Deal alert / Bananas price for Bananarama 33CD box


Not sure it can go much lower! Amazing price on Amazon UK right now for the remixtastic Bananarama In A Bunch 33CD singles set.

At the time of writing it’s just £39.99 which works out at about £1.20 per CD!




CD1          AIE A MWANA

  1. Aie A Mwana
  2. Aie A Mwana [Extended Version]
  3. Aie A Mwana [Dubwana]
  4. Aie A Mwana [U.S. Extended Version]
  5. Aie A Mwana [U.S. Dub]

CD2          IT AIN’T WHAT YOU DO IT’S THE WAY THAT YOU DO IT – with Fun Boy Three

  1. It Ain’t What You Do It’s The Way That You Do It
  2. The Funrama Theme
  3. It Ain’t What You Do… / Just Do It +
  4. The Funrama Theme [Extended Version]

CD3          REALLY SAYING SOMETHING – with Fun Boy Three

  1. Really Saying Something
  2. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares
  3. Really Saying Something [Extended Version]
  4. Give Us Back Our Cheap Fares [Extended Version]
  5. Really Saying Something [U.S. 7” Mix]
  6. Really Saying Something [U.S. Extended Version]
  7. Really Saying Something [U.S. Instrumental] *

CD4          SHY BOY

  1. Shy Boy
  2. Don’t Call Us [aka ‘Boy Trouble’]
  3. Shy Boy [Extended Version]
  4. Don’t Call Us [Extended Version] [aka ‘Boy Trouble’]
  5. Shy Boy [U.S. 7” Mix]
  6. Shy Boy [U.S. Extended Version]
  7. Shy Boy [U.S. Dub]
  8. Shy Boy [Instrumental] *

CD5          HE’S GOT TACT

  1. He’s Got Tact
  2. He’s Got Tact [Alternative mix] *
  3. He’s Got Tact [Instrumental] *

CD6          CHEERS THEN

  1. Cheers Then
  2. Girl About Town
  3. Cheers Then [Extended Version]
  4. Girl About Town [Extended Version]
  5. Cheers Then [Instrumental] *


  1. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)
  2. Tell Tale Signs
  3. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Extended Version]
  4. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Na (Dub) Hey]
  5. Tell Tale Signs [Extended Version]
  6. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Alternative 12” Mix]
  7. Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) [Instrumental] *


  1. Cruel Summer
  2. Cruel Summer [Cruel Dub]
  3. Cruel Summer [Extended Version]
  4. Cruel Summer [Summer Dub]
  5. Cairo
  6. Cruel Summer [Digital Mix]


  1. Robert De Niro’s Waiting… [7” Version]
  2. Push!
  3. Robert De Niro’s Waiting… [Extended Version]
  4. Push! [Extended Version]
  5. Robert De Niro’s Waiting… [Instrumental] *


  1. Rough Justice [7” Version]
  2. Live Now
  3. Rough Justice [Extended Version]
  4. Rough Justice [Album Version]
  5. Rough Justice [Original 12” Mix]
  6. Rough Justice [Instrumental] *


  1. King Of The Jungle [7” Edit] +
  2. King Of The Jungle [Cold End Version] +
  3. King Of The Jungle [Extended Version] *
  4. King Of The Jungle [Unsegued Version]
  5. King Of The Jungle [Instrumental] *


  1. The Wild Life [7” Version]
  2. The Wild Life [Album Version]
  3. The Wild Life [Dub Mix]
  4. The Wild Life [7” Edit] +
  5. The Wild Life [Extended Version]
  6. The Wild Life [Instrumental]


  1. Hot Line To Heaven [7” Version]
  2. State I’m In
  3. Hot Line To Heaven [Album Version]
  4. State I’m In [Extended Version]
  5. Hot Line To Heaven [Album Edit]
  6. Hot Line To Heaven [Instrumental] *
  7. State I’m In [Instrumental]
  8. Hot Line To Heaven [Radio 1 Jingles] *


