WIN! a Jimmy Somerville “Dance & Desire: Rarities & Videos” 3-disc set


We have two copies of Edsel’s brand new Jimmy Somerville compilation, Dance & Desire: Rarities and Videos to give away to SDE readers!

Released just this week, this new 2CD+DVD is a fantastic rarities collection which includes music from Somerville’s time with Bronski Beat, the Communards and his work as a solo artist. The DVD alone features 24  videos including a brand new promo for Smalltown Boy [Reprise 2014].

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until Friday 28 November 2014. To be in with a chance of winning please be kind enough to:

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  • 2. Leave a comment on this post – tell us your favourite Jimmy track!

If you already subscribe to our lovely free newsletter (and you should because it’s fab), then just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random on Saturday 29 November 2014 and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 30 November. Good luck!

246 responses to WIN! a Jimmy Somerville “Dance & Desire: Rarities & Videos” 3-disc set

  1. PAUL BAKEWELL says:


  2. george says:

    Small Town Boy, every time, has to be one of the best songs of its times, although his version of hanging on the telephone is brilliant.

  3. george says:

    Has to be small town boy, great song , although his version of hanging on the telephone is brilliant.

  4. dave says:

    for a friend !

  5. Chris S says:

    Fave Sommerville track is probably C Minor from the Communards ‘Red’ album. Very powerful & emotional.

  6. Andrew hodgskin says:

    Hard to pick one particular favourite
    But I just love his version of “hurt so good”

  7. Sven says:

    I dance the night away. Good times!

  8. massimo says:

    Must to have……………………………

  9. Jan says:

    Never heard Jimmy Sommerville and Communards. I am 18 – sorry for that.
    Would be a great Christmas gift for my father who’s an Eighties nerd.

  10. Si says:

    Fantastic artist that still pulls it off today – For A Friend is one of the best ever written

  11. Gareth says:


  12. Roberto Borella says:

    Smalltown boy (Reprise 2014) a great song also today….

  13. Anja says:

    I love;
    Not winning this competition would change that only slightly.

  14. Michael says:

    Read My Lips

  15. Kai says:

    I recognized after years that Somerville is written with only one “m”.
    My goodness!

  16. Damon says:

    Has to be Smalltown Boy, such a classic song!

  17. Alex says:

    Smalltown Boy

  18. Emilio says:

    Ain´t necessarily so….

  19. Sun Chi Man says:

    Smalltown boy

  20. michele says:

    For a friend!
    a brilliant song!one of the best ballads of the eighties!

  21. Robert M says:

    Puit D’Amour (with Bronski Beat). BTW, signed up for the newsletter but received a website error.

  22. Shai says:

    Don’t Leave me this way
    So cold the night

  23. Nigel Croft says:

    Smalltown Boy

  24. Ralph Sehringer says:


  25. Davis says:

    My favorite Jimmy track is You Are My World (New York ’87 Mix), which isn’t on this (or any other) CD. But I hope I win one anyway!

  26. Fabrizio says:

    My favourite track is the duet with Marc Almond, “I feel love”.

  27. Bill says:

    Please do a show in NYC!

  28. Alfonso says:


  29. Yann says:

    I want it i need it i love it pleaseeeee gimme gimme gimme

  30. Mark Wilson says:

    I Feel Love Medley.

  31. Andrea says:

    It Ain’t Necessarily So.

  32. Andy P says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way. Loved the original, and love this version.

  33. Jerry Butson says:

    ‘No More War’ – shivers down the spine

  34. Neil Findlay says:

    For A Friend.

  35. Alan Acosta says:


  36. Scott M. says:

    Easily the most beautiful track with most poetic, heart wrenching lyrics is “For A Friend”. All these years later, still can’t listen to it without becoming emotional.

  37. Chris D says:

    Smalltown boy

  38. Ian P says:

    Smalltown Boy or Don’t Leave Me This Way

  39. Soren says:

    Hit That Perfect Beat

  40. Nimo says:

    Smalltown Boy 12″

  41. Konstantin says:

    my absolute favourite of Jimmy’s is as it goes the first I heard of him – “Coming”, performed in the final of “Orlando”. this song is just amazing – rythmic, soothing and epic. love it!

