WIN! A 3CD Genesis “R-Kive” set


We have three copies of the new Genesis R-Kive 3CD set to give away to SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter subscribers.

Released just last week, this new compilation features over four hours of music from Genesis, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Mike + The Mechanics, Tony Banks and Steve Hackett. Full details and track listings can be found here. Three people will be randomly selected and will win a copy each

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until 12 noon (UTC/GMT) on the 15 October 2014. To be in with a chance of winning simply:

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  • 2. Leave a comment on this post (why not tell us your favourite Genesis track?).

If you already subscribe to our newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random on Wed 15 October 2014 and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 19 October 2014. Good luck!

283 responses to WIN! A 3CD Genesis “R-Kive” set

  1. daprtapr says:

    I love the “In the Cage” medley from “Three Sides Live”

  2. KaiLi says:

    I won’t say you’re no son of mine just because we can’t dance. That’s all tonight, tonight, tonight, mama!

  3. DJBenW says:

    Hold On My Heart

  4. Matthias says:

    White Mountain!

  5. Bob G says:

    Maybe not too late…please

  6. Kees de Baat says:

    It’s difficult to choice one track. Seven Stones from Nursery Cryme.

    Solo Tony Banks featuring Toyah: Lion Of Symmetry

  7. steve anderson says:

    ‘supper’s ready’

  8. pink floyd says:

    throwing it all away

  9. Ian says:

    Dancing with the moonlit knight for me.

  10. Anatoly says:

    Invisible Touch!
    hi from Russia!

  11. Alex says:

    would be a great compilation to have-count me in!
    favourite tracl? that’s -silver rainbow!
    favourite album- a trick of the tail, sooo fine!

  12. Mark Cossey says:

    My favourite Genesis track would have to be “Blood On The Rooftops” from Wind and Wuthering. What emotion and atmosphere!!

  13. marcel says:

    favorite track: home by the sea

  14. John says:

    “Suppers Ready”….25 minutes of genius, madness, hilarity, musical virtuosity which just sums up the Gabriel era perfectly.

  15. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    The whole “Selling Enland by the Pound” album. Awesome!!!

  16. Dagny says:

    Thanks for the comp.
    My fave Genesis track today is Abacab!

  17. Andrew Basey says:

    I know what I like..(In your wardrobe)

  18. Simon says:

    Mama. The 12″ extended is awesome!

  19. Chris Brown (but not that one, obv) says:

    I’m going to try and be individual and say ‘Keep It Dark’.

  20. paul griffiths says:

    the brazilian

  21. Greg says:

    I would be GR8 2 win R-Kive

  22. Tom says:

    The Carpet Crawlers

  23. Merv Williams says:

    Can-Utility and the Coastliners is still my fave Genesis song.

  24. JDV says:

    Gabriel Era: The Musical Box
    Post-Gabriel: Afterglow
    (Have Genesis fans invented any nice acronyms to describe band periods?)

  25. Steven Berg says:

    Duke’s Travels, from the perfect album Duke

  26. Eddie J. Mosquera says:

    Favorite track is Supper’s Ready

  27. Philip says:

    Always go back to Supper’s Ready, one of the archetypal prog songs.

  28. Richard Miller says:

    I’m not too convinced we need another Genesis greatest hits compilation especially if you own all the studio and live CD box sets as I do, plus, don’t forget The Platinum Collection which was an excellent reverse chronological 3CD set, however, for those that didn’t know Genesis as a five piece, this is an interesting collection as it also features solo projects from all five members as well. Can anyone honestly say that they have a “favorite” track when there’s such a huge back catalogue?

    Saying all that, Suppers Ready has to be one of their best tunes, plus some of the more obscure and lesser known songs such as Get ‘Em Out By Friday, The Fountain Of Salmacis, Dancing With The Moonlight Knight & finally Looking For Someone are definitely in my top 10.

  29. My favourite track: Land of confusion. And they should re-release it as World of confusion.

  30. Thomas Casagranda says:

    Definitely Supper’s Ready; great track. And from a golden era of King Crimson, Floyd, and Jethro Tull.

  31. Sylvain says:

    For me it’s The Musical Box.

