Day 9: SDE Christmas Giveaway / Win a set of Lisa Stansfield reissues


Day 9 of the SDE Christmas Giveaway and today we TWO complete sets of this year’s Lisa Stansfield deluxe reissues up for grabs. Each of the five Arista-era albums are 2CD+DVD deluxe editions and this bundle also includes the three-CD People Hold On remix anthology, making the prize and 18-disc deluxe bundle.

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning then simply make sure you’ve entered SDE Christmas Giveaway by heading over to our Facebook page where you can follow the instructions. The winner will be announced tomorrow morning (24 December). 


15 responses to Day 9: SDE Christmas Giveaway / Win a set of Lisa Stansfield reissues

  1. It was really informative information here.It was hard but nice blog post here.we are really need this types of information.thanks…

  2. Rob says:

    subscribed to emails …. how do you subscribe to the magazine? or is that the same thing?

    I love SDE, prizes or not

    • simonP says:

      As do I, but the mailshot is merely a recap of the week’s postings which I’ve already read and now being subscribed won’t win me any prizes there’s no point in having it delivered…

  3. Kevin Friend says:

    Dear Santa, I’ve been very good ALL year. Please can I win this?

  4. Francis says:

    I subscribe to the magazine and this use to allow me to enter the competitions but as anyone on faceb00k can now enter I will be unsubscribing because I do not wish to join faceb00k and I am not going to be forced into doing so! I would rather purchase these items than join faceb00k to win them!

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  6. Francis says:

    I do not wish to use faceb**k so have no chance of winning :o(

    • SimonP says:

      Ditto. The recipients of these prizes used to be selected from those subscribed to the email newsletter, which was a lot fairer. I have unsubscribed from that now due to having no access to these competitions…

  7. Francis says:

    Would love these :o)

  8. Steve Hak says:

    Could I be the lucky one, just for a CHANGE? :-)

  9. Bono Kang says:

    great gift!

  10. claudio says:

    …it’s my turn!!!

  11. Noel says:

    Now THIS would be a fantastic prize – would really love to be lucky on this one… :)
    “SDE – the site that keeps on giving!!”

  12. Valentin Gallego says:

    The BEST on Box Set of the Year.

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