Deal alert: ABBA Studio Albums 8LP box


Great price on Amazon Germany right now for ABBA‘s Studio Albums VINYL box set…

The 8LP box set contains 180g pressings of the band’s eight studio long-players; Ring Ring, Waterloo, ABBA, Arrival, The Album, Voulez-Vous, Super Trouper and The Visitors and at the time of writing (6pm GMT, 9/4/2016) it is just £35 or less than £4 per record.

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22 responses to Deal alert: ABBA Studio Albums 8LP box

  1. Robert says:

    Feeling slightly underwhelmed, having just listened to The Visitors and found it lacking in dynamic punch :-( Played back to back against my 35 year old vinyl album, the mastering of this one is quieter, the percussion and bass lack depth and the vocals are often less distinct and clear. And far more crackle and pop on the final track than exists on my reverentially preserved 1981 copy. A similar story with the artwork and inner sleeve: a very good copy, but depth of colour and clarity of definition not as good as the original… But for only £40 delivered, it’ll do for now!

  2. alex says:

    maybe the best price was the last day of 2015 on Amaz.IT , € 33 delivered in Italy !

  3. Mark says:

    Some really good deals on at the minute McCartney ‘Tug of War’ deluxe for €49, Johnny Cash ‘Unearthed’ for €50, Nirvana ‘Nevermind’ super deluxe for €40, Simple Minds ‘Once Upon a Time’ deluxe for €38. March’s budget has been blown.

  4. Andrew Mogford says:

    A great (and most importantly a great sounding) set at a fantastic price. The sound quality on these records I have been most impressed with.

    Interestingly, my one criticism of it turned out to be invalid. I’m sure I remembered Super Trouper coming in a gatefold sleeve when I was given for my birthday in ’79 and this one doesn’t.

    However I found an original copy at a record fair last weekend and it turns out all packaging is faithful to the original releases.

    • Foxee says:

      Actually, packaging is faithful to the Swedish releases not the UK ones….. ABBA the Album was issued as a gatefold in the UK with a blue front cover. This is the only disappointing thing about a box set that is otherwise superb.

      • Andrew Mogford says:

        Interesting. Thank you! So was super trouper released as a gatefold anywhere do you know? I know I was nine at the time I got it but I usually have a pret anal memory for these things! Wonder if I was looking at a reissue at the record fair maybe.

        • Foxee says:

          Super Trouper was not released as a gatefold in any territory, as far as I have been able to establish. All the Greatest Hits albums (1975, 1979 and 1982) in the UK were issued with gatefold sleeves, and The Album was the only studio album with a gatefold sleeve.

  5. drbryant says:

    Wow, such a good deal, I almost bought one and I already have the first box, which I think contains basically the same pressings. I came to my senses and did a “catch and release.”

  6. Foxee says:

    Cor!! That’s fantastic. And here’s me thinking I had scored a goal by picking it up for £50 at my local record store!!

    Incidentally, shame there’s no sign of an ABBA release for record store day.

  7. Neil Kelly says:

    Yeah £40.80 including delivery. I went for this. See what happens this time after 31/12/15 debarcle!

  8. Neil says:

    Thanks again Paul £40 including delivery

  9. Tom Elliot says:

    Thank’s so much Paul. Ordered!.

  10. Brian says:

    Sehr fantastische! Just could not resist to getting this one, ship to the US is roughly $56 ! Yowza!

  11. Martin Stockdale says:

    Grabbed – not quite as good a price as in the amazon italy debacle from a few weeks back. I was ultimately unsuccessful in persauading them to honour the order.

    • michelle says:

      @Martin -yes I couldn’t get amazon . it to honour the abba debacle either altho I tried; – so pleased to get this one which is nearly as good.

  12. Gerbrand says: has an english version of the site since some time

  13. Gavin says:

    Ordered ! nice alert

  14. Keith Lambert says:

    Thanks Paul! I was quick enough to grab this one (unlike Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ immersion box set!).

  15. Leemer says:

    It’s an irresistible practical giveaway, less than $7 and album – delivered!!! WOW!!!

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