Deal alert / Bon Jovi The Albums LP box

The previously announced Bon Jovi The Albums vinyl box now has its exact contents confirmed and is significantly cheaper than anywhere else on Amazon UK right now.

While in no way ‘cheap’, this 24LP collection (which includes the yet-to-be-issued new album This House Is Not For Sale) is £198 on Amazon UK a cool £150 cheaper than Universal are selling it via their Sound Of Vinyl store! Also American fans should note that once the UK tax (VAT) is deducted – and thanks to a favourable exchange rate – the price for you (or other non-EU countries) when ordering from Amazon in the UK is $194 + shipping. In the USA it’s $467!!!!

The sub-£200 UK price works out at just over £8 per vinyl record. Incidentally, the box has a new 2LP issue of New Jersey and includes both Jon Bon Jovi solo albums and a rarities ‘Extras’ LP.

Bon Jovi The Albums 24LP vinyl box will be issued on 10 February 2017.

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Bon Jovi

The Albums [VINYL]



In the box:

24xLP vinyl box set in 2-part rigid slipcase

1. Bon Jovi (1984) | 1xLP
2. 7800o Fahrenheit (1985) | 1xLP
3. Slippery When Wet (1986) | 1xLP
4. New Jersey (1988) | 2xLP **new double-LP format
5. Keep The Faith (1992) | 2xLP
6. These Days (1995) | 2xLP
7. Crush (2000) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
8. Bounce (2002) | 1xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
9. Have A Nice Day (2005) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
10. Lost Highway (2007) | 1xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
11. The Circle (2009) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
12. What About Now (2013) | 2xLP **previously unreleased on vinyl
13. This House Is Not For Sale (2016) | 1xLP
14. Blaze Of Glory (1990) (Jon Bon Jovi)
15. Destination Anywhere (1997) (Jon Bon Jovi) **previously unreleased on vinyl
16. Extras | 1xLP – rarities disc comprised of bonus tracks from 2000-2007 **previously unreleased on vinyl


17 responses to Deal alert / Bon Jovi The Albums LP box

  1. James A Gates says:

    UPDATE: Burning Bridges IS included in this package as per the picture on Amazon UK

  2. Rob says:

    This is now £377 on Amazon!!

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  4. Cristina says:

    Thanks for the heads up, Paul. Ordered from as it’s not available yet on .es

  5. Brad Hecht says:

    Thanks for spotting this deal! I appreciate the heads up!

  6. James A Gates says:

    I count 23 pieces above….maybe Burning Bridges is included?

  7. Charlie Waffles says:

    I only count 23 lp’s.

  8. Steven says:

    Presumably Burning Bridges was left out because it’s an odds ‘n sods comp rather than a true studio album…

  9. Jamie C says:

    Does anyone know if these albums are going to be issued separately, not really bothered about any of the post-2000 albums, but the first five are excellent..

    • Fer says:

      Same here, just interested in the first 6 albums plus Blaze of Glory. I did the math based on the prices listed on the Universal website and is close to $ 200 USD if I buy those 7 records, so I think I will order the box set which (for the US) is just over $200 right now.

      I’m sure they’ll release the individual albums but there’s always a chance they won’t, like it happened with some of the albums included in INXS’ All the Voices box set, at least I was never able to put my hands on those. Although I also think that JBJ wouldn’t let that happen ($)

      Thanks Paul for the heads up and for the great job you’re doing with SDE

  10. Stuart Russell says:

    Still confused about Burning Bridges not being included, especially as they ‘jump’ over it and include the new album. Surely as it’s a Bon Jovi collection it’s a more relevant inclusion than either solo record?

    • Jamie C says:

      They haven’t included Crossroads either, probably because they’re compilations or maybe something to do with it being a “contractual obligation” album.

  11. Zane Richardson says:

    Great find Paul I am tempted. In your opinion do you think this will drop soon after release to about £200 anyway?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hard to say. Vinyl box sets do tend to drop over time, but the fact that Universal are pricing this at £350 suggests under £200 could be a one-off bargain that will never be repeated! It’s a massive box at 24 LPs!

  12. karl says:

    Thanks Paul. Ordered for a great price.

  13. Bridge says:

    Got it!
    Even at the exchange rate for Canada (works out to $273CAN all in), its still half what is selling it for. Now, for the duty…

  14. Douglas says:

    Strangely, the cover art reminds me of Boris Johnson as caricatured by Peter Brookes in _The Times_.

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