  1. Do Not Disturb
  2. Ghost
  3. Do Not Disturb [Extended Version]
  4. Do Not Disturb [Instrumental] +
  5. Do Not Disturb [Bananamix] +
  6. Do Not Disturb [Original Mix] *
  7. Do Not Disturb [Alternative 12” Mix] *
  8. Do Not Disturb [Radio 1 Jingles] *

CD15        VENUS

  1. Venus [7” Edit]
  2. White Train
  3. Venus [Extended Version]
  4. Venus [Dub]
  5. Venus [Hellfire Mix]
  6. Venus [Hellfire Dub] +
  7. Venus [Fire & Brimstone Mix]
  8. Venus [Original Mix]
  9. True Confessions [7” Version]
  10. Venus [Original 12” Mix]
  11. Venus [Radio 1 Jingles] *


  1. More Than Physical [7” Mix]
  2. Scarlett
  3. More Than Physical [Garage Mix]
  4. More Than Physical [Dub]
  5. Scarlett [Extended Version]
  6. More Than Physical [Musclebound Mix]
  7. More Than Physical [DJ Edit]
  8. More Than Physical [Album Version]
  9. More Than Physical [Garage Mix Edit]
  10. More Than Physical [Original 12” Mix]
  11. More Than Physical [Muscle Dub] *
  12. More Than Physical [Instrumental] +
  13. More Than Physical [Radio 1 Jingles] *


  1. A Trick Of The Night [#1] [aka 7” Mix]
  2. A Cut Above The Rest
  3. A Trick Of The Night [#2] [aka Alternative Version] +
  4. Set On You
  5. A Trick Of The Night [The Number One Mix]
  6. A Trick Of The Night [Tricky Mix]
  7. A Trick Of The Night [Dub]
  8. A Trick Of The Night [Instrumental] +
  9. A Trick Of The Night [Tricky Mix 7” Edit] +
  10. A Trick Of The Night [U.K. Video Mix]
  11. A Trick Of The Night [U.S. 7” Mix] +
  12. A Trick Of The Night [Original Jolley & Swain 12” Mix] *
  13. A Trick Of The Night [Original PWL Remix] *
  14. A Trick Of The Night [Tuesday Mix]
  15. A Trick Of The Night [U.S. Instrumental] *
  16. A Trick Of The Night [Radio 1 Jingle] *


  1. I Heard A Rumour
  2. Clean Cut Boy [Party Size]
  3. I Heard A Rumour [Horoscope Mix]
  4. I Heard A Rumour [Dub]
  5. I Heard A Rumour [Miami Mix]
  6. I Heard A Rumour [House Mix]
  7. I Heard A Rumour [Original Mix] *
  8. I Heard A Rumour [Original 12” Mix]
  9. I Heard A Rumour [Wacky Vocal Dub]
  10. I Heard A Rumour [Instrumental] *


  1. Love In The First Degree
  2. Mr Sleaze
  3. Love In The First Degree [Jailers Mix]
  4. Love In The First Degree [Escapee Instrumental]
  5. Love In The First Degree [Eurobeat Style]
  6. Mr Sleaze [Rare Groove Remix]
  7. Mr Sleaze [Rare Groove 7” Remix] +
  8. Love In The First Degree [Jailers Mix With Intro]
  9. Mr Sleaze [US 7” Mix] +
  10. Mr Sleaze [Instrumental] +
  11. Love In The First Degree [Hard Vox 7” Mix] *

CD20        I CAN’T HELP IT

  1. I Can’t Help It
  2. Ecstasy
  3. I Can’t Help It [Extended Club Mix]
  4. Ecstasy [Chicago House Stylee]
  5. I Can’t Help It [The Hammond Version Excursion]
  6. Ecstasy [Wild Style]
  7. Ecstasy [Edit] +
  8. I Can’t Help It [U.S. 7” Mix] +
  9. I Can’t Help It [Instrumental] *


  1. I Want You Back [7” Version]
  2. Bad For Me
  3. I Want You Back [Extended European Mix]
  4. Amnesia [Extended 12” Version]
  5. The Bananarama Megamix [10” Version] +
  6. Love In The First Degree [House Remix]
  7. Amnesia [7” Edit] *
  8. The Bananarama Megamix [12” Version]
  9. Love In The First Degree [Love In The House Mix]
  10. Love In The First Degree [House Dub]
  11. I Want You Back [Original 12” Mix]
  12. I Want You Back [Instrumental] *


