Deal Alert / Beach Boys: Made in California 6CD deluxe set


Fantastic deal now on Made in California, the six-disc 174-track Beach Boys anthology from last year.

At the time of writing you can pick up this set at the lowest-ever price on Amazon UK of just £44. Absolutely amazing deal. Producer Paul O’Duffy reviewed this set for SDE back in December.

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  1. Barry says:

    The Pet Sounds box was listed for £12.99 again yesterday. Managed to snag a copy (seemingly on back-order) before Amazon’s stocks were exhausted. Not counting chickens until it’s dispatched.

  2. ken says:

    Good while it lasted. The set is now back up to £87 on Amazon UK

  3. Stan Butler says:

    My replacement Disc 3 came within two days of contacting Universal, so get in touch with them if yours has the issues.

  4. ken says:

    This just shows how silly Amazon’s pricing structure is. You can buy the physical set plus mp3 download including the book for £44. To download the mp3 version on its own costs £49. No brainer really.

  5. Sandy says:

    Great price , thanks for the alert . Really enjoy the website , thanks .

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for the alert. Does anyone know if known issues with disc 3 of this set have been corrected or do they remain – hence the price cut?

    • Stan Butler says:

      Matt, as far as I know it’s only the initial pressings that had the “two second” issue. You’ll probably not know until you play the disc.
      However Universal will post you a corrected Disc 3 free of charge if you contact below:

      UK & Ireland
      UK e-mail:
      UK Phone: +44 (0) 845 250 0965

      US & Canada
      Phone: 1-800-288-5942

  7. Gary C says:

    Re All Your Music, thanks for the feedback Dave, I’ve ordered the Under The Skin soundtrack on vinyl, will see how it pans out

  8. Tim H says:

    Still wondering about the Pet Sounds Sessions at £12.99 Steve H?!?

  9. Catweazle says:

    At 56.99 € incl. p+p (in Germany) it’s also reasonably priced on I just ordered it!

  10. Thanks for the ‘heads-up’. I’ve only got it for the rare tracks but it’s still worth it at that price.

  11. Paul Ward says:

    Just ordered from Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Gary C says:

    Are the items listed on All Your Music brand new?
    Some of the prices seem very low, and some of the stuff listed like hens teeth to find, ie Becks latest on vinyl

    • DaveDogFacedBoy says:

      I got the Ann Peebles ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ vinyl reissue from All Your Music for £12 incl delivery – brand new. as was the mono ‘Safe as Milk’ I got for a mate’s birthday. Quick shipping and cheap – job done.

  13. DaveDogFacedBoy says:

    Damn you SDE, that money was going towards my kid’s kidney operation!

    Not really, it was a liver transplant

  14. Stan Butler says:

    Got a copy last month from All Your Music for £33.

    • bob says:

      Hi Stan, what is all your music? Never heard of it.

      • John says:

        Big eBay seller.

      • Stan Butler says:

        All Your Music is a leading seller on Amazon Market Place. Dispatched from the US. I use it regularly and never had a problem. The Beach Boys set was sealed and in pristine condition.

        Unlike Amazon, they don’t squash the spines of your deluxe digipacks into a package designed for a single jewel case.

        I managed to get hold of the Judas Priest Complete Albums collection from them last year for £29. Ok I had to pay £1.26 postage but still a good deal.

  15. John Ireland says:

    I just had to snag this at this price. Thanks for the alert.

  16. SteveH says:

    And Pet Sounds Sessions has dropped to £12.99 !!

  17. Jim says:

    Great deal. Came to just over £40 including postage Downunder. $75 Australian when best in Australia is $160. Thanks.

  18. Hedley says:

    Nice one Paul…just under 40 pounds shipped to Detroit Michigan. About half the current price

    Thank you very much.

    Come on England

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