Deal alert / ABBA Arrival 2LP


Mega-deal on Amazon Germany, that ends at 4pm (GMT) today. ABBA‘s half-speed mastered 2LP of Arrival at a ridiculous price.

It’s just £11 or €13 right now!



Compare prices and pre-order


Arrival [VINYL]


11 responses to Deal alert / ABBA Arrival 2LP

  1. hiram says:

    Darn annoying- been in my basket waiting for the moment.

  2. Geert De Wilde says:

    thanks! I got it! just in time ;)

  3. Mattia says:

    You can find some ABBA records on for less than 12€. Also Arrival is at 11.49€ but not the 2xLP version, it’s just a 180gr reissue.

  4. Darren Gardner says:

    if you put in basket it goes down to 14.99 euros

  5. MARK R says:

    Yep me to..missed it

  6. Tony C says:

    It was back up to 44.99 Euros by 4.08pm. Missed it.

  7. Nick Preece says:

    Got to be the quickest flash deal ever… i received my flash deal email ten mins ago…. it was back up the normal price within 2 mins so missed out….

  8. Paul Mann says:

    Wow, that was a quick one. 5 seconds later it was 45 Euros.

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