Christmas Advent Competition / Day 15: The Prize

Christmas Advent Giveaway / Day 15: The Prize

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Day 15 of our Christmas Advent Competition and today’s prize is the recent 2CD Deluxe Edition of The GiftThe Jam‘s final album reissued with 19 bonus tracks including 9 previously unreleased demos.

As usual, the winner will be announced at 8pm (GMT) tonight. Check back here later to see if you’ve been lucky.  If you haven’t entered to be in the prize draw yet, you can do so here. Good luck to everyone.

8 responses to Christmas Advent Competition / Day 15: The Prize

  1. Ruth Dunkin says:

    Does being a big fan give away my age….., oh what the heck don’t care!

  2. Lynn says:

    First band I ever saw live in 1978! I would love this :)

  3. Alan says:

    I would love this!!

  4. will_m says:

    Would it go in my favour if I admitted that in my far off distant youth I was a mod and had my 1st in a long line of ridiculous haircuts (culminating in my Bono is God U2 phase mullet) and clothes that had to be angled, tight and mostly burgundy!!…then there was the fishtail parka!!

  5. Eugene says:

    Pick me

  6. Stefan Gorniok says:

    Very nice item indeed!

  7. Daniel Robbins says:

    Very cool!

  8. Darren Dilliway says:

    Very nice!

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