  32. jim says:

    I am still partial to the title track ABACAB (which they rehearsed but then decided not to play on their reunion tour 7 years ago – I am still bitter!)

  33. John. Murray says:

    Land of Confusion !

  34. bob says:

    Follow you Follow me.

  35. Alexander says:

    …this time I´d vote für “Wot Gorilla?” – What a catchy impressive instrumental!

  36. Rene says:

    “No Son Of Mine”: after years of hobbying in the basement, in 1991 I got my first real radiojob at a local radiostation. The Genesis-album “We Can’t Dance” just came out and we played the first single “No Son Of Mine” a lot. A LOT. Now, more than twenty years later (and being a professional radio-DJ) I still get shivers down my spine every time I hear the famous “ping pong-tennis” intro. I takes me back to those great and unforgettable days of the beginning (= Genesis!) of my career… Love the song…

  37. Rich says:

    Turn It On Again is my favourite track.

  38. Keith Lambert says:

    I Know What I Like.
    Great childhood memories of a bygone age!

  39. Johan Erikson says:

    Possibly the best band ever! Favourite tracks: Firth of Fifth, Supper´s ready, Eleventh Earl of Mar, Domino

  40. Tommy Christiansen says:

    Certainly a record that will be on my wishlist.
    Favorite track, one among several, is Home By The Sea.

    Btw, the link to commenting leads to a Deep Purple-release.

  41. Rick Ramos says:

    Heathaze. Am I alone in this world?

  42. Ruud says:

    Afterglow (Phil, Mike, Tony and Steve at their best)

  43. Dan says:

    Currently it’s ‘Can-Utility and the Coastliners’ from Foxtrot, in my opinion, probably the greatest album in the history of popular music. Almost certainly my favourite album (from a collection currently of nearly 3,000 CDs)
    For me, when Phil Collins left his drum kit, the rot set in. Still hugely professional with a still unique sound, but the whole sound changed (for the worse). Not that there weren’t some songs of artistic merit, but strictly the group should have changed their name.

  44. Kai says:

    Gabriel era: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, Collins era: Home By The Sea.

  45. Steve Long says:

    Return Of the Giant Hogweed

  46. John says:

    Home by the Sea for me. Was never a big Genesis fan until this.

  47. David says:

    The whole of Selling England.

  48. Paul rodford says:

    Turn it on again

  49. Steven O'Connor says:

    Silent sorrow in empty boats.

  50. Gazelle says:

    There’s only one direction
    In the faces that I see
    And it’s upward to the ceiling
    Where the chamber’s said to be

  51. Marcin B says:

    Carpet Crawlers, Afterglow, Home By The Sea…

  52. Ron says:

    Fav song – Turn it on Again

  53. Ted Haugland says:

    I know what I like :)

  54. Alejandro says:


  55. Dave Ziebarth says:

    Abacab – probably because I used to play it in my band in the 80s.

  56. Pedro Silva says:

    Mama is my favourite song

  57. Yoshi says:

    The three CD deluxe edition would be greatly appreciated!

  58. John Ireland says:

    Firth of Fifth for me.

  59. John says:

    I once found a copy of Happy The Man on 7″ for 49p in a charity shop. And The Knife for the same price.

  60. Bob Ness says:

    Land of Confusion is my favourite track from Genesis.

  61. Mj says:

    I will be ‘inside and out’ with delight to pick up this cd

  62. Dani77 says:

    Cinema Show

  63. Tom M says:

    Never get tired of Seconds Out.

  64. truehd says:

    fave track is – mama

  65. José Leonardo says:

    Firth Of Fifth

  66. Orig80'saddict says:

    Also a big Land of Confusion fan.

  67. Mark1995 says:

    Huge fan of both sides of Genesis and huge fan of Peter Gabriel’s solo work (been to his concert. WOW).
    Greetings from Italy.

  68. Tomasz says:

    Each track of a loved one WE CAN’T DANCE (1991), and the most NO SON OF MINE & DRIVING THE LAST SPIKE

  69. Rob C says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Still love Turn It On Again – they had a flawless run from Duke-Abacab-Genesis and I love the Peter Gabriel years as well.

