Deal alert / Bananarama: In A Bunch 33CD box


Massive reduction on Amazon UK right now for one of our favourite box sets of 2015, Bananarama‘s In A Bunch 33CD singles set.

At the time of writing (3pm GMT 21/12/15) it’s just £49.99 which is less than HALF the normal price!


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  1. ian s says:

    Now down to £39.99!

  2. Straker says:

    Paul, thought you might like to flag this up as having dropped even further to £44.02.

  3. Paolo Meccano says:


    I already have the album reissues… But this has all the missing tracks… Aargh! I give in…

    Merry Xmas Paul and thanks for this and all the other great deals you’ve alerted me to throughout the year ;-)

  4. Griffin says:

    @Kiki, hope you read my post about the replacement of Nathan Jones & got your correct copy!

    The same here: if I knew about the price slash I might have waited. Not only for the lower price but also avoiding the production errors, gitch on CD’s, booklet, wrong mixes, duplicated mixes, swap of original album mixes, edited mixes instead of full length or you have to send things back for replacement etc etc. It’s like the early birds were being punished (paying full/high prices & getting errors)! Who waited, pays less & getting it without any problems.

    If the labels set a lower price they would have sold much more the first time around & sell the rest of the first batch out without further price slash!

  5. fredpostman says:

    Thanks Paul for the tip off;mine has just turned up.What a bargain and i’m glad i held off.

  6. Neill says:

    I’ve just preordered this at the reduced price. I’m glad I waited cos its a big reduction in price. I thought £100 was a lot given I had quite a lot of the tracks on the album reissues. Looking forward to receiving this.

  7. Bruce says:

    @bob, if everybody waits until deluxe sets are marked down to buy them then the labels will stop making them. If they aren’t selling upon initial release then the labels aren’t earning any return on their investment, and will not continue to produce them. Nobody likes to see a box set selling for a fraction of the price they paid for it, but it’s just something that’s going to happen sometimes if you’re a collector.

  8. bob says:

    Craig, just because you think that way doesn’t mean that we all have to. I would be gutted if I had paid full price for this fairly recently only to see it now half price. Just as I would have been gutted to have paid £120 for the T.Rex The Slider box set, and then see them reduced to £19.99.
    I now only buy box sets when they are reduced by at least 50% eg I bought the Beatles mono CD box for £61 a few weeks ago.

  9. Craig says:

    To everyone complaining who paid full price, yes it obviously not a great feeling but with some of these kinds of collectors sets you never know if it’ll sell straight out and you end up having to pay even more than the RRP on ebay.
    The way I think on these is that if I really MUST have it and would regret it otherwise then I preorder and accept that it may not sell out and become dirt cheap.
    If I’m not 100% convinced I wait and see if it sell out and, if not, whether it drops in price, if it sells out then so be it.
    In this specific example if you could afford £100 on some CDs then get some perspective, life can’t be too bad and I’m sure you can cope if other people get it cheaper than you did a few months later !

  10. Straker says:

    Now “#1 Best Seller in Traditional & Vocal Pop”

    Thanks, no doubt, to SDE!

  11. Rickjapan says:

    Me too!

    I’m not even a big fan, but at this price (no VAT for us in foreign climes) well, what the hell, another Christmas present to myself!

  12. Andreas says:

    Great deal and box set – unfortunately there’s only one thing stopping me buying this set. IT’S BANANARAMA FOR GODS SAKE!!! :-)

  13. Dzundza says:

    Just got mine … thanks for the heads up, Paul!

  14. Martin says:

    And now without the spelling mistakes!

    I automatically add the 1p to anything ending in .99p and at £50 it felt like a lot of money, but then when you break it down per disc it becomes a no-brainer.

    Punched the ‘buy button’ and secured a copy. Rather pleased.

    Thanks (again) SDE.

  15. Shane says:

    What a load, it really is an f you to all the real fans who bought it at full price when it came out! And the SAW one.
    I will certainly wait next time. Lesson learned indeed.

  16. Neil Kelly says:

    Just seen Rick’s comment. Was gonna post same thing. I will never pay anything like over £100 for something like this ever again. It’s only been a few months and i have only played about 5% of box so far in total. Complete waste of about £55

    • Jim says:

      I agree.

      I was going to buy the SAW Singles box set at Deep Discount during their next 15% off sale (total coast about US $106), but now I’ll just wait patiently for the price to drop on Amazon UK.

  17. Straker says:

    Resistance is futile at that price. @£1.50 per CD who can refuse? Tip for anyone who got it from Amazon at a higher price in the last 7 days – Just contact them and they will refund the difference, but do it now while this price is live.

    SAW box next please for £50….

  18. Glenn says:

    Had to do it. $69 to US as per poster above. Happy to get the Fun Boy 3 tracks (‘It Ain’t What You Do…. / Just Do It’ and ‘Really Saying Something’ – U.S. Instrumental) which aren’t available on CD elsewhere. ‘Just Do It’ was on the latest FB3 (first album) reissue but was edited to just included the second part of the overall 12″.

    Thanks for the heads up Paul!

  19. André says:

    Once again, thanks for the heads up on the killer deal! Bought!

    Thank you, Paul. Your blog is my daily fix!

  20. GK says:

    Too good the resist! Bought!

  21. Simon F says:

    I know I should’nt but I have. Thanx for this excellent alert Paul and have your self a really great Christmas and New Year. SDE forever!!!

  22. Rick says:

    Never pre-ordering a box set again.

  23. Tman says:

    Wow, these are Singles. So the music would probably fit on 3 full-length CDs. Let the price drop to closer to a dollar a dsic!

  24. JuzzyB says:

    It’s still too expensive!

  25. Kiki says:

    ouch ! Half the standard price !

  26. Barry says:

    Thanks Paul, I’m in! How can one resist? Happy Holidays to you and all!

  27. Antknee says:

    Done! $69.21 U.S.!

  28. David says:

    Cheers Paul,got it,what a bargain.

  29. ian says:

    wow, just got in from work…….quick cuppa and “superdeluxeedition” updates……..and im now the proud owner of ” bananarama in a bunch” at just £49.99. thanks paul. x

  30. And the fans get screwed once again…

  31. Kevin Yang says:

    Many thanks for this good news. Just ordered this set for my birthday gift.Cannot wait.

  32. Sean says:

    Hell of a saving, not my cup of tea but someone’s going to be happy !

    Keep up the good work Paul, all the best for the festive season !

  33. Mike Pendlebury says:

    That’s too good a price to resist! Bought!

  34. Stephen says:

    I look forward to the SAW number ones box set being reduced in price.

  35. Stephen says:

    File under lesson learned!!

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