Deal alert / David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town / 11CD box set

Santa has come early as Amazon in the UK offer the CD edition one of the best box sets of 2017 – David Bowie‘s A New Career In A New Town for a stunningly good price.

The box offers remastered editions of Bowie’s seminal ‘Berlin Trilogy’ – Low, Heroes and Lodger – along with Scary Monsters and Super Creeps, a newly remixed Lodger, the Recall:3 compilation of singles and rarities, both variants of live album Stage and more! Everything is exquisitely packaged in Japanese-style vinyl replica CDs and this comes with a hardcover book. It’s just £65 right now on the UK site . Incidentally, the 13LP vinyl version is £150 and the Who Can I Be Now? CD box is £75.

A note on the “Heroes” issues. Any boxes ordered now will have the old disc and buyers will need to email the label for replacements.

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David Bowie

ANCIANT 11CD box set


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David Bowie

Who Can I Be Now? 12CD box set


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David Bowie

ANCIANT 13 vinyl LP box set


106 responses to Deal alert / David Bowie: A New Career In A New Town / 11CD box set

  1. Tim says:

    Hi Paul,

    Have you heard any news on the replacement discs for ’Heroes’? I haven’t yet received mine, and have been waiting for it since the end of January 2018. Tried to Email the record company but did not receive a reply.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  2. Dean Taylor says:

    Bit of a mixed bag today.. was hoping for my cd set today only to get a email from amazon informing me that they had received my return and my refund was complete??….
    don’t remember sending it back…been waiting since Christmas Eve . No point wasting my time talking to them so have just ordered from HMV. On a plus note my replacement cd is on its way but no word on the vinyl.. has anyone received there vinyl copy yet or maybe there just not ready yet w would like to know how the corrected track / album sounds if anyone has played it yet.

  3. Federico says:

    Warner Music contacted me Yesterday about the replacement cd…Got an order number…and thanks Paul for the help you gave us about this replacement :)

  4. stephen king says:

    Finally had an email regarding my replacements so at least know that they have got the request. Has anyone actually listened to the amended issue and noticed a difference?

  5. Adey says:

    Amazon have now made the boxset price “exclusive for prime members”, so looks like its goodbye amazon, hello hmv!!

  6. Dean Taylor says:

    Thanks Steve … enjoy your set..

  7. Steve Barrett says:

    Hi Dean, Ordered from Amazon on 25thDec 17 and arrived yesterday! Good Luck

  8. Tony Cannings says:

    Aha. Now I’ve had an email with case number, very similar to the ones Trash said he got. Seems it got through even though I got an error message. Thanks for your messages.

  9. Dean Taylor says:

    All good now ..sent new messages without my silly spelling mistake and a new one for my cd box (great jod on the alert Paul,thank you)
    Have confirmation on both..this site is a god send. Thanks to all .
    Ps… still waiting on amazon for the cd box , ordered on the 24.12.17..supposedly here tomorrow.. but I’m starting to think not, any one else having a delay?

  10. Trash says:

    Just had two emails from Warners (I bought the Cd and Vinyl sets) acknowledging my original email and giving me a case number for each claim.
    They said they are working through the claims and will send another email when the replacements are ready for sending – so I guess it will be a while yet.

  11. Adey says:

    Sorry meant to say “its back to £64.99 at hmv and amazon”

  12. Adey says:

    Its £64.99 at hmv and amazon. Amazon states back in stock on 10th january.
    I’ve just read the product description on amazon, and it states that the fault on heroes isn’t a fault etc…
    Does anybody know, is this some kind of disclsimer, in order to let parlophone refuse to replace discs on more recently bought sets?

  13. Dean Taylor says:

    Still waiting for a reply and my vinyl copy … has anyone received a lp replacement yet,
    Like Tony when I originally sent my email I had a similar reply about rejected message. Maybe I should try again.

  14. Tony Cannings says:

    I emailed them on 9 December and have heard nothing at all. I got both LP and CD sets. Just tried to use the same email to enquire on progress and got this back: rejected your message to the following email addresses:
    ‘ (‘

    Any ideas anyone, please?

  15. Guy says:

    @Jim Breeds, to what email / link did you send that info ? I sent to the email address Paul provided, but not acknowledgement or disk received. And info is gratefully received ! Cheers, Guy

  16. Jim Breeds says:

    Just to note that Warner Music acknowledged my request for a replacement Heroes disk within a couple of working days of my request. They sent me an order number.

  17. Daniel says:

    Just wanted to say I received my NCIANT box today in Florida from Amazon UK and love it! The detail on the sleeves and content is remarkable. Also, I got the email conf today of my replacement Heroes disc!! Very good purchase!!!!