  70. Fabio Tursi says:

    Of course Supper’s Ready, followed by Harold the Barrel.
    So possibly the longest and the shortest Genesis song. :-)

  71. Ricardo Sardo says:

    It’s a a difficult choice to do but, probably, “The Cinema Show”, from the fantastic “Selling England By a Pound”.

    I had the entire album recorded on a tape and I really have fond memories of that particular time (the mid-eighties).

  72. Iain McCarthy says:

    Carpet Crawlers!

  73. Victor says:

    Hi! My favourite Genesis’ album is Nursery Cryme, because it cames with Musical Box, the best Genesis song.

  74. John Dotters says:

    Turn It On Again

  75. Barry says:

    Anyone with Steve Hackett on it, so how about Watcher of the Skies.

  76. darren says:

    Great compilation – shame it’s not on vinyl though!

  77. Jochen says:

    Well, The Battle of Epping Forest is up there. Along with Supper’s ready.

  78. Jason says:

    Favorite Genesis track … I hate picking just one, but I will go with “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”. I pretty much grew up with that song.

  79. Steinar WG says:

    Carpet Crawlers ´99

  80. Marcel Dela Haije says:

    Back in NYC

  81. Paul Kent says:

    Cul De Sac

    *he types, knowing full well he won’t win!*

  82. Herby05 says:

    Supper’s ready of course !

  83. Craig says:

    Get ‘Em Out By Friday.

  84. Steve says:

    Anything before 1982!

  85. Joe Sadauskas says:

    The Knife

  86. Chudbeagle says:

    Oh, how I love this band to death.

    Favorite song? Yikes.

    If forced to pick one, it has to be “Ripples”.

    Least favorite?

    The whole wretched first album and “Who Dunnit?”!

  87. Kenneth says:

    Carpet Crawlers and Firth of Fifth for me! Why not add this to all the SACD box sets! : )

  88. yuyikurt says:

    Good album!~

  89. Jim Galvin says:

    Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End, Afterglow Definite Faves

  90. Brian says:

    Can-Utility and the Coastliners, Fountain of Salmacis, Return of the Giant Hogweed…. any track with Gabriel fronting the band is best (for these purposes “More Fool Mine” with Collins would be allowable).


  91. mdk says:

    Dance on a Volcano

  92. Simon Gallagher says:


  93. Raj says:

    That’s all

  94. James says:

    My fave and first was Blood On The Rooftops

  95. Leemer says:

    Favorite Genesis track? Too difficult to say, probably “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway”. Thanks!

  96. Paul Brown says:

    Lots to choose from, I’ll go with Follow You Follow Me as it was the song that got me listening to them…

  97. Charles says:


  98. José David says:

    I´m in :)

    My favorite song is “In the cage”

  99. Brendan V says:

    Man on the Corner

  100. Mick O Hara says:

    Turn it on again!

  101. Thomas says:

    You can’t really argue with the quality of the work on these cd’s….but it would have been nice if some solo work by Anthony Phillips and Ray Wilson was included as well.

  102. PAC says:

    Invisible Touch, every time.

  103. Tim H says:

    Mama and I Know What I Like…fabulous songs and production!

  104. Dameo says:

    Jesus he knows me

  105. Si says:

    Abacab – always been partial to that one … Tonight, Tonight, Tonight … Turn it on … Always great songs & Phil an under-rated Drummer & Vocalist, but that’s what happens when you get massive … :-)

  106. Mike Williams says:


  107. Leslie Hanagan says:

    Count me in – ‘The Battle Of Epping Forest’

  108. Da'Ron Brown says:


  109. josep serramia barrachina says:

    the knife

  110. Florian M. Kranz says:

    Firth Of Fifth, especially in the later versions (Seconds Out, as part of The Old Medley; Steve Hacketts studio or live versions), because the original flute solo might be nice, but played on guitar it is the pure musical orgasm.

  111. Erik says:


  112. Francis says:

    The full version of “Mama” has to be one of their greatest tracks ever!

  113. Larry Large says:

    Carpet Crawlers with Gabriel and Mama with Collins

  114. Jfa3stars says:

    Land of Confusion

  115. Graham Palmer says:

    Favourite track: Dancing With The Moonlit Knight

  116. Dougie Shirlaw says:

    The Brazilian. Love it.