  42. Daniel says:

    Smalltown Boy.

  43. Juanmi says:

    Never can say goodbye!!!

  44. Jon says:

    As a gay male, “Why” still has a lot to say 30 years on. One of their best.

  45. Patrick says:

    Mighty Real

  46. Dagny says:

    It’s hard to argue against Smalltown Boy.
    Thanks for the comp.

  47. David says:


  48. Florent says:

    Comment te dire adieu

  49. Andy says:

    So Cold The Night

  50. Pete SIMPSON says:

    So many favs, but “By Your Side”, stunning vocals, moving lyrics.

  51. Stephen says:

    Favourite?? So hard to choose!!

    Fave Bronski Beat: Ain’t Necessarily So
    Great take on this standard. Makes it uniquely Jimmy!

    Fave Communards: Dont Leave Me This Way!
    Everything about this!! Takes me back to dancefloor heaven, punching the air with Jimmy singing aaaah BABY! Then that amazing piano break. Stellar.

    Fave Jimmy solo: Read My Lips
    Impossible not to dance to :) Love it, and indeed the rest of that album!

    Fave Prize? Why, oddly enough, it would be this 2CD/DVD Jimmy/Bronski/Communards dance and rarities set! :)


  52. Evripidis says:

    smalltown boy!!

  53. carsten hansen says:


  54. Lee Williams says:

    I feel love / Johnny Remember Me – great track with Mark Almond. Remember being shown the 12″ at a house party. Been looking for it on CD ever since….

  55. Paul rodford says:

    Cadillac Car. Bonkers.

  56. esalter says:

    love and money

  57. jos says:

    Favorite jimmy track at the moment… his youtube smalltown boy version recorded when he stopped walking his dog and sang with a total stranger. Lovely.

  58. Steve Marine says:

    DISENCHANTED – As a young gay boy in the early 80’s, I cried and cried and cried listening to this song. It’s message helped me immeasurably. I could even say it saved my life. I will be forever grateful.

  59. Cristina McDowall says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way

  60. Ronald Frank says:

    I like Disenchented very much!

  61. antonio says:

    it ain’t necessarily so

  62. Stewart Allan says:

    So many from Bronski, Communards and solo…so one each!
    Smalltown Boy
    For A Friend
    Read My Lips

  63. Alessandro says:

    by your side, it’s such a beautiful song

  64. Paolo says:

    It’sva pleausure to have only a compilation with Sommerville, Bronski Beat and Communards together.

  65. Malc says:

    you are my world

  66. Marco says:

    Smalltown boy

  67. Dennis Versteeg says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way. Driving to the south of France with my parents and brother in the late 80s with two cassettes in the cassette player: Paul Simon’s Graceland and a compilation tape that started with Don’t Leave Me This Way. Whenever I hear that song it takes me back to that wonderful holiday.

  68. Andrew Page says:

    Smalltown Boy (12″ Version)

  69. Jio says:

    Definitely “Smalltown Boy”

  70. Matt says:

    Never can say goodbye

  71. jack says:

    TMTLTBMG – a beautiful sentiment, inclusive of everyone despite being a queer love statement :^)

  72. Jason says:

    “Smalltown Boy [12″ Version]”

  73. bobbley says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way

  74. Richard Lord says:

    Don’t leave me without this !!!!!!!!

  75. Tim says:

    Smalltown boy

  76. Simon says:

    From This Moment On from the red, hot & blue compilation

  77. Andy says:

    So Cold the Night is a rippah of a track.

  78. Michael Pendlebury says:

    I was going to go for “Smalltown Boy” but over the last few years “Why” has stolen the crown!

  79. Robert S says:

    Read my lips!

  80. Rittler Christian says:

    My Favoriten Jimmy Sommerville Track is “Smalltown Boy”

  81. Jon says:

    Absolutely love Smalltown Boy, of course, but my favorite ever is the William Orbit remix of You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)- genius!

