Generation X / Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Torsten Heimerzheim who is the lucky winner of our recent Generation X competition.

Torsten wins the 3LP vinyl deluxe edition of Generation X which features the remastered album, an LP of A and B-sides and a disc of outtakes and mixes. Thanks to everyone who entered and to Chrysalis Records for supplying this great prize. More SDE competitions soon!

5 responses to Generation X / Competition Winner!

  1. motte says:

    Well done!
    Viel Spaß damit!

  2. Glenn says:

    Ordered the CD version of this around the week of release from Amazon US and it still hasn’t shipped. Says 1-3 month lead time on the site. Local shops also don’t have it. Are others having trouble tracking this down?

    • helltoupee says:

      having the same exact problem. i was told it was going to be delivered yesterday, only to receive an e-mail asking if i still wanted it. when i replied that i did, i was told it will be delivered on tuesday. i’m not holding my breath

  3. Heinz says:

    Herzliche Gratulation Torsten!!!

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