  1. Love, Truth & Honesty
  2. Strike It Rich [7” Version]
  3. Love, Truth & Honesty [Dance Hall Version]
  4. Strike It Rich [Full Length Club Mix]
  5. Love, Truth & Honesty [Balearacidic Mix]
  6. Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power 12”]
  7. Strike It Rich [Edit] +
  8. Love, Truth & Honesty [Balearacidic Dub] +
  9. Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power Dub] +
  10. Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power Edit]
  11. Love, Truth & Honesty [Hot Power 12” U.S. Re-Edit] +
  12. Love, Truth & Honesty [Original 12” Mix] *
  13. Love, Truth & Honesty [Instrumental] *


  1. Nathan Jones [7” Mix]
  2. Once In A Lifetime
  3. Nathan Jones [Extended Version]
  4. Nathan Jones [Instrumental Dub] +
  5. Nathan Jones [Psycho Mix]
  6. Nathan Jones [Bass Tone Mix]
  7. Nathan Jones [1987 7” Mix]
  8. Nathan Jones [Dave Ford Mix]
  9. Nathan Jones [Psycho Mix U.S. Re-Edit]
  10. Nathan Jones [Original 12” Mix]
  11. Nathan Jones [Bass Tone Dub] *
  12. Nathan Jones [Bass Tone Percappella] *
  13. Nathan Jones [Alternative 12” Mix]
  14. Nathan Jones [12” Mix]
  15. Nathan Jones [Dave Ford Instrumental] *

CD24        HELP! – with Lanananeeneenoonoo

  1. Help
  2. Help! [aka Straight Version]
  3. Help [Extended Version]
  4. Love In The Factory
  5. Help! [Instrumental] *

CD25        CRUEL SUMMER ‘89

  1. Cruel Summer [‘89 Swing Beat Version]
  2. Venus [The Greatest Remix Edit]
  3. Cruel Summer [‘89 Swing Beat Dub]
  4. I Heard A Rumour [Corporation Of Bananarama Mix]
  5. Venus [The Greatest Remix]
  6. Cruel Summer [‘89 Swing Beat Instrumental]
  7. I Heard A Rumour [Corporation Dub] +
  8. Venus [Desire Dub] +
  9. Cruel Summer [‘89 Swing Beat 7” Instrumental] *
  10. Venus [The Greatest Remix Instrumental] *
  11. I Heard A Rumour [Corporation Instrumental] *
  12. I Heard A Rumour [Drumappella] *
  13. I Heard A Rumour [FB Dub 1] *
  14. I Heard A Rumour [FB Dub 2] *

CD26        MEGARAMA ‘89

  1. Megarama ‘89 [Alan Coulthard’s Edit] +
  2. Megarama ‘89 [Dimitri’s Edit]
  3. Megarama ‘89 [Alan Coulthard’s Full-Length Version]
  4. Megarama ‘89 [Dimitri’s Full-Length Version]
  5. The Greatest Hits Megamix +
  6. The Greatest Hits Megamix [7” Edit] +
  7. Tempus Fugit Mix
  8. Tempus Fugit Mix [Instrumental] *


  1. Only Your Love [7-Inch]
  2. Only Your Love [Milky Bar Mix]
  3. Only Your Love [Youth & Thrash On The Mix]
  4. Only Your Love [Hardcore Instrumental]
  5. Only Your Love [The Monkey Drum Mooch]
  6. Only Your Love [A Tribute To Barry Mooncult Mix] +
  7. Only Your Love [Paris, Texas Instrumental] +
  8. Only Your Love [Youth & Thrash On The Mix CD Edit]
  9. Only Your Love [Hardcore Instrumental Edit]
  10. Only Your Love [Love Mix] +
  11. Only Your Love [Original 12” Mix]
  12. Only Your Love [7” Instrumental] *


