what to do…

    Should I buy this 15-CD “Mono” box?
    Or the 10-CD “In the Sixties” 2002 box?
    Or the 16-CD “Remastered Series” 2002 box?
    Or the 17-CD “Greatest Albums in the Sixties” japanese box from 2008?
    Or anything else I don’t know about?

    Where should I start? I like the Brian-Jones-era-Stones, but I only own a few best of (among which “Rolled Gold+” is the best). I would really like to get a more comprehensive collection of their albums in the sixties, but I really don’t know what to buy first…

    Could someone give me an advice?

  29. John Norris says:

    £105 pre-order price on Spin CDs.

  30. John Norris says:

    Sorry, that should be £109.99. Wishful thinking.

  31. Miguel Rocha says:

    Pre-order cancelled and Japanese 7″ box ordered! I hate to take the financial hit but if I’m going to order what’s advertised as mini-LP replicas, I want mini-LP replicas! Couldn’t they have followed the lead of The Beatles Mono Box, or the Dylan Mono Box, where the covers and inserts were replicated beautifully? Surely the bars already been set for this box to follow!

  32. Rodrigo Alvarez says:

    Hello, please answer, pleaseeeeeee
    no inner sleeves for Canada and USA is also applied to the lp box (talking about TSMR and Let It Bleed)?

  33. Rodrigo Alvarez says:

    Well, as long as I am asking questions: why is canada realising on November 4th???
    Thanks guys!! Loved to hear from you

  34. Rodrigo Alvarez says:

    thanks for the answer. That’s nice to hear. Nevertheless I was thinking particulary about the 2 albums that have art on their inners (TSMR and Let It Bleed). Hope those two will include the original inners (and not just standard inners). Michael Fremer’s unboxing video does show Let It Bleed original inner, (happily). Hope Canada will not differ on that…

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