Black Friday Deals / Thurs 26th Nov

It’s ‘Black Friday’ deals week for many retailers, so each day this week SDE will publish a ‘deals’ post highlighting some of the best offers from around the web. The posts will almost certainly be updated during the day, so check back regularly to see what’s going on. Note that many deals go ‘live’ at a specified time.

The Beatles / Stereo Vinyl box set (16 LP)


When? Live now!

Price? £120


FIRST PICTURES / Belinda Carlisle The Complete Studio Albums

Belinda Carlisle / The Complete Studio Albums (7CD box)*
*not available in all territories

Where? Demon Music Store

When? Live now!

Price? £13.99



The Beat / Complete Studio Recordings (4CD box) (4CD box)*
*not available in all territories

Where? Demon Music Store

When? Live now!

Price? £6.99



9 responses to Black Friday Deals / Thurs 26th Nov

  1. adam shaw says:

    Thanks Paul
    Ordered the Beat box set £10 with postage Bargin L

  2. andrew R says:

    Grabbed the beatles box on amazon ca then instantly regretted it,
    £40 shipping tried to cancel but already “processed” My fault didnt read the cost properly. also very put off by the amount of negative comments ref the Stereo box versus mono.Any comments?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      There’s nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with the stereo box, it’s just that it sourced from digital rather than the analogue-sourced mono box. The latter is obviously ‘better’ but that doesn’t mean the stereo box isn’t good.

    • Billy Dojcak says:

      Try contacting customer service. It couldn’t have shipped yet. And don’t try a return. Your shipping money is gone, you have to pay return shipping and there is a 25% restocking fee.

    • Vindictus13 says:

      I ordered it as well and went past the £40 delivery costs as it was still cheaper than Amazon UK. When I attempted to take delivery I was asked for another £42 import fees by the delivery company – pushing the cost to nearly £220. I refused delivery and am negotiating a refund.

  3. Michael Pendlebury says:

    I realise a new thread about Black Friday deals will be forthcoming but I’ve just picked up The Isley Brothers “The Complete RCA Victor And T-Neck Album Masters” Box Set for just under 40 Euros on Amazon Italy. Works out to around £32 with postage to the UK which is an incredible deal if anybody is interested!

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