  82. Alan says:

    I have two favourite tracks; Smalltown Boy (Extended Mix) and Never Can Say Goodbye (Shep Pettibone Mix)

  83. Steinski says:

    Smalltown Boy will be THE classic forever but Bronski Beat’s version of It Ain’t Necessarily So is my fave for this season. Each year. Still.

  84. Trevor Smith says:

    Run From Love

  85. Rob Goodman says:

    Smalltown boy

  86. Antony fogg says:

    Smalltown boy

  87. Tino Stabile says:

    I am a rocker at heart but there is no denying the man’s talent, catchy grooves with such songs as Bronski Beat’s Smalltown Boy and Don’t leave me this way. Also one of the first openly homosexual singer/songwriter/artist to be out there performing. It must not have been easy for this man at that time. Power to him. And yes, I would certainly appreciate this CD/DVD.

  88. Gian Luca says:

    Junk ;)

  89. boaz halachmi says:

    So cold the night…

  90. dave says:

    Has to be smalltown boy

  91. craig clarke says:

    The 12″ extended mix of Small Town Boy.

  92. Edwin says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way

  93. Will Lovick says:

    Wow, this would definitely fill some long-open holes in the music collection!

  94. Nate says:

    My favorite Jimmy track? I have to say it is a tie for me….Bronski Beat’s “Why” and Jimmy’s track on the Orlando Soundtrack “Coming”.

  95. Dennis says:

    Smalltown Boy for me as well…

  96. Javier Moreno says:

    smalltown boy

  97. Orig80'saddict says:

    I love Tomorrow and Enough is Enough. So glad Jimmy has gotten all this attention from Edsel with the re-releases. Loving them.

  98. Chris says:

    Never Can Say Goodbye

  99. alessandro says:

    ciao from Italy

  100. Steven Bain says:

    Small town Boy

  101. Rob says:

    I love communards, don’t leave me this way ….

    but fave ‘jimmy’ track has to be smalltown boy

  102. Mike Williams says:


  103. Alan Taylor says:


  104. Heinz Schweizer says:

    Smalltown Boy

  105. Hans lelivelt says:

    Smalltown boy has to be THE favorite track

  106. fred says:

    The best track is : “Heaven Here On Earth (With Your Love)”

  107. Ola says:

    Comment te dire adieu

  108. GianniZ says:

    Smalltown Boy still does it.

  109. Tracey says:

    Read My Lips and Tomorrow

  110. Francis says:

    Jimmy Somerville, Bronski Beat and The Communards were just perfect 1980s!

  111. Piotr says:

    Smalltown Boy.

  112. Andy Hawkins says:

    Smalltown Boy

  113. Edu says:

    By your side

  114. Mn says:

    No More War.

  115. hank says:

    Been so long

  116. pinkfloyd says:

    why i feel love for smalltown boy

  117. Martin says:

    “For A Friend”

  118. Dominic says:

    Single/extended mixes of Tomorrow

  119. Lloyd says:

    You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)

  120. renioc says:

    BB: Smalltown boy
    TC: Tomorrow
    JS: Comment te dire adieu

  121. Artyom Yakovlev says:

    Although I really like “Smalltown Boy”, my favorite is “It Ain’t Necessarily So”. If Gershwin was alive, I’m sure he would appreciate Jimmy’s version.

  122. John says:

    “Never Can Say Goodbye,” although I also equally love “Smalltown Boy”

  123. Darren Howard says:

    Favourite Jimmy! Where do I start? Bronski has to be Smalltown Boy, Communards is Tomorrow and solo is To Love Somebody.
    Tomorrow is fave if I have to pick one.
    Great site!

  124. Jason Forrest says:

    You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) and Never Can Say Goodbye are Jimmy Somervilicious!

  125. Horacio Avila says:

    I want my Jimmy Sommerville’s Compilation!!!!

