Win a Generation X 3LP deluxe edition

Courtesy of our friends at Chrysalis, we have a copy of the recent Generation X vinyl deluxe edition. The 3LP set features the remastered album, an LP of  A and B-sides and a further album of outtakes and alternate mixes. Enter below and good luck!

Win a Generation X deluxe set

13 responses to Win a Generation X 3LP deluxe edition

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  2. thierry sergoynne says:

    And the winner is …….lol Cheers;)

  3. Ken Ronning says:

    Maybe this time I’ll get lucky.

  4. TIM LEACH says:

    William Broad is back!

  5. Mike Gist says:

    Would love to take some Generation X for a spin!

  6. Steve says:

    Crossing lucky bits.

  7. Paul E. says:

    I’ll win solely on the merit of not owning a turntable. I need inspiration.

  8. Gus says:

    No1 song in heaven

  9. This is my comment.

  10. Chris Squires says:

    I’m not commenting, people who comment never win….

  11. Paul Murphy says:

    Any chance you could get your friends at Chrysalis to offer Generation Sex a contract? That show they played at the Roxy last October was superb.

    • Mike Villano says:

      I just found out about that show last week, so I watched it on YouTube. It was a ton of fun,and cool to see since Generation X never made it to the U.S., if I recall correctly. Nice song selection and vigorous performance from a group of sexagenarians!

      Now, how about a new version of “Valley of the Dolls”? Underrated at the time, it sounds like a lost classic these days. Plus, it was produced by the coolest human being on earth, Ian Hunter. FYI, second coolest person is Tommy Chong.

  12. Spen says:

    Thank you

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