  1. Preacher Man
  2. Megalomaniac [7” Mix]
  3. Preacher Man [Shep’s Club Mix]
  4. Preacher Man [Shep’s Dub Mix] +
  5. Preacher Man [Shep’s Instrumental Edit] +
  6. Preacher Man [Ramabanana Alternative Mix]
  7. Tripping On Your Love [Sweet Exorcist Dub] +
  8. Preacher Man [Bonus Beats Dub] +
  9. Preacher Man [Shep’s Instrumental] +
  10. Preacher Man [Alternative 7” Mix] *
  11. Preacher Man [Original 12” Mix]


  1. Long Train Running
  2. Outta Sight
  3. Long Train Running [Alma De Noche Mix]
  4. Long Train Running [The Romany Dance Mix] +
  5. Long Train Running [The Pacha Mix]
  6. Long Train Running [Flamenco Mix] +
  7. Long Train Running [Sparky’s Magic Button Mix]
  8. Long Train Running [Flamenco CD Mix]
  9. Long Train Running [Instrumental] *


  1. Tripping On Your Love [7 Inch]
  2. Tripping On Your Love [Metropolis Mix]
  3. Tripping On Your Love [Euro Trance Mix]
  4. Tripping On Your Love [Indika Dub] +
  5. Tripping On Your Love [Instrumental] +
  6. Tripping On Your Love [Dance Floor Justice Mix]
  7. Tripping On Your Love [We’re All Doved Up Dub] +
  8. Tripping On Your Love [Dance Floor Justice Instrumental] +
  9. Tripping On Your Love [Silky 70s 7” Mix] *
  10. Tripping On Your Love [Silky Dub] +
  11. Tripping On Your Love [Smoove Radio Mix] *
  12. Tripping On Your Love [E-Smoove Chant Mix] +
  13. Tripping On Your Love [Maurice’s Wicked Mix] +
  14. Tripping On Your Love [Maurice’s Dub] +

CD31        MOVIN’ ON

  1. Movin’ On [7-Inch A]
  2. Treat Me Right
  3. Movin’ On [Straight No Chaser]
  4. Movin’ On [Bumpin’ Mix]
  5. Movin’ On [The Spag-A-Nana Dub]
  6. Movin’ On [The ‘Norty’ Banana Mix]
  7. Movin’ On [Original 12” Mix]
  8. Movin’ On [Movin’ Mix]
  9. Movin’ On [Thumpin’ Mix]
  10. Movin’ On [Snappin’ Mix]
  11. Movin’ On [NRG Mix]
  12. Movin’ On [Alternative Reprise] *
  13. Movin’ On [Jumpin’ Dub] *
  14. Movin’ On [Instrumental] +
  15. Message From Bananarama [From Japanese DJ CD]


  1. Last Thing On My Mind
  2. Another Lover
  3. Last Thing On My Mind [FXTC Dub]
  4. Last Thing On My Mind [The Tone Tone Mix]
  5. Last Thing On My Mind [Hi-NRG Mix]
  6. Last Thing On My Mind [Tone’s Instrumental]
  7. Last Thing On My Mind [Xtra NRG Mix]
  8. Last Thing On My Mind [Extended Version]
  9. Last Thing On My Mind [Instrumental] *

CD33        MORE, MORE, MORE

  1. More, More, More [7” Mix]
  2. Give It All Up For Love
  3. More, More, More [12” Mix]
  4. More, More, More [I Can’t Techno More Mix]
  5. More, More, More [Remix Dub]
  6. More, More, More [Original 12” Mix]
  7. More, More, More [Extended Version]
  8. More, More, More [More Tech No Dub]
  9. More, More, More [Album Instrumental] *
  10. More, More, More [7” Instrumental] *

*       Previously unreleased worldwide +       First time on CD worldwide


32 responses to Deal alert / Bananas price for Bananarama 33CD box

  1. Gordon says:

    Out of curiosity, I checked the link just now…..104GBP!!!!! That can’t be right, surely!

  2. Gordon says:

    I got paid today and it was still on sale! YASSSSS!!!!! Bought it (groceries can wait, LOL).

    Thanks Paul and SDE for this deal alert – thanks to you it only cost me a smidge over $70 AUD (anywhere else it would cost me anywhere between $150-$300 AUD – INSANE!)

    And like others have said, I’m hoping the S/A/W box soon follows suit.