  117. Steven says:

    Phil’s sweaty drumsticks.

  118. Avner says:

    Mama and Tonight Tonight Tonight. (Sorry, that’s two favorites.)

  119. Justin Isbell says:

    “Keep it dark” does it for me, also “Follow you follow me”

  120. Mark says:

    In Too Deep is a great little ballad!

  121. Daniel Higuera says:

    I always loved “Keep it dark” from ABACAB. Lyrics and music are just fantastic!

  122. Chris Lancaster says:

    Home by the Sea

  123. Alan Baldock says:

    In the Cage

  124. Brian says:


  125. Liam says:

    Suppers Ready….

  126. Chris Kotsiris says:

    Genesis is my favorite prog band eve. Choose a song? Such a difficult tuck i might say. Entagled, Home By The Sea, In The Cage, Aisle Of Plenty, Carpet Crawl, Am I Very Wrong, The Duke Trilogy. How to choose…

  127. martin says:

    In the cage

  128. hedley says:

    The Lamb Lies Down

    Terribly odd offering, I guess designed to fill Christmas stockings or something.

  129. Peter says:


  130. Ian Hill says:

    Dance on a Volcano

  131. Amos says:

    The Musical Box

  132. Didi says:

    The Platinum collection is quiet comprehensive, but the R-kive has also its points. Genesis for me is not about one favourite track, it’s a work of art alltogether.

  133. Jean-Michel says:

    “The Cinema Show”

  134. Alan says:

    Just watched the documentary and was going to biy this, try here first then. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, favourite track

  135. Edward says:

    Ther live version from abacab on 3 sides live, the behind the lines medley (and the reprise in which the words are nearly shouted), the old medley. Home by the sea and driving the last spike.

  136. Richie says:

    Count me in Mr. P

  137. Paul says:

    The Brazilian

  138. Alvin says:

    Mucho love for “Can-Utility and the Coastliners” and of course the phenomenal “Cinema Show”! Can I get a copy of R-Kive now??? ;-)

  139. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Oh. MAMA!

  140. Martin Dudley says:

    I keep hearing “Mama” on Planet Rock Radio and realising that Genesis were a lot better than I remember them- this set would convince me!

  141. James Gooch says:

    I gotta go with “Misunderstanding” from my top Genesis album, Duke.

  142. Darrell says:

    I’d have to say “Lamb”. Strange compilation but I’d still like to win!

  143. Ronald says:

    This is a pointless compilation which should have been given away everywhere or never had seen the light of day. I would have no place for this in my collection so if by some very slim change I would win PLEASE select someone else.

    Fav. Genesis track at the moment Domino (Live)

  144. Enrique Garcia says:

    Would be nice for my Genesis collection

  145. Would love to win this

  146. Sture Abrahamsson says:

    Really want to win, but I’m going to Spain for 3 weeks so I won’t be home when the drawing is…

  147. william says:

    I know what I like (on your website)…

  148. alan1958 says:


  149. Eduardo says:

    Land of Confusion

  150. Nick Love says:

    Cinema Show

  151. John H says:

    Fave Genesis track is ‘Lilywhite Lilith’. Cheers!

  152. Trevor Baker says:

    Cinema show

  153. Randy Otto says:

    Afterglow…Gotta love the combination of bass pedals and mellotron!!

  154. Matt says:

    Blood On The Rooftops!

  155. Nicolas says:

    My favorite track is Jesus He Knows Me because it was big and the video very very funny ! The track is not this new compilation but it’s a great cd I really would like to win ;-)

  156. Steven Waugh says:

    It’s largely dependent on my mood at the time but since you’ve asked me right now I would have to say Firth of Fifth from the Selling England by the Pound album……

    (…. but tomorrow I may be having more of a ‘Turn It On Again’ day…… it’s impossible to say)

  157. Michel D. says:


  158. MarcusP says:

    Follow you, follow me. The first track that got me hooked.

  159. claudio says:

    …can’t you seeeee meee, yeah, mama… pleeeeease!!!

