Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection, vol 1 / 8CD box

Brilliant price for a brilliant box set. Bruce Springsteen‘s The Album Collection Vol 1 (1973-1984), is an 8CD box that contains remastered versions of all his studio album from that 11-year period…

It’s available right now for less than £20 on Amazon UK, which is a giveaway price for such a brilliant collection of albums.

Note: If you don’t see £19.99 on the homepage, check “other sellers on Amazon”…


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Springsteen, Bruce

The Albums Collection Vol. 1 (1973-1984) [CD]




25 responses to Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection, vol 1 / 8CD box

  1. Philip Cohen says:

    My set arrived today (15th June 2016) in perfect condition from At least, with this low-priced offer, made good and delivered the goods.

  2. Paul Mac says:

    Mine arrived today, thanks again for the heads-up on this one. Even though I have all the Springsteen albums up as far as The Rising on the Japanese mini-LP CD releases, had to snap this up at the price to get a listen to the re-mastered versions. I see it’s currently back up to £45 on Amazon!

  3. Steve says:

    It was out of stock butthey filled and shipped the order now for £16 plus shipping!

  4. Phil Cohen says:

    Thanks. Even though I had unofficial downloads of those remasters, I am a “Physical Product” collector who likes having the booklet and packaging. Generally, I don’t buy remasters that don’t have bonus tracks, but at that price, I couldn’t resist. I assume that will eventually get the set in stock again. I’ve got nothing to lose if they don’t eventually deliver the goods. Thanks for the links.

  5. moops says:

    Even though it shows “out of stock”, Amazon UK will still honor the 19.99 price if the order is placed, they did the same with the vinyl box when it was going cheap.

    • Paul Kent says:

      Thanks moops. I’ve just ordered now and it says out of stock but still quotes £19.99. They will notify me when they have a delivery date. Never really heard a note of Bruce, apart from the obvious hits, so this a great, cheap way for me to investigate further.

  6. Richie says:

    I paid £25 for mine a while ago and would have paid more. The thing is I’ve enjoyed listening to them for all this time, this is something you have to weigh up when buying these box sets/special editions early.

    Anyhow keep up the great work Paul!

  7. Miguel Rocha says:

    Shipping to Canada under £20! Just a shame it doesn’t include Tunnel of Love but, really, for that price, who’s complaining?! Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Robert Fitzpatrick says:

    I actually did not own any of his albums till this deal came along ! thanks for the heads up.

  9. Mad Earwig says:

    Great set of timeless albums at the price…
    but I’m hoping Sony will soon drop the price of the other Bruce box set ‘the ties that bind’ as it is still £70 everywhere.
    Even though it’s a good set and the out takes are superb, I struggle to justify £70 on a 1980 album that I had bought previously on vinyl then CD already.
    Please let us know Paul!

  10. Sean Rogers says:

    Wow 2nd deal you have found for me in as many months. First the Foghat box set, now this one. It’s $80 in Canada. Shipped from UK, it cost me $37!!! They’re out of stock, but are still honouring the deal!! Thanks dude!

  11. DJ Control says:

    Thanks Paul. Got one though it’s now temporarily out of stock.

  12. Paul Wren says:

    £35 now.

  13. karl says:

    I ordered it right away on my samsung s6 at that brilliant price just 5min ago and now the price has doubled haha…you gotta be fast!
    Thank you Paul

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Actually the deal is still LIVE. Just look at “Other Sellers on Amazon” on the right and you’ll see Amazon still selling for £19.99

      • Sean Rogers says:

        Yes…and when I got to the checkout it went down to £16.99! Shipping to Canada still put me under £20!!!

  14. Simon says:

    Great spot, Paul. I ordered straight away too. Been waiting for this to drop back down from £35 after missing the £17.99 deal a couple of months ago. Added a 17p pair of plastic tweezers to take me above £20 and qualify for Amazon’s free postage – a saving of £4.75!

  15. Nigel says:

    I bought a similar box set for £15 a few years ago, not re-mastered but perfectly fine.

  16. John says:

    Ordered straight away!
    Thanks for the Deal alert!

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