  126. Ray says:


  127. Emiliano says:

    “Smalltown Boy” is an absolute masterpiece

  128. Lee Taylor says:

    For a Friend.

  129. Ant G says:

    Smalltown boy

  130. Van Golsen says:

    Smalltown Boy

  131. Haro says:

    Smalltown boy

  132. Dave C says:

    It Ain’t Necessarily So

  133. igor says:

    i feel love with marc almond

  134. Kiki says:

    still a few misses on this one , but a great add-on to the previous reissue !

  135. John Morton says:

    Favorite Jimmy Track… Comment te dire adieu.

  136. Nick says:

    Well, Jimmy’s got so many great tracks… I’d say “Smalltown boy” or “Don’t leave me this way”, but everyone’s gonna say those so I’m gonna go with his fabulous new song “Back to me”.

  137. PAC says:

    For A Friend..

  138. David Stanley says:

    Desire. It’s a bonus track but should have been a single itself.

  139. Peter van noort says:

    A wonderful gift for a smalltown boy…

  140. Paul Brown says:

    Small town boy!

  141. Dennis says:

    Gotta have it! Great collection!

  142. Peebu says:

    Why? Because I’m a Smalltown Boy who needs a lovely 2CD+DVD set!

  143. John says:

    By Your Side

  144. Cindy says:

    Tell Me Why? :)

  145. Gavin says:

    Smalltown Boy…Classic!

  146. Miki says:

    Comment te dire adieu

  147. Robert says:

    smalltown boy

  148. graham says:

    so cold the night, fingers crossed

  149. David says:

    Waiting for this!

  150. low555 says:

    smalltown boy – extended version of course!

  151. hyperfex says:

    My favourite track is “Coming” from the ORLANDO soundtrack – it’s just beautiful!!!

  152. Barrie Phillips says:

    Smalltown Boy

  153. Nigel says:

    Has to be Why? for me. Great hi energy dance track and a fond reminder of clubbing at that time.

  154. Brian says:

    For a Friend

  155. Craig says:

    You make me feel mi mighty real

  156. matg_fr says:

    Read my lips

  157. Chris Kotsiris says:

    For a friend. I will carry on… Makes me shive

  158. Nicolas says:

    So many good songs but I could choose Heartbeat as favorite !

  159. Norman Cooke says:

    Small town boy, first song I heard. Brilliant track!

  160. carlos martin quesada says:

    “Comment te dire adieu”
    by Jimmy Somerville featuring June Miles-Kingston
    from the album Read My Lips
    LOVE IT!!!

  161. Paul McCarron says:

    Smalltown Boy ;-)

  162. Sean says:

    Tell me why?

  163. Victor says:

    “Comment Te Dire Adieu” – without a doubt!

  164. Volker says:

    You are my World :-)

  165. Guy says:

    You are my world! (extended 12″ mix of course!)

  166. Peter says:

    Smalltown boy

  167. Sylvain says:

    Smalltown Boy is unavoidable !!!

  168. simon s says:

    Smalltown boy

  169. Yossi Barak says:

    Smalltown Boy

  170. Michel D. says:

    Smalltown Boy…of course!!!! ;-)

  171. Silvia M says:

    There´s more to love than boy meets girl

  172. Andrew Leckie says:


  173. sharon smith says:

    something to live for

  174. Ludger says:

    Smalltown Boy!

  175. Paolo says:

    smalltown boy .. obviously!

  176. Simon says:

    Smalltown Boy

  177. Michael Davies says:

    30yrs on and it’s still “Smalltown Boy”, just as relevant today.

  178. Alan W says:

    So Cold the Night… Rather appropriately

  179. Steve Bond says:

    Don’t Leave Me That Way

  180. Alejandro says:

    So cold the night and also Disenchanted by Communards.

  181. cecil meulenberg says:

    SmallTown Boy

  182. gary C says:

    Ain’t Necessarily So would be my favourite track

  183. Tommy says:

    Don’t leave me this way (without this in my collection).

