Win a Peter Gabriel vinyl bundle

Peter Gabriel Vinyl Giveaway

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    _very nice 1first classic period (1977-1982)

  2. Witold says:

    Prosze :)

  3. Al says:

    Mr Ambassador you spoil us!
    Yes please & a very Merry Christmas to all- Cheers!

  4. Jfa3stars says:

    Cool !

  5. Neill says:

    If I “Shake the tree” will this prize be for me…….

  6. Ian says:

    Maybe it won’t be another “bah humbug” Christmas this year, That will Shock the Monkey :)

  7. Frank says:

    That’s it!!!

  8. william says:

    okey dokey.

  9. tony says:

    wow ! yes please.

  10. Kai says:

    I am am so confused as well.

    “When I win the lottery, I am gonna buy all the girls in my block a color TV and a bottle of French perfume”.
    (guess which song ..?)

  11. Sonia says:

    I’m sorry but I do not understand where is the competition. It is just like a lottery to see who wins? or should I do something to earn points?

  12. Chris Squires says:

    Lovely Prize! Thank you Paul….

  13. Atlantasteve says:

    Love me some pg

  14. Nigel Hall says:

    Now THAT would be a cool birthday present

  15. Francesco says:

    Cool bundle

  16. Michal says:

    One for me, please :).

  17. Jorge says:

    Epic prize!! Fingers crossed…

  18. karl says:

    Like listening to Peter Gabriel in the dark…gimme gimme gimme :)

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  20. Djordje Nenadovic says:

    I’m in!

  21. Antonio Rocha says:

    If music is therapy, Peter Gabriel is the cure!

  22. I don’t know why I have to subscribe to the newsletter every time I would like to win a prize. I’m already in your database, because I get the Superdeluxe editions latest updates newsletter, the SDE week in review newsletter and the daily SDE Deal alert newsletter. Isn’t it an idea to pick at random someone who reacts to the topic? By the way, I would like to win the 2LP-bundle :-)

  23. Bernard SIMONCINI says:

    Nice Christmas gift!!!
    Thank you.
    I cross the fingers.

  24. A says:

    Yes please, over here, when yoo’ve got a mo!

  25. Javier Usano says:

    A nice gift to win. I hope this time I could make it…

  26. Gary Hunter says:

    What a wonderful competition, not familiar with some of his work but this could keep me entertained for many many hours!!!!

  27. Samppa says:

    Just wow, Im in for this treat.
    So, Im already in as I have subscription to the list and nothing else is needed to do, right?

  28. Harry Williams says:

    What a fabulous prize and an amazing Christmas present this would make. Fingers crossed. Thanks again Paul.

  29. Miguel Rocha says:

    My word…what a tasty treat this would be!!!

  30. Michał says:

    Hugs froooooom Poland

  31. sennj says:

    Great prize!

  32. David Kaufman says:

    This would go so well with my 6ft by 6ft signed Album Cover of #3 Melt.


    Super !! Nice to see PG in vinyl again !!

  34. Dan Dai says:

    Sounds great to me.

  35. Andrew says:

    I dream to get this on vinyl!!

  36. HP says:

    I want to win one of these famous sets ! :-)

  37. Nicola says:

    desperatly need one!!! thank’s…

  38. torcuato garcia says:

    Empty my mind – I find it hard to cope
    Listen to my heart – don’t need no stethoscope

  39. Tom of FIN says:

    Cheers, Paul!

  40. Davide Castellini says:

    Me want

  41. Zoran Ingilizov says:

    So… the feeling begins.

  42. Tom of FIN says:

    Sorry, did not quite catch that. So we have to sign up again, although you are in a mailing list already?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You just need to enter your name and email address in the fields and submit to enter the competition. You won’t be ‘signing up’ as such if you are already getting the newsletter.

  43. Alan Roberts says:

    Yes please make mine a large one ..hic!

  44. christian says:

    nice set, my hat is in the ring. does this apply to those of us already on the mailing list?

  45. simon says:

    I’m up for it

  46. Matadortk says:

    Never win anything, why now?

  47. Chris Ryan says:

    Amazing prize! Cheers.

  48. Runicen says:

    Consider me in!

    Thanks for making this great prize available. Best of luck to everyone else who threw in for it! =)

  49. Thorsten says:

    SDE Claus is coming through my chimney this year?

  50. Barry alick says:

    Count me in. An early Christmas present.

  51. Dirk says:

    …my heart going boom, boom boom…

  52. Adam shaw says:

    Great bundle Paul
    Thsnks for the chance to win it

  53. Steve says:

    If your not in it you wont win it. So I’m in it.

  54. Joachim says:

    I suggest all of you guys who ever complained on SDE about vinyl-only editions or the lack of surround-mixes are to be excluded from this amazing giveaway!

  55. Michael says:

    I think I’ll be the winner…

  56. jj says:

    Nice bundle

  57. jj says:

    One for me, please

  58. PeterJH says:

    Count me in! I hope I get lucky!! :)

  59. kronning says:

    Randomly pick me please.

  60. eric slangen says:

    ok, when can you send this so I make sure I’m home :::)))

  61. Enrique says:

    Thanks !
    Long Live Superdeluxe

  62. brian lindsay says:

    Great contest. Would love to hear these albums again on vinyl.

  63. Seán P.J. Cully says:

    Fingers crossed! :D

  64. Scotty says:

    Way cool item. I’d love a copy!

  65. Stuart S says:

    As many have said, nice prize Paul!

