SDE 2016 Xmas Giveaway: Win two Erasure vinyl records

Erasure Vinyl Giveaway

28 responses to SDE 2016 Xmas Giveaway: Win two Erasure vinyl records

  1. Andrew says:

    I love SDE. Thanks for keeping us informed, Paul.

  2. Nigel G says:

    Merry Christmas Paul – thanks again for all your great recommendations this year and your guide to Berlin which was very useful in a recent visit – Dussman was indeed like hitting the motherload!

  3. Gary Hunter says:

    Keeps saying my e-mail address has been used previously, i’ve used it before on previous competitions, so isn’t registering an entry.

  4. mario livio says:

    I hope this Christmas is more fortunate than the last
    Obviously I have to win :D

  5. Dale says:

    Something about this giveaway link appears to not be working right.



  7. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Thanks for the great site. Merry Christmas!

  8. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the comps…and my shirt arrived here in the US Saturday! Nicely packaged and well wrapped!! I’d expect no less from you. Happy holidays!!!

  9. HS says:

    Wow, I would not mind getting this!

    Thanks Paul for a another great year – I visit your site almost daily and it has been extremely helpful for a collector like myself. Merry Christmas :)

  10. Stevie B says:

    Merry Christmas Keep up the good work :)

  11. Paul Sinclair says:

    Thanks, everyone, for kind words and Christmas Best Wishes :)

  12. Mikey Roberts says:

    Just wanted to add my thanks for excellent work on SDE this year Paul: I’ve really enjoyed it. Best wishes for the holidays and 2017 to you and yours!

  13. Chris Squires says:

    This is just a tiny little payback for the small fortune you have cost me this year Paul!

    Thanks for all your efforts this year, it’s my go to site these days, the first to be checked in the morning and the last to be checked at night.

  14. Rob Iles says:

    Tweeting works fine, you have to enter your twitter name in the box to link the account ….. fine here

    This would be a fantastic addition to the ‘From Mars to Moscow’ I have ordered!

    Keep up the good work Paul!
    Top Man

  15. Sheldon Emberly says:

    Thanks for this! Love the work you put into this site!

  16. Entered. Thanks for all of the good content Paul!

  17. Antonio says:

    Erasure: Great music to listen to for any mood, anywhere!

  18. Darren Briscoe says:

    Also having trouble entering ….

  19. Will says:

    I’ve just tried several of the options to enter and it still shows “0” entries.


  20. Stephen Kelly says:

    Thanx again for another great year Paul. Have a great Xmas.

  21. Will love to have these vinyls.

    Saludos desde Bogotá, Colombia
    José E. Plata M.

  22. Matthew says:

    My Tweet didn’t register either. I tried it multiple times (deleting the Tweet to allow another to be done).

  23. cory eling says:

    Paul, just a heads up
    Intervention Records just released a 30th of Wonderland
    AAA Cut done by Kevin Gray, US based so they used the old US masters= US tracklist
    The Circus get’s the same treatment in January

  24. Steven says:

    Excited to see the tradition continuing… love this site…

  25. colin says:

    Ive tweeted but does not say im entered on that entry!

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