Win a pair of Depeche Mode vinyl boxes

In another great competition, SDE is giving away two Depeche Mode vinyl boxes!

Courtesy of our friends at Sony, one lucky winner will receive copies of Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles and A Broken Frame: The 12″ Singles. Both boxes contain a trio of 12-inch singles (pressed on 180g vinyl), a poster and a download code. Speak & Spell also comes with a flexidisc. Enter below. Good luck!

Depeche Mode competition

65 responses to Win a pair of Depeche Mode vinyl boxes

  1. carsten hansen says:

    i hope i win

    it will be the first time in my life.
    i wonder how it feels ?

  2. Pal Szatmari says:

    It would be great to win a prize like that.

  3. Terry says:

    I would love to have these! thanks!

  4. Halászi Csaba says:

    Amazing !

  5. Graeme Black says:

    Excellent!Hope I’m lucky.

  6. Philippe says:

    Awesome competition with great prize. Thanks Paul. ^^

  7. Heinerich says:

    Too bad the competition is uneven… Some people only have two ways to enter because the twitter option is broken…
    Ah, “A Broken Frame” I see, what you did there ;)

  8. What a great set of prizes! ‘Now This is Fun’ is one of my favourite B-sides by anyone, ever. Good luck everybody!

  9. Dan says:

    In the words of Robert Smith, Give Me It!!

  10. Ronnie Olsson says:

    It won’t acknowledge my tweet…

  11. Christian says:


  12. Mark Bumgardner says:

    Very cool. Great prize.

  13. Scott Crozier says:

    would love this for my 50th this Halloween :)

  14. negative1 says:

    good luck to all.
    i did the instagram thing.

  15. Peter England says:

    Lovely prizes. Entered and hopeful.

  16. Calvin says:

    This is awesome

  17. malc says:

    Fingers crossed…

  18. JeroenFl says:

    Don’t “leave me in silence”. “All I wanna do is “See you”, cause “I just can’t get enough”!

  19. Mark Yon says:

    Thanks Paul. Now I have a turntable (again) this would be great to have a listen to.

  20. Steve Lank says:

    Great prize!

  21. Ted says:

    Thanks Paul.

  22. Per Z says:

    I love these competitions. :)

  23. Fer says:

    Good luck to everybody. And thanks for the gift.

  24. George says:

    Thanks for the entry

  25. Steve says:

    Great competition. Thank you.

  26. Igor Sela says:

    Good luck all !

  27. Mikael says:

    Very nice give away.

  28. Nils says:

    Thumbs up, cheers Paul and keep up the great work!

  29. Fabrizio says:

    Thanks as always

  30. Markyp says:

    All done. Best competition ever!

  31. Martin says:

    Speak & Spell in my mates Stephen Reynolds bedroom, pawing over the LP cover and playing it to death. That’s all

  32. Tony O says:

    £20 if you let me win? ;-)

  33. Branny says:

    I’d love the 12″ of Leave in silence. Could only afford the 7″ first time around.

  34. Michael says:

    I would love to win these! I have resisted buying them for cost and the fact there are about 50 other reissues this fall that I also want.

  35. Matthew Jessee says:

    Once again, awesome prize – would love to win these!

  36. Richard John says:

    brilliant prize. nice one Paul.

  37. Otto says:

    That is amazing.
    I unfortunately lack money for these box sets but as a huge DM I would love to win.

  38. Wayne Olsen says:

    Lovely! Thanks Paul!

  39. Phil Kirk says:

    You are an absolute gent Paul putting up these great prizes, hopefully I may get lucky this time cheers Phil

  40. George glazener says:

    Has anyone else seen or heard rumors of a Red Rose Speedway + Wild Life SDE coming out late in the year. I wonder if there’s anything to it.

    • Wayne Oksen says:

      Why would Paul want to compete two of his weakest albums against the marvelous Imagine set and the white album?
      Oh yeah because it’s Paul.
      I’m fairness side two of Wild Life is actually pretty strong, and some 72-73 no-Beatles live stuff would be fun. No Hey Jude singalongs on those tours.

  41. SEANL says:

    Gotta be in it to win it…done :)

  42. Darren Lewis says:

    Another smashing prize from SDE – Bet these 12″ sound fantastic….

  43. Heinerich says:

    Hmm The tweet thing is broken for me… It keep telling me to “Complete action first”. :(

  44. Robert says:

    Great prize !!! It would be nice if I could win this one …

  45. memoryboy says:

    Yay! Did it!
    How exciting!

  46. Armen Aloyan says:

    Great, thank you

  47. janick says:

    thanks paul have great day

  48. Matt Young says:

    Thanks, Paul

  49. Eugene says:

    done. Exciting!

  50. Eric Slangen says:

    Great, thanks Paul

  51. Crossing appendages!

  52. Darren Dilliway says:

    Great prize!

  53. Sandro says:

    I have never won anything in my life I think this time will be the same but I said to myself…. let’s try … nothing to lose.
    With the large amount of money spent on records in my life, winning something would be that “ something “ in return that many collectors deserve.

  54. Sami says:

    Paul, as Im currently subscribed to the SDE weekly newsletter, then Im saved for this one, right?
    Do I need to do anything than wait for the winner announcement?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No, you need to put your name/email address in hit enter to get entered this way. You will see a message saying ‘you’ve registered one entry’. Anyone who is already subscribed to the newsletter just use the same email, you won’t get subscribed again.

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