  160. GRAHAM YAPP says:

    How can anybody pick just one,but if so ‘Entangled’ for me

  161. Adam says:

    My favourite is Invisible Touch, first song I ever heard of theirs and made me want to find out more about the Band.

  162. retroDan says:

    tough to pick but I’ll have to say “Mama”!

  163. Daneil says:

    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

  164. Juan Antonio Calvillo says:

    Firth of Fifth

  165. Boaz says:

    Cinima show…

  166. Timmy says:

    Oh, Home by the sea, Domino, or Thats all ?
    So much variety with Genesis it really depends on your mood….

  167. Alexey says:

    Just count me in! I like Phil Collins’ voice

  168. Baward says:

    Favorite song? The first song on side 2 of the reunion album that they’ve been working on for the past 5 years. I could tell you what it’s called, but I’m sworn to secrecy…

  169. Ola says:

    Invisble touch

  170. Jeremy says:

    Genesis was my first ever concert….January 2oth, 1977 at the Gaumont theater in Southampton when I was 15. A stunning show of sound and vision e.g. Phil Collins stood on a small white, hexagonal translucent floor, center stage with bright, long green flourescent lights flashing on and off underneath in synch to “Dance on A Volcano” – heaven!

  171. Tom Urrutia says:

    I’m in! :)

  172. F van der Scheer says:

    The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging

  173. Jenna Appleseed says:

    That’s All or The Lamb lies down on Broadway (title track), or The Carpet Crawlers

  174. Pete Anderson says:

    Perhaps not my favourite, that vote would go to Afterglow I think, but I’d urge everyone to seek out the instrumental B-side Submarine (that was included on Archive 2 and in the second (76-82?) box set. And while we are at it least favourites by a mile are Illegal Alien and Whodunnit (both frankly embarrassing) followed by Invisible Touch (bearable at best!). Baffles me why Phil Collins should be embarrassed bv Match of The Day (for which I also have a soft spot along with the other two track on the EP, Pigeons and, in particular, Inside And Out)! Some interesting choices on R-kive but also notable omissions, for instance if you are going to choose and early Steve Hackett solo track it has to be Shadow Of The Hierophant (preferably the 17-minute version from the deluxe edition of Voyage of the Acolyte released a few years back) – that must be enough historical knowledge to win a freebie!! Cheers Peter

  175. joe says:

    favorite all time track is “Turn it on again”

  176. KevinK says:

    In The Wilderness has always been my favourite from the earlier days – and Ripples from the post PG stuff!

  177. Michael Burns says:

    Entangled…. but that’s among some very strong competition!

  178. Daveyman19 says:

    Undertow fro ‘And Then There Were Three’

  179. Mirko Roenicke says:

    “Keep it dark” from ABACAB

  180. John says:

    Fav songs: calling all stations, carpets crawlers’91, supper’s ready, driving the last spike…

  181. Phil Morris says:

    Interesting to see this set bother to give the month and year of release of each track included. Mind you, if the new documentary’s “attempt” to give the exact date of every studio album’s release (Wind & Wuthering and Calling All Stations excepted) is anything to go by…

  182. Adrian says:

    Has to be Carpet Crawlers for me.

  183. Stuart Barton says:

    I’ve always loved ‘The Battle of Epping Forest’ from Selling England by the Pound.
    As a kid, my mate and I used to rave over the lyrics “Liquid Len and his Smash Bottle Men are lobbing Bob the Knob across the gob” Yeah…

  184. Robin Hadden says:

    I really enjoyed The Musical Box at full volume on my drive to work this morning.

  185. David says:

    ‘Mad Man Moon’ or ‘Dancing With The Moonlit Knight’ at the moment.

  186. William K says:

    Match of the day. It’s the only way to spend your Saturday.

  187. My Jelly says:

    The Carpet Crawlers

  188. Dennis says:

    fave Genesis track: The Brazilian

  189. Don says:

    Domino 1 & 2

  190. Jon Howells says:

    Mama – a genuinely odd hit single, weird and wonderful.

  191. Francesco says:

    My favourite Genesis’ track is The Musical Box, from Nursery Cryme

  192. Chris says:

    So many to choose from, but I’ll go with Cinema Show

  193. bojan gacic says:

    ohhhhh days when I was young….

