Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The River Collection 4CD + 2 x blu-ray


Best price to date for the 4CD+ 2 x blu-ray edition of Bruce Springsteen‘s superb The Ties That Bind: The River Collection, which was released right at the end of last year.

Like the Darkness on the Edge of Town/The Promise deluxe, this set is INCREDIBLE. As well as the remastered The River double album, it includes the first official release of The River: Single Album, a 22-track CD called The River: Outtakes, and the two blu-rays include new documentaries, multi-camera footage from Springsteen’s 1980 show in Tempe, Arizona and rare tour rehearsal footage. The 5 November Arizona gig alone runs for 2 hours, 40 minutes.

The packaging is superb as it comes in a 148-page hardcover book. All this great content is just £45 (€59) at the time of writing from Amazon France.


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Springsteen, Bruce

The Ties That Bind: The River Collection


Disc: 1 / The River 
1. The Ties That Bind
2. Sherry Darling
3. Jackson Cage
4. Two Hearts
5. Independence Day
6. Hungry Heart
7. Out In The Street
8. Crush On You
9. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
10. I Wanna Marry You
11. The River

Disc: 2 / The River
1. Point Blank
2. Cadillac Ranch
3. I’m A Rocker
4. Fade Away
5. Stolen Car
6. Ramrod
7. The Price You Pay
8. Drive All Night
9. Wreck On The Highway

Disc: 3 / The River: Single Album
1. The Ties That Bind
2. Cindy
3. Hungry Heart
4. Stolen Car
5. Be True
6. The River
7. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
8. The Price You Pay
9. I Wanna Marry You
10. Loose End

Disc: 4 / The River: Outtakes
1. Meet Me In The City
2. The Man Who Got Away
3. Little White Lies
4. The Time That Never Was
5. Night Fire
6. Whitetown
7. Chain Lightning
8. Party Lights
9. Paradise By The C
10. Stray Bullet
11. Mr. Outside
12. Roulette
13. Restless Nights
14. Where The Bands Are
15. Dollhouse
16. Living On The Edge Of The World
17. Take ’em As They Come
18. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own
19. I Wanna Be With You
20. Mary Lou
21. Held Up Without A Gun
22. From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)

Blu-Ray Content:

Blu-ray Disc 1
The Ties That Bind (Documentary)

Blu-ray Disc 2
The River Tour, Tempe 1980 – Concert Part 1

1. “Born to Run”
2. “Prove It All Night”
3. “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out”
4. “Jackson Cage”
5. “Two Hearts”
6. “The Promised Land”
7. “Out in the Street”
8. “The River”
9. “Badlands”
10. “Thunder Road”
11. “No Money Down”
12. “Cadillac Ranch”
13. “Hungry Heart”
14. “Fire”
15. “Sherry Darling”
16. “I Wanna Marry You”
17. “Crush on You”
18. “Ramrod”
19. “You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)”

The River Tour, Tempe 1980 – Concert Part 2

1. “Drive All Night”
2. “Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)”
3. “I’m A Rocker”
4. “Jungleland”
5. “Detroit Medley”
6. “Where The Bands Are (Credits)”

BONUS: The River Tour Rehearsals

– Ramrod
– Cadillac Ranch
– Fire
– Crush On You
– Sherry Darling

12 responses to Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The River Collection 4CD + 2 x blu-ray

  1. CHDX says:

    It just lost another 9 Euros, dropping to 50,83 ( £41,99) and shipping from july 6th!

  2. Enrico G. says:

    No shipping to Italy?

  3. Mad Earwig says:

    Amazon UK have been £69.99 for ages, it dropped to £62.99 yesterday and today it is £79.99 which is way too high for a 1980 album!

    Looks like a bit of a scam to me

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  5. BritinDetroit says:

    Not sure this is Brexit worthy – I am stalking

  6. gogandmagog says:

    mhhhh, from my view outside UK and EU, the sterling pound is already going down and making cheaper to buy in Amazon UK.
    A benefit for UK export business and us buying …bad for UK citizens, less purchasing power

    • Ralph says:

      Hurrah! Been waiting on an affordable price for this! And it’s the Blu Ray too! You’ve cheered me up no end. Oh and the Zep vinyl arrived today too! Thanks so much

  7. IainM says:

    Good price on Neil Young’s Storytone on French Amazon, I imagine shouldn’t make difference to delivery price (but not sure) if your buying the Springsteen set

  8. Frank says:

    Since Brexit my whole record buying experience in the UK is one, never ending Deal Alert! Perhaps the only benefit for the Euro countries….

  9. Paul Murphy says:

    Many thanks Paul. Shame it wasn’t yesterday, before the pound went down faster than Andrew Ridgeley’s solo career.

  10. AFGreenwood says:

    we’d better make the most of being able to buy from France etc. before the customs borders lock down!

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