  184. WilliamK says:

    Jimmy Somerville You Are My World……well not really, but I do like that song , and I also know that it was sung by the Communards and not Jimmy on his own.

  185. Max says:

    ‘Don’t leave me this way’ Sarah Jane and his voice = perfection

  186. nigel Morris says:

    Don’t leave me this way

  187. Paul Anthony Chapman says:

    ooh that’s a tough one, but has to be Smalltown Boy

  188. roberto zannini says:


  189. Adam says:

    So Cold The Night

  190. claudio says:

    …i wish i was lucky enough!!!

  191. Edwin Combes says:


  192. Rich says:

    Comment te Dire Adieu for me too – so bad it’s good

  193. Steven Moors says:

    So Cold The Night

  194. Adam Bengtsson says:

    Comment te dire adieu

  195. Marco says:

    Run From Love

  196. Paul Smith says:

    Smalltown Boy

  197. VALGAPA says:

    Smalltown boy 12″ inch , It is for me its flag song.

  198. Gustavo says:

    i like jimmy songs, for a friend is my prefier!!!

  199. mark browne says:

    Yes i already have it! But now my family want their own copy…

    Smalltown boy is one of the greatest songs of all time.!

  200. Marton says:

    Smalltown boy

  201. Noel says:

    Looks like a good set.
    Favourite track from his career has to be “Tomorrow”….

  202. Jan says:


  203. Mark Owen says:

    There’s More to Love than Boy Meets Girl :)

  204. fettdog says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way (Without One Of These Awesome Sets) :-)

  205. Thomas Hooper says:

    Smalltown boy !

  206. Olli says:

    “For a friend”. It’s so sad and beautiful.
    I still have the 7inch vinyl somewhere.

  207. Da'Ron Brown says:


  208. Donald Martin says:

    “Puit d’Amour” is my favorite vocal by Jimmy, “Infatuation/Memories” my favorite song(s) other than his signature, “Smalltown Boy”.

  209. vee says:

    Been subscribed fur-eva !
    *Something To Live For*

  210. mino says:

    Comment te dire adieu!

  211. Roelant says:

    There isn’t more to love than this enchanted cd/dvd set of the great little man that is Jimmy!!

  212. Wayne says:

    Smalltown Boy

  213. Christian says:

    There’s More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl (The Jalapeno Mix)

  214. Stefano says:


  215. Dave says:

    His 1990 Bee Gees cover “To Love Somebody” still sounds so laidback to me

  216. Anthony says:

    Don’t Leave Me This Way (even though it’s a remake)…Jimmy puts his own stamp on it!

  217. Yann says:

    I want it i need it i love it ;-)))))

  218. Hubis says:

    No More War

  219. fred bowie says:

    I met my BF on the extended mix :)

  220. My favourite Jimmy Somerville track is COMMENT TE DIRE ADIEU with June Miles Kingston.

  221. Richard says:

    ‘Dark Sky’

  222. Jon Howells says:

    The 12″ of I Feel Love/Love to Love You by Bronski Beat w/Marc Almond!

  223. Gotta be Small Town Boy!

  224. Richard Weaver says:

    Run From Love

  225. Jos says:

    “So cold the night”……(makes every day a bit warmer :-)

  226. Larry Large says:

    Great 80s Music!

  227. For A Friend….
    For all the AIDS-victims in the 80’s/90’s.

  228. Barry says:

    Just to be different – Small Town Boy. :p

  229. Rocío Sánchez Fernández says:

    Smalltown Boy

  230. Lanny Justice says:

    Something to Live For!!!!! I love Jimmy!!!

  231. Darren Briscoe says:

    Still great songs after all these years! Why???

  232. José Ramón García says:


  233. KM says:

    There’s more to love than boy meets girl!

  234. Xavier says:

    For A Friend, as even if I like so many other ones, this particular song is such a beauty !

  235. Marko says:

    This is a must have item.

  236. Barry Page says:

    Smalltown Boy

  237. Gert says:

    Smalltown boy !

  238. Jfa3stars says:

    Smalltown boy !

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