Win A Flock of Seagulls SIGNED bundle

In another great competition from SDE, we have a limited edition five-CD bundle of A Flock Of Seagulls‘ new album Ascension. This superb package includes the new wave and synthpop band’s Ascension album on CD (which features orchestral versions of the bands hits), an instrumental and ‘Orcapella’ CD, Aurora Borealis (a CD of new recordings of their classic hits) and an eight-track CD single of Space Age Love Song. Plus you get a postcard SIGNED by all four original band members!

Win A Flock Of Seagulls 5CD signed bundle

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  2. Justin Kadis says:

    Would love to win this. I got to tour with them around 2000 and they were some memorable times! Nightmares is still my fave. That video had a real impact!

  3. AdamW says:

    I hope I win.

    I got to see a post-80s Flock Of Seagulls (basically Mike Score plus others) in a small club in Boston in the early 90s. They still sounded fine, and a few of us (including myself) were invited on-stage at the end to join in singing “I Ran.” A very generous gesture, I thought. Big smiles all around.

    The second half of Dream Come True is still some of the worst music ever committed to tape. Almost unforgivable, really. Luckily the first three albums are top notch all the way through, and their hits are diamonds. My “outside pick” is “Remember David,” which is lyrically poignant and sonically forceful. Great stuff.

  4. David Martin says:

    ‘ I RAN’ is the best alien abduction song there is. Very underrated band.

  5. c_q says:

    Well, I bought a lottery ticket today for a half-billion jackpot, naturally the odds of winning are roughly one in half a billion so of course that didn’t work out. I assume my odds of winning this are therefore vastly more likely (unless SDE gets half a billion entries… )

    Oh, one flashback comes to mind – I got to see these guys play live exactly one time 15 years ago – I was in Portland, Oregon and stumbled across a Nike-sponsored 5k/10k fun run called the “Run Hit Wonders” which had about 5 allegedly one-hit wonder bands playing along the route, including Flock of Seagulls who were dressed in jogging outfits for the occasion. A very short set as you can imagine (I think 3 songs, naturally including ‘I Ran’) but it was completely wacky and cool, although since I stopped so much my run time was pitiful. (N.B. the other bands, if I recall correctly were Tone Loc, General Public, Devo at the end of the course, and one or two others).

  6. Brad Breault says:

    This looks pretty interesting, especially having original members back together as I always thought Paul Reynolds was a great guitarist, although more new material would be nice too. Any idea if this will be available at retail any time soon, since it sounds like a couple folks already had trouble ordering it online? Also, I second doing some nice remasters/deluxe versions of the original albums, maybe as a box set with live material from the time period of those first 3-4 albums. Regardless, Paul thanks as always for these updates!

  7. Charlie Waffles says:

    I want to win the bundle. I am their biggest fan! I still listen to the debut, Listen and The Story of a Young Heart. The Remix and Rarities is ok. The Playlist cd from Sony had a great song that I did not own. I gotta have it!

  8. Anton Rodionov says:

    One of the underrated 80’s bands but i like it!

  9. Gary says:

    I recall seeing A Flock Of.. when they supported Judie Tzuke back in the early eighties At Birmingham Odeon and prior to that in 1980 Ms Tzuke took a band on tour with her called Graduate who morphed into Tears For Fears. About time the tunes of Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton we’re celebrated in super deluxe fashion…

  10. Gary Hunter says:

    Another fine competition Paul.

    My favourite AFOS track is “Transfer Affection”, a brilliant song.

    Good luck to all that have entered the competition.

  11. Adrian Robson says:

    Oh my gosh I love this band and still have I RAN in my top 20 of all time would be amazing to win

  12. Kenneth says:

    Paul Reynolds a very underrated guitarist! Glad he is back with the band.

  13. carsten hansen says:

    i hope i win this time

    i never won anything in my life

    so i don`t know how it feels

  14. Florentino Stabile says:

    Hi Paul,

    Great competition. I think I Ran is definitely a great 80’s track also their song Photograph. Love 80’s rock. They definitely had the best hair… in their day. All the best. Good luck to all.
    Thanks Paul to you, the band and all at SDE. You guys rock as always.