  194. Stephen Maltais says:

    My favourite Genesis song is The Carpet Crawlers!!

  195. alan g says:

    “A Trick of the Tail”

  196. Fabrizio says:


  197. Andy says:

    The Lamb lies down on Broadway

  198. polp says:

    very nice box

  199. Paul says:

    No Son of Mine

  200. Alan says:

    It’s not fashionable to say a PC song, but I love the drama of Mama.

  201. shekespeare says:

    Oh it’s a great new. I like this Cd. My favorite track is Supper’s Ready from Foxtrot album. I really like to won :-)

  202. Martyn Alner says:

    Favourite track is Turn it on again – just love the relentless pounding of drumming on that one!

  203. alberto says:

    Squonk live (from SECONDS OUT)


  204. Frans van Barneveld says:

    The Lamb lies down on Broadway.. is my favourite track

  205. adam shaw says:

    My favorite track is Ripples from Trick Of The Tail but I do love all of Seconds Out !

  206. Gary says:

    The Fountain Of Salmacis, always loved it, from that shimmering intro through those wonderful vocals and then up and into the band showing their chops. Great stuff.

  207. Robert says:

    counting out time

  208. Richard Christian says:

    fingers crossed

    favourite track is The Carpet Crawlers

  209. Joeri says:

    Cool! Count me in….
    I’d say The lamb lies down…

  210. Rik says:

    No Son of Mine – hoping this compilation gives Phil enough money to get a razor!

  211. Heinz Schweizer says:

    Hello !
    My favourite track is “Home By The Sea”.

  212. Mark Jobson says:

    This is tough… ‘Follow You Follow Me’ or ‘Land of Confusion’, maybe even ‘Jesus He Knows Me’.

  213. james rawlinson says:

    Good documetary on BBC, would like the CD’s to go with.


  214. Federico Mahmoud says:

    I can’t pick just one song…

    Dance On A Volcano, Supper’s Ready, The Cinema Show.

    Thank you!

  215. Yossi says:

    One For The Vine

  216. Stian says:

    Fountain of Salmacis

  217. Neil Forker says:

    Choosing favorite albums here…

    Selling England by the Pound and ABACAB.

  218. Dave says:

    Follow you, follow me

  219. Matthias Hafemann says:

    Squonk (Seconds Out Version)!

  220. Mark Owen says:

    Fly on a Windshield

  221. James Uden says:

    I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)!

  222. Robert Pareso says:

    Fly on a Windshield……. Genesis at their best…..

  223. Tiago Camargo says:

    My favorite Genesis track is “Mama” ! This is a great collection !

  224. Nick Brandon says:

    Doesn’t my E-Mail address give you a hint? “Supper’s Ready” is simply magnificent. Actually not simple at all … but certainly magnificent!

  225. Charles says:

    My favorite Genesis track at this time is “The Carpet Crawlers” from “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.”

  226. Martin Dean says:


  227. Jason says:

    Fave is the live Seconds Out version of Supper’s Ready with Collins on vocals.

  228. Mike says:

    That’s All

  229. Jeff says:

    Love ALL of Peter Gabriel era Genesis, but really digging “Silent Sun” lately.


  231. Iain Mac says:

    In the cage

  232. Fabio says:

    Dodo/Lurker !

  233. Soren says:



  234. Marshall says:

    I’m curious if those new mixes on the early stuff are the same 2007 mixes.

  235. James says:

    For me, it begins and ends with “The Musical Box”. This song has everything that makes Genesis great: soft sections, sections with power, changes in tempo, interesting lyrics, great guitar work, fantastic melody. It is long and epic but not too long and epic. People will say “Supper’s Ready” is the best long and epic Genesis song. But in reality, that was a bunch of smaller songs pieced together to create a whole (like the second side of Abbey Road, but more cohesive). Just my opinion, that’s the beauty of music, there is no one correct answer.

  236. Tobias says:

    The lady lies

  237. Richard says:

    Blood On The Rooftops from Wind & Wuthering

  238. Lee Taylor says:

    Favorite Genesis song: “The Cinema Show”

  239. Brian says:

    Land of Confusion or Turn It On Again

  240. Stewart Allan says:

    Mama has it all.