  18. Richard John says:

    So i guess it’s new year, no sales as it’s now 95 quid on amazon again. Oh well.

  19. Matt says:

    Just ordered Bowie Who Can I Be Now vinyl for £131.82. Great price considering this one won’t be around for much like longer before going OOP.

  20. Alan says:

    Yep, excellent eBay offer. I got a rare Kathryn Joseph white vinyl LP with newspaper supplement etc for only £19.

    Only problem is I used the code on that offer, and it doesn’t seem to be eligible any more. Perhaps I should have put everything I wanted in my basket and had it all as one order ? Oh well.

  21. Kristan Reed says:

    eBay currently offering 20% off everything today until 6pm GMT using code PNY2018. I bagged Who Can I Be Now for £131.82 with free postage as a result, and cancelled my Amazon order. Best price ever?

    • Chris Squires says:

      Thank You Kristan

      Just saved 20% off The Who Studio Albums which I had been watching for quite a while, so glad I didn’t bite two weeks ago, you just saved me a bundle. Ta!

      That’s two “heads-up” posts from Scott and Kristan that have saved me about £100 in two days.
      I just love this place, it’ll ruin me.

  22. Kauwgompie says:

    I scored the Suede Dog Man Star box! Thought it was out of print, may be just a small quantity they found somewhere? £94, which is lowest price I have ever seen since wanting to buy this.

    Also the Fun Living Criminals signed boxset is available again for £47. Paul put a deal alert out for this a few weeks ago but it was sold out in 15 mins.

  23. Paul Soper says:

    HMV UK stores are selling the box for £64.99.

    I saw two copies in the Poole store today.

  24. Chris Lancaster says:

    In case anyone is interested, there’s currently reductions on most things on the official Parlophone Bowie store. White vinyl No Plan with lithograph is just £31.44!!

    • Kevin M says:

      You could buy six beautifully remastered Brian Eno albums on CD in HMV for that £31.44 :)

      • Chris Lancaster says:

        Kevin, I already have all the remastered Eno albums!

        • Kevin M says:

          Great stuff. I was having a bit of a jest about the price of that No Plan, although the Eno remasters are of course fab bargains to be grabbed while they’re still in print and easy to get.

  25. Andy P says:

    HMV now showing the ‘New Career’ Bowie box set as ‘sold out’ – hence the price on Amazon UK has returned to £99.99

  26. Adey says:

    ….i also added electric dreams 3cd set as was a bargain at £4.99!

  27. Adey says:

    Just letting anyone know who is unaware, you can still pay £20 into your amazon topup account before new year and amazon will add an extra £5 for free!
    I just bought the urban hymns box worked out at £29.99!!!

  28. Andrew M says:

    Cheers for the Urban Hymns heads-up! Didn’t want to bite at full price but gone for it now – a good week as already got The Wall, Venus and Mars, and Ram on vinyl!

    Happy Christmas Paul – I can honestly say my love of music has been enhanced and extended by your work here. This is a belated wish but its extended to your whole family and with best wishes for 2018.

  29. Aaron says:

    Did anyone else me see the listen to me #bowieteaser yesterday? Could this be an early announcement for the next box!?

    • Bassel hassouna says:

      I doubt its an anouncement for next box. These usually come in August. My guess would be a let’s dance reissue (35 years if not mistaken) .

    • Eamonn says:

      No, do you have a link?

      I also see Dylan Jones’ recent Bowie book is only £6.99 in hardback format on amazon.

  30. Dean says:

    I’m glad people are buying this. They’ll find that the constant complaints about the mastering have been overblown (once we get the Heroes replacement).

  31. Daniel says:

    Yes…57 GBP total posted to US (though exchange is not as good anymore)! This was my favorite Bowie period so ordered yesterday!! Thanks!!

  32. paolo says:

    I wonder if they’ll ever print a version of this box with the replacement disc. Soon the individual releases will be available, and I guess these box sets are meant to be limited runs, so what would be the point of repressing the entire box?

    • Dean says:

      Why would they repress the entire box? There’s one serious issue, on one album. So just replace that. The single CD releases will soon be out, and even if people miss the return process, they’ll be able to buy a fixed Heroes for £5 or less.

      • Kevin M says:

        Dean: the last three single CD remasters, Diamond Dogs, Young Americans and Station to Station, were £10 each in all London stores on release date and subsequently increased to more. Where did you see them for £5?

        • paolo says:

          Here in Italy they were around 15 € when released, then decreased at around 10 €. I expect the same for the next batch.

