Black Friday Deal / Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? box set


Earlier this year we dismissed Oasis’ Definitely Maybe deluxe box as overpriced and under spec’d. There didn’t seem too much point reviewing the follow-up (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? in its box set guise because as far as we could tell it was more of the same.

Nevertheless, if you really want the deluxe box version of  (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? but haven’t managed to justify the huge cost, it’s going to be available on Amazon UK tonight at 7.30pm GMT/UTC.

It’s going to have to be a bloody good discount though to make it ‘worth it’ since this is currently £106! Head over to this page on Amazon just before 7.30 and look out for the discount. Remember the price won’t change until then.

9 responses to Black Friday Deal / Oasis: (What's The Story) Morning Glory? box set

  1. bob says:

    That packaging looks fantastic. I wish all box sets were packaged as well as this, I am sure they would sell more if they were. I now point blank refuse to buy box sets with crappy packaging, even if it is an artist that I love eg the new T.Rex box set.

  2. thegreatelephant says:

    black friday? – stupid term now being abused by all and sundry to the largely gullable. this deal not even on a Friday either.

  3. dave says:

    Anyone buying that above £45 is a mug.

  4. korova says:

    I reckon the reduced price was only available for about two hours as I looked at 9;30 pm and it was back to £106.

  5. eric slangen says:

    Gladly I got it on time.

  6. andrew says:

    Currently £106. Realistically should be around £40.

  7. timlad says:

    £64.99 just gone online.

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