10 Great French DEALS on box sets

Some fantastic deals TODAY on Amazon France for popular box sets.

NEWLY UPDATEDwith physical releases from the likes of King Crimson, Van Halen, Paul Weller, Sting and Miles Davis. Click ‘MORE’ for all the details…

King Crimson / On (and Off) The Road (19-disc box) – £60 (€69)

Paul Weller / vinyl LP   £14 (€16)

Van Halen / Van Halen / 1984 / Tokyo Dome (6LP vinyl box) £37 (€42)

Lou Reed / The Sire Years: Complete Albums box / 10CD set

Lou Reed / The Sire Years: Complete Albums box (10CD) – £28 (€32)

Various Artists / Nothern Soul: The Movie (7″ box) – £55 (€63)

Roy Orbison / The MGM Years 1965-1973 box

Roy Orbison / The MGM Years 1965-1973 (14LP vinyl box) – £133 (€152)

Sting / Sacred Love (2LP vinyl) £14 (€16)

Various Artists / Atlantic Soul Legends (20CD) £26 (€30)

Miles Davis  / Bitches Brew 40th (3CD+DVD+2LP) £37 (€42)

Sex Pistols / Live ’76 (4LP vinyl) £41 (€47)

31 responses to 10 Great French DEALS on box sets

  1. andrew r says:

    My K.C. box arrived unwrapped and opened. Everything looks ok inside.
    These offers were supposed to be for new items ? Weren’t they?
    Any ideas Paul .Thanks

  2. Steve Black says:

    I bought the Sugar box set and it arrived in terrible condition due to minimal packaging in an oversize box. All sleeves and inner bags are damaged and the book is missing….
    I’m returning it but I’m not sure which postal service to use. It looks like they’ll pay up to €7 but this is a heavy set so I think it’ll cost more than that

  3. Chris says:

    Man, why does this stuff always go on sale when I’m spending several days offline? I woulda liked that King Crimson set.

  4. El Nino says:

    I can’t stand anymore of this!
    My shelves are groaning under the weight of recent purchases.
    My credit card is maxed out!
    No more please Paul, I beg you!

    umm, but that Miles Davis box does look awfully tempting……..maybe just one more won’t hurt. I can stop anytime I like, honest. No really I can!

  5. Stu says:

    Ordered the Atlantic boxset, rude not to at that price – thanks.

  6. Kauwgompie says:

    Thanks for updating the deals Paul. I got the Miles Davis Bitches Brew box for 35 Euros + 8.50 shipping to NYC. What a total steal. Already had the Complete Bitches Brew Sessions box but this contains the vinyl, live stuff and probably an updated remaster. For this kind of money I can have both boxes :-)

  7. arturo says:

    sweet soul music – gotcha !

  8. Truthsayer says:

    No More! No More! No More! After making a decision that I was only buying essential releasees henceforth, along comes this French invitation to ignore that decision!

    The King Crimson box is essential, it is isn`t it???

    I have managed to sell my `Three Of A Perfect Pair`, `Beat` & `Discipline` CDs for £7 each, so it ain`t a bad price now. I almost bought this box set for £98 when it was released, so I had to get this bargain didn`t I? Say yes ; ))

  9. Ern says:

    That Atlantic Soul Legends set is amazing value.
    Thanks Paul.

  10. Emili Lafarga says:

    Pink Floyd Endless river cd+bluray for 5,27€. Amaaaaazing price!

  11. SEWERYN GÓRAL says:

    A lot of other bargains in France – Pink Floyd Endless River (CD+BluRay) about 5 euro :)

    Generally lot of stuff on sale, music, toys, books, shoes…

  12. Auntie Sabrina says:

    The Donna Summer set (an import) is a very good deal too…

    What Brexit!

  13. Tim says:

    On And Off The Road by King Crimson is in the same offer for €69.00

  14. Jay says:

    Nice decided to try out the Donna summer set. Also got to use my 5 euro code from when they screwed us on vangelis.

    Both the Donna summer cd single and cd album boxset are on sale too. Might want to add a link to that one.

    • John says:

      Oooh yeah, totally forgot about the Vangelis €5 voucher.
      Let’s hope I still have it in my mailbox and didn’t trash it.

  15. Don Pengelley says:

    Well done Paul . Neil ordered . Latest Dead box for me now pushed back another month….

    • Stan Butler says:

      A minor point Paul. That is the cover for Donna Summer’s CD collection, not the singles collection (which the link does take you to). Both sets are greatly reduced. Thanks.

  16. Oz says:

    only 2 of that Marley set left – amazing bargain

  17. Hugh says:

    Always manage to just miss the price cuts on the River set. NOT THIS TIME. Gracias Pablo.

  18. John says:

    Is there a change to English feature on Amazon France????

  19. Simon C says:

    Thank you so much for this heads up Paul, Sex Pistols Vinyl box ordered and well chuffed at that price!

  20. Leemer says:

    From the country that brought the world the USA, liberating green backs from my wallet. Thank you Paul for sharing this.

  21. Heinz says:

    Bob Marley and David Bowie ordered.

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