        • Dean says:

          Diamond dogs is currently £5. Young Americans is £7, and secondhand is £5. Station to Station is indeed more expensive at £12, secondhand at £8 right now. Those are Amazon prices, I haven’t checked Ebay.

          I didn’t record a detailed up and down since their release. My point is, even if people miss the replacement program, they won’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a replacement cheaply. These are CD prices, by the way, I’ve no interest in Vinyl.

  33. Lenny says:

    Cheers Paul. 57.75 posted to Aus. bargain. Merry Christmas

  34. Giovanni says:

    Out of stock now but brought it

  35. Greg says:

    Too good an opportunity to miss out on! Ordered!
    Thanks Paul!

  36. Mark McKendrick says:

    Cheers Paul…
    Proper price, bagged a box.

  37. Jim Breeds says:

    Wow. Than ks Paul! I’ve been tempted by this several times and couldn’t resist this price! Even better, when I clicked through to Amazon Prime they offered me a £5 bonus if I top up my account by £50! So I did, and then immediately spent the £55 value on this order meaning that I just got this set for £59.99! Happy Christmas indeed! And to you and all SDE-ers.

  38. Steve Redford says:

    I emailed 2 weeks ago for replacements , still waiting to hear

  39. Andy B says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for the heads up Paul. I’ve been pondering getting this for a while but put off by the ‘Heroes’ issue. Now ordered.

  40. Stevie B says:

    Many thanks for the alert Paul. Ordered, although I would like to have got it from an HMV store but I don’t want to wait until late next week when I can next get to one, in case they’ve none left or the price has risen.

  41. Chris Lancaster says:

    And only £74.99 for Who Can I Be Now? on Amazon UK at the moment — not quite as cheap as ANCIANT, but still cheap!

  42. Tracey says:

    Wow! Great prices for both NCIANT and Urban Hymns box sets! Sometimes patience pays off…but not always. It’s hard to judge whether to make a purchase upon release or wait for the price to drop and run the risk of losing out because of a smaller production run (i.e. TFF, Big Country BBC, Dead or Alive, Oasis etc.)

    • Chris Squires says:

      To me that’s all part of the game. When to leap?
      I missed out on the Cheap Xmas Donald Fagen UK first price of £73, I dithered and leapt at £77 just before launch “wondering” out loud whether to go now or wait until post launch. Glad I didn’t delay too much as it is £89, give or take, but it could have just as easily been £63 in the weeks after launch. Then the worry is will there be a lightning SDE deal alert for, say, £48 or will it sail inexorably up into the £100s.
      Not that I ever have, but I imagine it’s a bit like dabbling at the lower end of the stock market. When to leap in and when to stay out and we all have our price where “over-priced” becomes “decent value” and draws us in… like Flowers in the dirt…

  43. Federico says:

    Got it !!! Thank you Paul!

  44. Simon says:

    Did anyone who emailed the record company to request a replacement Heroes CD receive any acknowledgement? Wasn’t expecting a personalised reply but had hoped for an automatic response to say my request had been lodged after sending the details and proof of purchase to the specified address.

    • Peter says:

      I sent my first request in on 8th December, heard nothing, sent 2nd request in last week, heard nothing.

      No idea on what criteria they are handling these requests, on the DB blogs many are saying they have received theirs. They come in plain covers. bUT also many complaint they have heard nothing!!

  45. George says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. Is there a link for return instructions for the Heroes disc?

  46. Steve doyle says:

    Just got this @Amazon uk…fairport convention box set come all ye for £34.99

    • Chris says:

      Thanks Steve, been waiting for this to drop in price!

    • Alan says:

      Good tip, thanks. Actually bought the Fairport Convention box from HMV at the same price as they also have free postage and I wanted to give the business to someone other than Amazon.

  47. Andy P says:

    As with some other deals this year, the price reduction is Amazon UK responding to HMV’s discount.

  48. fatherchristmas13 says:

    i think £65 should have been the rrp –
    i’ve bought 3 rhino box sets recently for about £22 each (tim buckley, wilson pickett & dr john) – all with more far more albums, better remastering & the only thing missing was quality of the packaging – but not £45 more of extra packaging. that’s the only thing going for this over getting older masters. i actually think even the 1999 emi’s are on a par, if not slightly better, in terms of sound (although scary monsters from this set isn’t too bad, and stage is ok).

  49. Graham says:

    Paul thanks a lot for the notification on this and for all the work that you out into your fantastic site during the year. Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas and New Year

  50. John says:

    And now it’s back to £64.99 again…

  51. John says:

    Received the email at 3:13 and opened it a few minutes ago (4:45). And yup, price has gone up to £83.05 in less than 2 hours. I’ll probably never understand how Amazon’s pricing policy works…

  52. Steve says:

    Stop doing this to me Paul! Seriously, thanks for the great work on this site.