    Please consider this as the winning entry… :-)

  66. CHRIS KOTSIRIS says:

    Peter gabriel is just one of the greatest artists, sitting right beside Dylan, Bowie, Neil Young and others. Paul, you have done it again.

  67. Beppe says:

    Shock The Beppe!

  68. Tino Stabile says:

    I don’t remember (sorry for the pun),,,, the last time I won a huge prize like this.
    I won’t win… but if I do wow…. Santa Claus won’t need to come at least for me.
    Good luck and peace to all

  69. Francisco says:


  70. Bob G. says:

    Wow, what a prize!!! Would be very welcome to have these. Thanks.

  71. Tom M says:

    Shock the monkey? I’m going to need a gorilla to carry this bundle.

  72. GHB says:

    Yes please for me too – I am already signed up for the newsletter and it has asked me to register again – assume all is in order Paul?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You’re entered, I’ve just checked. It recognised you were an ‘existing subscriber’ so doesn’t add you twice to the list.

      But for anyone else reading this, just because you already get the newsletter doesn’t mean you are entered. You do have to enter, and ‘entering’ basically involves following the instructions on the post and putting your name and email in the fields and submitting.

      Just to spell it out again, if you are an existing subscriber to the newsletter, as long as the email you enter for the competition is the same email address that the SDE newsletter gets sent to, you WON’T be subscribed twice and won’t receive two newsletters. Sorry if I’m ‘over explaining’ this, but just want to make that clear :)

  73. Mark says:

    Would love this one.

  74. Lorna Kennedy says:

    Wow – fingers crossed here :-)

  75. Peter says:

    Great prize indeed.
    Good luck!

  76. Roger Harris says:

    Awesome, awesome prize! Hopefully it’s soon on its way down under!

  77. Highlander says:

    Hope I’m the lucky one. :-)

  78. Michael Pendlebury says:

    One of the best prizes ever!!!

  79. Declan O'Neill says:

    Brilliant prize and one of my all-time favourite artists. Keep up the good work Paul, even though it’s costing me a small fortune keeping up with the deal alerts!

  80. eric says:

    I need an update of my original LPs.

  81. Guy says:

    Great prize! Fingers crossed… :)

  82. Derek T. says:

    The competition page is listing how many times I’ve entered. Does this mean you can enter more than once?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      In theory… there will be other competitions with lots of different ways to enter but this one is just the once. So, er no is the answer for this one, but that will change for others (probably).

  83. Tom Saltarelli says:

    This contest is awesome!!!

  84. Adam says:

    Wow, I so want these but haven’t been able to get the funds, particularly the Deutsches albums.

  85. Tarek Sobh says:

    Wow! This is such an huge prize! It’s Peter Gabriel, I’m so excited!! I hope I win this <3

  86. John Madden says:

    Fingers crossed (again!)

  87. Ian Badcock says:

    This is an awesome prize!

  88. Bob Mersereau says:

    Confused. Is the contest just for new subscribers to the newsletter? What about us who already subscribe to (and love) SDE?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Open to everyone, but you do have to positively enter. Just put in the email you already use for newsletter, it won’t duplicate your subscription.

  89. Gert says:

    The plays live double album was my first experience with him. Later on I discovered more. Would be fantastic to win this prize.

  90. Alexey says:

    Great competition! I’m in!

  91. Brian says:

    Loved him as a solo artist ever since his first solo album came out! I remember thinking he was almost a mythical person, especially having never seen of him up to that point when he wasn’t playing a character on stage (with all the transformative costumes).

  92. Alfonso says:

    What a great competition!

  93. Barry Grayshon says:

    Great prize.

  94. Jean Christophe DERRIEN says:

    Shock the monkey !!!

  95. Alan says:

    Yes Please!
    Aw Go On Let Me Win – I’ll Be Yer Mate etc.
    Cheers All!

  96. Alan. says:

    Brilliant prize – I’m in too.

  97. Kiki says:

    I’d love to have these under my chrismas tree !!! :-)

  98. Marcus says:

    So everyone who has already signed up for the weekly newsletter will automatically be part of the competition?

    Sorry for the possibly silly question but I want to be sure that I have a chance on winning this awesome prize. ;)

    Thank you!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      No you have to enter. Just put in the email address that you already use for the competition, you won’t be double-subscribed.

      • Marcus says:

        Hello Paul,

        thank you for the clarifying response. Another proof that silly questions don’t hurt – most of the time. ;)


      • Dana K says:

        sure wish I would have seen this event before I missed it. One day I’ll meet this man. He is at the pinnacle where art meets sky

  99. Ramiro Ortega says:

    Count me in!

  100. Alex says:

    Would love to win this, keeping my fingers crossed!!!!

  101. Robert Morgenstern says:

    One of my favorite Artists. Since I was 8 years. This bundle will be a perfect christmas gift for myself. Please choose me.

  102. william says:

    I’m in.

  103. Darren Briscoe says:

    Another competition I won’t win… but it’s fun trying!

  104. Daniel Higuera says:

    Peter Gabriel is one of my all time heroes…hope the bundle will be mine! Thanks!

  105. David Carrick says:

    What an amazing prize!!!

  106. Rob says:

    Paul –

    Thank you so much for offering these! This is a very generous giveaway.

    Thanks again!

  107. Heinz says:


  108. Koen Declercq says:

    1 for me PLZ!

  109. Don says:

    There have been some great prizes on SDE before, but this one is just… wow!

  110. David Polidoro says:

    I always enjoy reading about deluxe reissues that are coming up for release. thanks for keeping me up to date.

  111. Mark Owen says:

    Yes. Please!

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