Black Box Recorder Competition Winner

Congratulations to SDE reader David Algranti who was randomly selected as the winner of the Black Box Recorder Life Is Unfair 4CD+DVD box set.

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep an eye out for a lot more competitions in the near future. SDE will be contacting David to arrange to get his prize out to him.

6 responses to Black Box Recorder Competition Winner

  1. David says:

    Thank you so much Paul and everyone, I’m a long-time fan of the band and I can’t wait to receive this nice boxset!!
    Sorry for the others who tried :) But I I’ll buy the Kirsty McColl one and won’t enter the new contest, so one more chance for you!

  2. Peter Muscutt says:

    Good little box set this (even more so if you’ve never owned any BBR), so hope you enjoy listening to it!

  3. Annabel Lecter says:

    Congratulations, David. Hope you enjoy the goodies.

  4. Robert Laversuch says:

    Congratulations. Will just have to buy my copy then

  5. GentleRabbit says:


  6. Eamonn says:

    Life is unfair! We all entered three times and David did only once*

    * Puns > Truth

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