  53. Pete Muscutt says:

    £12 rather!! I was overselling it by a whole quid there….

  54. Pete Muscutt says:

    Thanks also for the deal on the Prince – Purple Rain expanded edition – I’ve been debating whether to grab it, but £13 for three CDs and a live DVD is a no-brainer really! Merry Xmas to all!

  55. Keith Lambert says:

    Cheers Paul, duly ordered! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas……

  56. fatherchristmas13 says:

    still over-priced, for the quality of the mastering on offer.
    you can find rkyo or pre-1999 emi cd’s of all the albums for under £20, and the sound is significantly better. the box and covers are nice, but then you could spend that other £45 on some other music instead.
    this set clearly hasn’t gone down too well with the public with that price drop, especially with the vinyl coming down too – that’s more than just a quick sale for christmas – that’s trying to off-load too much stock.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      We can debate the mastering, but £65 really isn’t ‘overpriced’ for this set.

      • Kevin M says:

        £130 for a stellar set would be better than £65 for a flawed one.
        It’s David Bowie.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          They’ve fixed the main problem. Virtually everything else is subjective arguments over mastering etc. This set is stellar, for me.

          • Kevin M says:

            Of course that’s up to you and fine. But the fact remains if the minor faults on songs songs like Neuköln, Red Sails and African Night Flight were on more iconic songs, or on say a Beatles remaster, there would in my opinion be widespread outrage, and a proper recall or replacement programme, and very little hammering of people like me who are bothered by them. It’s an insult to hardcore Bowie fans who hold those songs in just as high esteem as the iconic “Heroes” title track, and who were looking forward hugely to this set just like everybody else, and spent a wadge of cash on it. None of us wanted to be unhappy, none of us. But some of us love, love, love those three songs as much as “Heroes”. THAT is the problem, and the unforgivable insult, to us and to Bowie’s 1977-1982 music covered by this set.

    • Molly says:

      IMHO Ryko Cd’s are not better than 2017’s… They are tinny and bass free.

    • Nass Khan says:

      Do you actually own this box set?

  57. Alastair says:

    Thanks Santa Sinclair. That’s my Christmas money spent in advance.

  58. Rob says:

    Thanks Paul, Happy Christmas!

  59. Gary Ashton says:

    Thanks Paul, just placed my order at this great price ….!

  60. Martin says:

    Cheers Paul – lovely addition to the CD box. Will order replacement CD.

    Has anyone had their replacement vinyl yet?

  61. KevinK says:

    A few other reductionss on Amazon UK at the moment: Def Leopard – Hysteria 7 disc box is £55, Purple Rain Deluxe is £12, Verve – Urban Hymns 6 disc set is £35.

    • Joe says:

      Thanks Kevin, I was waiting on The Verve to drop

      • Klaus says:

        Got the Bowie-box for EUR 85 and the “Urban Hymns”-Box for EUR 40 as part of the 3-for-2 deals in early december and am still happy with that. No need to get excited maybe saving 3 EUR more now but have to send the already purchased boxes back to their sellers to get the savings. Merry Christmas to Ebenezer Scrooge and whoever else is reading this. :-)

  62. John Murray says:

    This MUST be my last purchase of 2017….! Must stop buying stuff NOW…..

    Thanks for all your great work again this year Paul.

  63. Gerbrand says:

    Nice Christmas present. Thanks, Paul!

  64. Dean Taylor says:

    Thanks Paul… just grabbed one… yes a fantastic set … now please go and enjoy you Christmas..

  65. Leo says:

    Just ordered it from a week ago…….damn!

    • Pascal says:

      You can claim a refund at Amazon due to the price drop within 14 days after purchase.
      Or you can return the previous order and grab this one instead.

      • Leo says:

        Thanks for the tip! I can try that but the box has already been sent. It was on the website but it was another company that used the site.

        • Pascal says:

          In my opinion you ALWAYS have the right to return an item and get a full refund. However it depends on the reseller who pays the cost of postage for return. But you can always give it a try.
          I recently had an issue with a reseller offering an item at a much lower price shortly after I purchased it. When contacting the reseller twice and asking for a partial refund I got no response at all unfortunately. When I adressed this lack of response to Amazon I got a full refund of the total amount paid without having to return the item in question.

  66. Pim says:

    Ordered! To get or no to get the vinyl one as well right now, that’s the question…

  67. Richard says:

    Thanks Paul,just bagged the David Bowie box set’New Career’for an incredible £65,wow!
    Have a great Christmas!

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