  15. Ben in Colorado says:

    Ah man. Memories!
    I saw AFOS on their first us tour in the early 80s in Boulder.
    General seating and we got front row.

    Great show, but because they only had the one album, they played the album twice!

    I’ll never forget thinking how cool they were.
    Frank, on bass, had that groovy little half turn dance that I still think is the greatest stage dance ever!

    I’m gonna but a copy just to give a little love back to these guys.

  16. Dave says:

    Hi Paul . Nice comps for sure ok! But why now only 3 options none of which I’m familiar e.g. 62 year old rocker . Why not one entry for sde subscribers only ? For me one chance is better than none ! Great site always appreciated ok . Dave

  17. Neil says:

    I don’t do twitter so i have no chance.

  18. Mark Lavallee says:

    Ooh, this is one I’d love to have! I never win anything though!

  19. negative1 says:

    hi paul,

    i clicked on visit the instagram page, but don’t have an account there.
    does that count?

    good luck to the winner. i will be getting the boxset regardless,
    as they are one of my favorite bands.

    as for new music. there is one brief instrumental interlude on the orchestral
    version called ‘ascension’, everything else has been previously released.
    mostly from the first album, some from their second, and 1 song from their


  20. Frank says:

    I met Mike Score in LA in January. He signed a Mike Score bobblehead and drew little birds (the flock!) in sharpie on the side of the ceramic keyboard in front of the bobblehead figure. Super nice guy! I really hesitated to bother him as he was hanging out backstage eating with his family, but he was (and they were) very nice and approachable.

    Not worried about winning this (but that would be cool!) because I just ordered one of these haha!

  21. Michael says:

    I would like to hear these if I win! Well, maybe not acapella versions. That just seems odd to me.

    • SimonP says:

      I reckon these discs are all the same recordings in different combinations.

      Band + vocals + orchestra = Ascension
      (orchestra + band) – vocals = Ascension Instrumentals
      (orchestra + vocals) – band = Orcapella
      (band + vocals) – orchestra = Aurora Borealis

      • Michael says:

        Ah, I see. That reminds me, and the looks of this set too, of the Visage set from a while back. Probably the same company I am guessing now.

        • SimonP says:

          I just looked and you are correct. All of the discs in this set are available separately, which is unusual.

  22. Jarek says:

    My fovorite band from the 80’s

  23. Mij says:

    I see Mike Score has roughly signed the area of his head where the ‘classic’ hairstyle used to be!

  24. Daniel says:

    I think they said this is the first reunion of original members in ages, which is nice even though it’s almost all re-recordings of hits. Wish it was all new material, but still this is nice. The video with the orch for SALS is great!

  25. Barry says:

    First album is a classic!

  26. pinkfloyd says:

    Since we are in topic of AFOS, how about 2 CDs Deluxe Edition CDs of their four classic albums? Add another CD for demos… Any takers?

  27. Harry Williams says:

    Space Age Love Song… what a classic.

  28. Ray says:

    Is this 5 CD Set available to buy anywhere?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Yes, go to

      • DJ says:

        Impossible to buy there as it disappears from your basket almost immediately.
        The help on their contact page is useless so if anyone is successful let me know the trick!

  29. Les says:

    Mike Score used to cut my wife’s hair when she was young.

  30. Iain says:

    A cloud appears. Above your head. A beam of light – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

  31. Armen Aloyan says:

    hello! let me win this competition)

  32. Lisa Lush says:

    Please let me win. I’d be ever so happy :-)

  33. bob says:

    Hi Paul
    Sorry if I come across as thick but does having signed up for the weekly newsletter years ago automatically enter me into these competitions?
    I am not on social media, Instagram or twitter, so I cannot enter that way. If I visit your Instagram page it asks me to sign up.
    Previously we could just reply to the post to enter.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I think you have to press the button (on the competition panel) to do it, and go through the process, but if you are already signed up, it won’t actually add you to the mailing list a second time (in other words, you won’t start getting two emails). But you do have to do ‘something’. You can’t do nothing, even if you are already signed up. Sorry if that sounds confusing. You could always just click on the ‘visit SDE on instagram’ and it will take you to the SDE instagram page. That will definitely count as an entry.

  34. Brian Coyle says:

    Still think ‘I Ran’ is one of the best 80’s tracks ever !!

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