Five Star / Competition Winner!

Congratulations to SDE reader Martin Power who was randomly selected as the winner of the Five Star competition. Martin wins a copy of the Luxury: The Definitive Anthology 1984-1991 which is released today.

As usual, big thanks to everyone who entered and thanks to Edsel for supplying this great prize. Please do keep an eye out for more competitions in the near future. SDE will be contacting the winner direct to organise getting the prize out!

6 responses to Five Star / Competition Winner!

  1. Annabel Lecter says:

    Congratulations, Martin. I hope “your wife” enjoys the Five Star ;-)

  2. MINO says:

    He’s got the Power!!!

  3. Ian Mears says:

    When Larry Parnes is your manager, you are guaranteed to win….sort of

  4. Chris Squires says:

    With a name like that…of course he was going to win.

    I am putting my next entry in as Dirk Storm….guaranteed.

  5. Kevin Galliford says:

    Is’nt he a lucky f**ker!!!!

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