Deal alert / David Bowie: Five Years 1969-1973 vinyl box set

Save £40 on the UK price of David Bowie‘s Five Years 1969-1973 VINYL box set by pre-ordering from Amazon Italy.

The 13LP box set is £185 on Amazon UK but the same set is just €197 or around £140 on the Italian site. This means that each each 180g vinyl record is just over £10.

SDE TIP! When shopping on European Amazons, use the Google Chrome browser to automatically translate. You can also use your ‘home’ amazon log-in – new registration not required!


David Bowie / Five Years 1969-1973 vinyl box set

In The Box:

  • • David Bowie AKA Space Oddity*
  • • The Man Who Sold The World*
  • • Hunky Dory*
  • • The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
  • • Aladdin Sane
  • • Pin Ups*
  • • Live Santa Monica ‘72
  • • Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture Soundtrack
  • • The Rise and Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars (2003 Ken Scott mix)
  • • Re:Call 1 (2CD set)

*new 2015 remasters

Re:Call 1 tracklisting


  1. Space Oddity (original UK mono single edit)*
  2. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud (original UK mono single version)*
  3. Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola
  4. The Prettiest Star (original mono single version)*
  5. Conversation Piece*
  6. Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 1)
  7. Memory Of A Free Festival (Part 2)
  8. All The Madmen (mono single edit)* previously unreleased
  9. Janine*
  10. Holy Holy (original mono single version)* only ever issued on original ‘71 Mercury single
  11. Moonage Daydream (The Arnold Corns single version)*
  12. Hang On To Yourself (The Arnold Corns single version)*

CD 2

  1. Changes (mono single version)*
  2. Andy Warhol (mono single version)*
  3. Starman (original single mix)
  4. John, I’m Only Dancing (original single version)
  5. The Jean Genie (original single mix)
  6. Drive-In Saturday (German single edit)
  7. Round And Round
  8. John, I’m Only Dancing (sax version)
  9. Time (U.S. single edit)
  10. Amsterdam
  11. Holy Holy (Spiders version)
  12. Velvet Goldmine

All tracks stereo except *mono.

32 responses to Deal alert / David Bowie: Five Years 1969-1973 vinyl box set

  1. Daniel Wylie says:

    £1.71 per vinyl. That must be some sort of record.

  2. Daniel Wylie says:

    I got the vinyl box of Five Years from Amazon Italy, for £22.23. Yes 89% off. I got the dispatched notice this morning. It must only have been at this price for an hour. Proof of my purchase.
    Totale parziale degli articoli: EUR 18,74
    Costi di spedizione: EUR 6,24
    Totale IVA esclusa: EUR 24,98
    IVA: EUR 5,00
    Totale: EUR 29,98
    GBP 22.23*

  3. Noel Fitzsimons says:

    Well my box set arrived – in perfect condition from Amazon Italy. The price was incredible – so thank you Paul for the alert way back in July. Even though I got charged a non sterling transaction fee of £4.00 – the total for the set was only £152.50.

    For me the first point of contact in the box set was the Recall collection then the book – fabulosa.

    I get the feeling that this box set will soon soar in price – so pop pickers – plan to get one asap.

    Keep up the sterling work Paul.

    Ciao – N

  4. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Just got my box set today from Amazon Italy.
    Altogether very nice box set; good reproduction of cover and inner sleeves (you can argue about the Parlophone logo at the front and the RCA logo being replaced by ‘Bowie’). However, not as good as the Queen box set; I just listened to Aladdin Sane and Hunky Dory and can notice some significant surface noise and unfortunately a big scratch on the last song of Hunky Dory’s A-Side. Also disappointed by the absence of a download voucher. I already own all the Japan mini lp’s but wanted to have the Recall lp as digital. Hope the 2nd volume will be better in pressing quality.

  5. Bridge says:

    Crappy deal if you live in Canada. Works out to over $300CAN. Just sayin.

  6. John says:

    Thanks Paul for the email alert, I’ve ordered for £155!

  7. Kevin Farrow says:

    Total including postage came to 201,39 euro = £155

  8. Kevin Darrow says:

    The free 10″ Pin Ups was only available on pre-order

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  10. James Beresford-Wylie says:

    Looks like high res versions will be on Highresaudio site, which is great news for us 24bit fans

  11. Geoff says:

    The Pin Ups radio show you get as a bonus when you order from the official site.

  12. Jon says:

    Tempted but also want the 10″ that you get when you pre-order via Bowie’s website….

  13. John Moore says:

    Just heard that Japan is planning to release something unique with this CD set which will be Japan only- nothing announced yet but news coming soon. The overseas edition will be cheaper though!

  14. Craig T says:

    Does Amazon IT actually ship from Italy or is there a central warehouse in Europe somewhere that handles all the EU Amazon releases?

    • colm47 says:

      Hi Craig

      Have ordered many times from
      Orders ,as far as I can remember, always come from Italy.
      For expensive box sets, usually come by courier, with tracking numbers.
      Never had any trouble. Or with for that matter.

  15. Adey says:

    I totally agree with Darren

  16. Geoff says:

    The CD set can be had for £79:99 if you shop around….

  17. SteveW says:

    Looking forward to the CD boxset deal! :)

  18. Dmitriy says:

    Now 221 euro….

  19. Darren says:

    Just goes to show that this is rip-off Britain

  20. BRENEZ Alain says:

    Already ordered from Amazon Italy without any problems.
    Ordered mine today !!! It’s now at €201 and I only paid €4 for shipping to Belgium.

    • Noel Fitz says:

      Fair enough – yes its an excellent deal – I just ordered for 197 euros + 4 euros postage to the UK. Hopefully Amazon Italy won’t renege on this.


  21. colm47 says:

    Excellent tip off Paul. Great stuff as usual.

    Had it on order for 255 approx. on
    Now have it on order for 208 on!!

    • Noel Fitz says:

      Great news – however my dear friends – Italy’s postal service is – well…… truly to be avoided. Or….. approach with caution as in the ‘ultimate in protection’.

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