  241. Bruce says:

    Definitely an odd compilation but I’d like to have it nonetheless. Firth of Fifth is my favorite Genesis track.

  242. Dave Bourne says:

    “The Carpet Crawlers”

  243. Alastair Brown says:

    Watcher of the Sky
    First song at my first concert at the Glasgow Apollo in Oct 73
    Thanks for the great site, Paul, and your competitions.

  244. wolf says:

    ok i’m in :-)
    favourite track, hm,
    one for the vine? or suppers ready?
    interesting to see so many “late” (aka post-1980) tracks mentioned here!

  245. Brian says:

    The Carpet Crawlers

  246. Rob Deighton says:

    Behind The Lines / Duchess / Guide Vocal – Medley off Duke.

  247. José Ramón García says:

    Tonight Tonight Tonight

  248. Yoshiaki says:

    great set. My favourite track is “Twilight Alehouse”

  249. Xavier says:

    Fave track would be Land Of Confusion for me :-)

  250. Dennis Versteeg says:

    My favorite Genesis track changes all the time..
    Earlier today i listened to Trick ofthe Tail and I must say that Ripples is a beautiful song, so that will be today’s favorite!

  251. Justin says:

    Favourite Genesis track, and favourite track of all time is ‘Mama’. I love it all but that is my standout track.

  252. Paul S says:

    Great documentary shown last w/e. Seconds Out is one of the great live albums ever and the blu ray audio disks coming out sound amazing.

  253. Richard Dowling says:

    Land of Confusion.
    Great synth bass and a very early CD single purchase.

  254. Ben Williams says:

    My favourite track? MAMA!!

    Would love a copy :-)

  255. Johan says:

    Home By The Sea

  256. Steve Robertson says:


  257. lee sharp says:

    good selection of genesis and solo

  258. jorge causse says:

    I’ve been a genesis fan for so long, so it’s very difficult for me to pick just one song. I have run with them on the 2007 tour in Brussels, Paris and Berlin. I couldn’t believe I was listening to my favourite band LIVE!!!!
    I am from Argentina and it was a very long trip to see them.
    My fav tracks: the classic line up albums up to 4 men formation. The rest….
    Considering me in the competion!!!

  259. graham says:

    I know what i like etc

  260. Pim says:

    Probably The Musical Box. Or Fountain Of Salmacis. Or One For The Vine. Or… Or… Or…

  261. Mathieu Houle says:

    “Ripples”… Sail away, away !

  262. Andreas Wiethoff says:


  263. Dave Sullivan says:

    Here’s hoping I win !

    Fav track – too many to choose from, but always liked the Duke album and ‘ Duchess ‘

  264. Andreas Barchet says:

    I experienced Genesis first through “Jesus He Knows Me” and “Land Of Confusion”, which were the first videos I’ve seen. Little did I know how much I’d grow to experience the full meaning. Since then, I don’t have particular favourite tracks, but an album I love a little more: The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

  265. Diego says:

    Invisible touch is my fave song!

  266. cecil says:

    No friend of mine

  267. Andrea says:


  268. saputraj says:

    My favorite track ‘Home by the sea’ is not included in this compilation

  269. hyperfex says:


  270. Dave says:

    Hi Paul, I saw them live in Amsterdam in 2007 and i love the band since 1991’s We Can’t Dance. One of my favourite tracks of the band was never issued as a single and is “Driving The Last Spike”.

  271. Favourite Genesis track?

    Hmmm.. so many. Abacab, Turn It On Again, I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe), Supper’s Ready, Harlequin, Watcher Of The Skies…

    All of which sound better in 5.1 ;-)

    Consider me entered! LOL

  272. Noel Leahy says:

    I think this is a pretty good ‘introduction’ compilation… …fave track (at the moment); but not on this compilation is “Snowbound”

  273. George Radushev says:

    Supper’s Ready

  274. JAVIER LOPEZ says:

    My favourite GENESIS track is INVISIBLE TOUCH.

    All the best from SPAIN!!

  275. Barry Page says:

    The Brazilian

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