Deal alert / Blondie: Pollinator 7″ box

Blondie‘s recently announced Pollinator album is available in a massive array of formats on their official store, but fans after the seven-inch box set variant will save money by picking it up from Amazon UK.

This is because the set is just over £30 on Amazon, almost 25% cheaper than on the official store. There are also likely to be savings on postage, depending on where you are in the world and whether or not you’re an Amazon Prime member.


The box set is a ‘stand up’ design with a lift-off lid. It comes with six seven-inch vinyl records and art cards. Since it’s an 11-track album the B-side of the last single (technically ‘side L’) has an etched design. This comes with a download code, as well.

Update: Price now increased on Amazon UK, but there are other options (see below)


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Pollinator [6 x Vinyl Boxset + 6 x Art Cards + Download Code] [VINYL]



Vinyl Single 1
A. Doom or Destiny
B. Long Time

Vinyl Single 2
C. Already Naked
D. Fun

Vinyl Single 3
E. My Monster
F. Best Day Ever

Vinyl Single 4
G. Gravity
H. When I Gave Up On You

Vinyl Single 5
I. Love Level
J. Too Much

Vinyl Single 6
K. Fragments
L. Etched Design

30 responses to Deal alert / Blondie: Pollinator 7″ box

  1. Darren Sumner says:

    Orderd this from from the bundle section. Not a bad price

  2. Peter Nicholas says:

    Wasn’t sure whether to order or not, but listened to Fun for the first time, love it, far better than some other stuff that’s out so have gone and ordered the 7″ box. Thanks for another great deal Paul.

  3. Iain Hotchkies says:

    Hmmm.. like many people on this site, I’m often torn when I see something like this. Part of me (the collector, hoarder part) says YES!, and part of me (the sensible, How much do you really the 2017 version of Blondie? part) says OH, COME ON!

    For a fan, I guess this is a no-brainer.

    For someone, like me, who liked the band in the late 70s, who’s still interested in music, who collects stuff, bearing in mind the ballooning amount of ‘collectible’ stuff on offer these days, it’s a tougher decision.

    I looked long and hard at the official site, the other day, at all the options.

    Seeing as I have, yet again, inexplicably, failed to win the lottery this week, I will pass.

    However, if enough people buy my novel (which, oddly, features a lot of music references) – search for My Circus, My Monkeys (by Phil Trum) on Amazon – then I might be able to afford more stuff like this Blondie 7″ set. haha.

  4. Derek Langsford says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is a total waste of resources? More vinyl (oil) and more packaging (trees) for the privilege of arguably poorer sound quality than the LP, hearing the songs with extended breaks between, and having to turn over or change the 7″ records every 3 to 4 minutes? It’s a collectable – if they make it, some will buy? Sorry my cynicism is hard to keep down on this one.

  5. MiG says:

    Aren’t those albums in the (really horribly, transparently fake) image above?

  6. Trev says:

    Heard the Single On Radio 2 Today. Great Single. Many Thanks Paul Just Ordered

  7. Brad says:

    Apparently the CD has a hidden track “Tonight” featuring Laurie Anderson. So that does not appear in the 7″ box.

  8. Brad says:

    “the B-side of the last single”

    Um… shouldn’t that be the BEE-side?

  9. bertielego says:

    I confirm here the collector appeal.
    I am still very found of my 15x 7inch box set of Phil Collins’ Going Back.
    That said, for the aforementioned Going Back box set, that made much sense conceptually. The the 15 covers being adapted designs from classic 60’s Motown covers…

    • Mike the Fish says:

      I had a look at that link, I’m not keen on that album at all but that is a really nice looking set.

  10. Tyrone says:

    Prodigy “Invaders must Die” has a fantastic 7″ set. £30

    • Adam says:

      The difference is that the Prodigy box (a) has orange vinyl, and (b) comes with a bonus CD with exclusive content, and a DVD.

      Franz Ferdinand’s “Tonight” comes in a 7″ box as well, along with an early version of the “Blood” remix album (missing the eventual last track, weirdly) and a spectacular exclusive DVD that has, among other things, the band members commenting on the album while listening to it in a four panel split-screen – you can choose which band member to listen to by changing the audio source.

      This box has no exclusive music or video at all, so…? (OK, you do get the etching and art cards.)

  11. Andrew Mogford says:

    Plus the improved sound quality from an 45 RPM disc – hence the double 45 RPM pressing you can find of some albums.

    That said I can’t personally see the attraction of 7″s and never could……….

    • Mike the Fish says:

      Not really, it’s cut so close to the end of the side – often more so than the 12″ counterpart – and with less disc diameter to cut in. It’s a daft format for an album, unless you’ve got a jukebox and like 30 second gaps between songs. I bought one out of intrigue (and mainly because somebody said it was so inconvenient as the first track/side was so short), and I barely play it.

    • Paul Wren says:

      Interestingly, 7″ 45’s are generally regarded over the years as sounding fairly poor due to the thinner quality of the vinyl. Mind you, up till about eight years ago when I stopped buying them, many new 7″ singles were being pressed on thicker vinyl!

  12. Trevor says:

    Thanks Paul. You are right, this is most definitely a great collector’s item. I already pre-ordered last night alas as part of the ‘bundle’ on the official website.

  13. John says:

    You have DEBBIE freakin’ HARRY in the band and THIS is what you choose for the cover?!

  14. Friso Pas says:

    Never understood the attraction from an album spread over several 7″ records.

  15. Marshall says:

    A download code for the etched design? How’d they do that?!

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