Win a London Records RSD bundle

Win a London Records RSD bundle

SDE has a bundle of Record Store Day releases from London Records to give away!

One winner will receive the Bronski Beat ‘Smalltown Boy’ vinyl picture disc, the Bananarama coloured vinyl remix 12-inch, the Blancmange blue vinyl 12-inch of ‘Living on the Ceiling and the Redskins 10-inch of ‘Bring It Down (This Insane Thing)’ on red vinyl. These will all be supplied in a groovy London Records tote bag. This is a ‘quickie’ competition, open to all, that will end at noon BST on Wednesday 17 April 2019. Good luck and enter below

Win a London Records RSD bundle

54 responses to Win a London Records RSD bundle

  1. Colin says:

    Another great competition from Paul and SDE. All of these would be a super addition to my record collection. Thanks SDE!

  2. Hub Hamers says:

    Aaah, too late. Just 2 days to enter the competition, normally it used to be more days. Next time better…

  3. Col says:

    It won’t be a Cruel Summer if I win these beauties!

  4. Darren Dilliway says:

    Amazing prize!

  5. Jim Ellison says:

    Had bit of an issue with the the twitter entry, but got there in the end, don’t have Instagram

  6. Horia says:

    I’d like to win:-).

  7. Matthew Jessee says:

    Very nice prize package! :)

  8. Robert Moore says:

    Yah love rsd long life vinyl

  9. Jay Shakter says:

    I love records!

  10. Jens Iwarson says:

    I’m in!

  11. Simon says:

    Entered. Thanks, Paul

  12. Phillip Vollmer says:


  13. David Carter says:

    Done. a very nice bundle by the looks of it

  14. Jack Moon says:

    Many thanks, Paul! Although Melbourne has quite a few record shops I saw none of the London releases on RSD.

  15. Brian K says:

    Alright! Entered! :)

  16. Daryl D says:


  17. Caroline says:

    Would like The Redskins but will leave this one for someone who wants the whole bundle. Fair’s fair and all that.

  18. Richard says:

    Fingers crossed….hmmm Blancmange and Redskins!

  19. Oliver says:

    Oh, a competition for the 12″ Maxi lovers! :-)

  20. Darren Lewis says:

    A lovely prize this – Entered and fingers crossed….

  21. Maxe says:

    Most of the entries are absolute non-go to me, so I used one

  22. Martin Hicks says:


  23. carsten hansen says:

    we got absolutely none in the shops here

    Bronski Beat,Banananarama remix 12″ and Blancmange these were tne top 3

    that i wanted,but no one in the shops


    • motte says:

      I was trying to get the Blancmange 12″. But it seemed that the shops in Germany and the Netherlands had massive problems in getting it.
      So I’m in and hope the best (as the other three records are great stuff, too).

  24. Nick Pelomis says:

    Amazing prize!

  25. Dan Krist says:

    Entered! Thanks Paul!

  26. Jim Vandegrift says:


  27. matt bolger says:

    Thanks for the opportunity guys! This would be a dream, as I went out hunting the last 3 days for RSD and came out with some good grabs but not everything I was after. Still enjoy the thrill of the hunt that RSD gives you though!

  28. Chris Thomas says:

    Done thanks

  29. Henrik Tronstad says:

    Hoping for the best… :-)

  30. Simon says:


  31. SeanL says:

    Sorted :)

  32. Trevor Smith says:

    3 out of 4. The Twitter entry doesn’t work for me unfortunately

  33. Gord says:

    Love a competition! Done & thanks!

  34. Brian Smith says:

    entered, thanks :)

  35. Friedrich says:

    Oh, that’s so very much appreciated, thanks a lot. Yeaaaaaaaah³

  36. Tom M says:


  37. steve fusco says:

    Thank you

  38. steve webb says:

    count me in, thanks

  39. Giovanni says:


  40. steve webb says:

    count me in,,,lol

  41. Troy says:

    We got none of these in the stores here

  42. John Mann says:

    Entered thanks

  43. Kevin says:

    Great comp, thanks.

  44. Bryan says:


  45. David Jinks says:


  46. Craig Ehr says:


  47. Chris H says:

    Entered :) good luck everyone!

  48. Gary Hunter says:

    Entered, thank you.

  49. Valentin Gallego Pastor says:

    ok many thanks

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