  3. Mark Franklin says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul….mine arrived today and it’s a beautiful set with a lot of love put into it.

  4. Fady says:

    That is outrageously good value. I picked it up now for $70 Australian; amazing given the Aussie dollar isn’t travelling so well. Cheers Paul!

  5. Gary C says:

    Crikey, they must have taken delivery of loads, and left if its still there at £40 AND now a bestseller, whatever that means these days…
    Don’t suppose they have any Big Country singles box sets lurking around in the warehouse….thought not

  6. Gordon says:

    GAAAAH! I don’t get paid until next week! (Don’t have a credit card – no bank is foolish enough to give me one, LOL)

    But this deal is what finally motivated me to create an Amazon account – all my Australian options are insane (nearly $200 – and WOWHD nearly $300!!!!!)

    Speaking of WOWHD, their prices were really good early last year but then suddenly went OTT!

    Just a small question about Amazon – I created an account with UK, can I access other country Amazons with the one account or do I need to create a separate account with each country?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      One account will work for all amazons!

    • Griffin says:

      @Gordon, CD Wow or Wow HD was once my fav online store for CD/DVD/Games. But I read online somewhere people said after someone else took over 2015/2016, the prices are higher & bad service (delay on delivery, delay on refund, etc)! Please google it & read the reviews yourself.

      • Terence Delaney says:

        That’s right, always out of stock on new releases, and I’ve bought a few from them over the years, but some things are not the real mccoy also…

  7. mino says:

    Bought it! Thanx Paul!

  8. Philip says:

    Thanks for the alert Paul. Order it as it was on my wishlist for quite some time.

  9. Richard McAllister says:

    I grabbed mine, a bargain me thinks since your average CD single is about £4 (well was last time I looked a few years ago)

  10. edward says:

    have been umming and arrring for awhile on this and now thanks to your alert have gone for it!
    at £1.20 a CD with a great looking box, why not!!?

  11. HS says:

    Amazing deal! But I pre-ordered the day it was announced so I already have it. I felt the Belinda Carlisle box was way too expensive though – I would grab it in a second at that price.

  12. John says:

    What an astounding price for a sumptuous box set! Thank you Paul gratefully.

  13. Simon F says:

    I got this for £49 just before Xmas, which I thought was a great deal, but this is mind blowing! Get it now if you haven’t already

  14. Don says:

    If only the Belinda box would drop so low!!! :)

  15. Halloween Jack says:

    still too expensive for Bananarama ;-)

    • RJSWinchester says:

      Absolutely! If they were giving it away for free I’d pass on it!

      • Straker says:

        Not too smart – You could flog it for @£40 if you hate them that much!

        • SimonP says:

          Good point. I hate T’Pau, too, but wish I’d bought that 3 discer now I see how much it’s selling for!

          • RJSWinchester says:

            A seller has listed it on Amazon for £80. Whether somebody is willing to pay that is a whole different story because unlike say the Stones or Dylan, T’Pau are not particularly collectable.

  16. Nigel says:

    Great, thanks. Grabbed it! Fingers crossed for SAW and Belinda Carlisle box sets!

  17. Ronald says:

    Me too Thanks for the ALERT !!!

  18. Boaz Halachmi says:

    OMG… Thanks Paul for your stunning alerts. Hey… what about an app that sound a siren and show a red flashing light once you release a deal alert? He He..

  19. Steve says:

    Grabbed one! So glad I hung on! Cheers Paul!

  20. Daniel says:

    Could not resist. $53 including postage to US. Ordered!! Thanks!

  21. Adam says:

    Couldn’t pass it up at under US$52 including shipping! Hoping the SAW box reaches the same level one day,

    • england says:

      I was just thinking the same thing… that price would convince me to get it (I only really want the Divine stuff from it).

  22. Carlton says:

    That is a crazy awesome price, and I almost wish I had held out, but I got a decent deal on it ($100 from an Amazon seller), so I don’t feel that left out. It’s a great box–one of the few times I felt like the “problem” was too much rather than not enough, which is the kind of problem I prefer to have.

  23. John says:

    It kills me that I spent £86.41 on this.

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