Deal alert / David Gilmour: Live in Pompeii four-disc deluxe box

As the pre-order options for the newly announced David Gilmour Live at Pompeii release slowly feed through, it would be remiss of SDE not to highlight a very competitive price for the deluxe box set edition on Amazon Italy.

The 2CD+2blu-ray package (which exclusively contains a bonus blu-ray full of content) is just £28 (€32) on the Italian site, massively cheaper than anywhere else. In fact the 4LP vinyl box is also a bargain at only £42 (or €49). One caveat is that the UK prices aren’t live yet, but they’ll be doing well to better these, I think.

Compare prices and pre-order

Gilmour, David

Live At Pompeii - deluxe box set


Compare prices and pre-order

Gilmour, David

Live At Pompeii - 4LP vinyl box set


77 responses to Deal alert / David Gilmour: Live in Pompeii four-disc deluxe box

  1. movement says:

    Gilmour has done a good job with his recent releases (Gdansk and Rattle That Lock) so this was an easy decision for me. I just wish he would tour a wider variety of places. I could maybe handle the hundreds of dollars the tickets cost, but not the travel costs.

  2. Joachim says:

    For the 2DVD Edition at you will find the german (!) description:
    David Gilmour Live at Pompeii erscheint weltweit am 29. September in folgenden Formaten: “Doppel-CD (mit 21 Tracks), Einfach-Blu-Ray, Doppel-DVD, Blu-ray + CD Deluxe Edition Boxset (2 CDs und 2 Blu-rays), Vierfach-Vinyl und Download”
    So Paul is right, there is no 4 CD edition. I don’t need the CDs so I will have to decide how important the Boni on the second BluRay are. I bought the two BluRay version of Waters Wall and found nothing on the second disc that was worth the price (or not to be found on Youtube).
    @Mike: says for the single BluRay: All Regions

  3. Mike says:

    I’m from the U.S., are the blu-rays region free?


  4. arnold1960 says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. I purchased over the weekend and looking at the trailer, cannot wait to watch and listen to this. Looks superb!

  5. Adey says:

    I wont be buying any more large sized boxsets from overseas amazon again, i ordered the sgt peppers sde from amazon germany, which arrived damaged. When i contacted them, they only agreed to refund around £7 of the return postage (i dont know why it couldn’t have been returned to a uk warehouse and exchanged)
    In the end i sold it at a slight loss and didn’t reorder it.

    • WKRP says:

      I ordered gift packaging and hope it helps. It’s worth the small extra fee for a little extra peace of mind; better than any partial refund for a damaged product.

  6. WKRP says:

    I watched a Dave interview lately and it included footage of Dave being at and discussing this gig. The package looks nice and I have bought a ton of collector’s blu-rays for nice packaging like this and what is certain to be great material. This checks both boxes, and getting a nice price is the win.

  7. Andy Haines says:

    And what’s the betting that the UK Amazon price is more than any of the other listed prices for the vinyl set!

  8. peter chrisp says:

    Paul a massive thanks just a quick note the one from Italy is an amazing price, when you log on the the site the 4discs mentioned seem to be only the audio cd’s & not the bluray can you confirm appreciative. P.C

  9. Paul Wren says:

    I agree with Paul S on this Italian vinyl price being extremely good value – I’ve just placed my order for it, so thanks for another very good price alert.

  10. bollokcs says:

    Thanks for the alert, Ive pre-ordered the 4 disc deluxe for 38€ (incl. VAT&shipping). In my country it can be pre-ordered for 56€…

  11. Shaun says:

    Probably not an issue for most folk but you don’t get the Autorip, only for Italian customers.

    • Klaus says:

      Don’t forget to mention that you don’t get it free of p&p, only for Italian customers as well ;-))

  12. Daran says:

    Oh, go on then….

  13. William Kates says:

    Thanks Paul. I just ordered and the price with VAT deducted and shipping added, the total price delivered to the US comes out to around $42. That’s compared to the Amazon US pre-order price which is just under $70.

  14. Ralph says:

    Must be Gilmour bargain week! Picked up the Rattle That Lock Blu Ray box in FOPP yesterday for £5 so seems right to keep up to date. Thanks as always

  15. Craig says:

    Bloody phenomenal. Gracie Paolo.

  16. Paul W says:

    Thanks Paul just orderd the deluxe edition 58 Ausie dollars great price

  17. Steven says:

    Thanks! Even though this comes to 40eu in Oz due to postage, I don’t it’ll get cheaper. But if so, I can always change my order. :)

    PS – I was in the Pompei arena only a few months ago. They have a pretty good Pink Floyd exhibition inside, which includes a display info about this very event.

  18. Dan Timmons says:

    Thanks Paul. Another US resident who orders from Amazon IT all the time for the deals. I went for both!

  19. Giovanni says:

    ordered yesterday from Germany !! ordered again from Italy both deluxe and LPs going to cancel from Germay now. worth keeping ? and putting on eaby ? are they limted ???
    Thanks for heads up can’t see being less on UK ?

    • Klaus says:

      I’m tending to pre-order stuff i want to have on several Amazon-sites now and set me an alarm 2 days before date of release so i don’t have to watch the pre-order price on all those sites constantly and be sure not to miss any short -living deal alerts. So i’m going to lean back now and wait if this is going to be any cheaper in another country.

  20. Kauwgompie says:

    Thanks Paul, snagged that baby!! Super price. 36 Euro’s including shipping to NYC!!!!!

  21. Mooncusser says:

    Thanks for the alert, Paul! Sadly for those in US, shipping costs on the Italian site are a bit high.
    Offsets much of their deeper discount.

    • Andy says:

      Mooncusser – even with the higher shipping it’s still $14 cheaper than Amazon Germany. $91 for the deluxe box and the vinyl with shipping. Amazon US want $160, plus tax, for the same items.

  22. Mr X says:

    I got last years bowie box set from amazon Italy and it arrived really well packaged – foam surround to keep it secure in the box and not a dent or evidence of transit.
    Very impressed!

  23. adam shaw says:

    Thanks Paul
    There’s nothing like a SDE deal !

  24. John Hirst says:

    Great spot – thanks Paul – that is a really good price for a set like this.

  25. CJ Feeney says:

    Ordered this deluxe CD/BR set.

    Incidentally there are still lots of offers in the vinyl store eg Arcade Fire’ new LP is under 20 Euros in “Day” or “Night” editions

  26. John Johnstone says:

    Thanks Paul, deluxe edition ordered, nice one

  27. Gisabun says:

    Any idea what the region encoding will be for the Blu-Rays?

  28. Stefano Dalmonte says:

    Just Ordered!!!! I was in Pompeii for the second date (july 8th, 2016) and it was unforgettable!!!!

  29. Paul says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul. Just ordered the Deluxe and Vinyl sets.

  30. PChris says:

    Jumped right at it. Thanks, both covered! :)

  31. Steve Parrott says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I ordered on .de yesterday only to now cancel for the better deal on .it. only have the CD on at the mo… I doubt they’ll be anywhere near the .it prices on the 4 discs and vinyls

  32. Neil says:

    Am i right in assuming that all Amazons don’t take the payment straight away but upon dispatch ? I just bought this and i just realised that my debit card is due to expire in September when this is released i wonder when i update my card on the UK site if it will automatically update on the other sites. One last thing i will be gobsmacked if this is less than £40 when it appears on the UK site.

  33. Michel Kempes says:

    Thanks again Paul … LP & BR Box…. Happy happy happy

  34. Michael Leek says:

    Thanks Paul,
    Just got the Deluxe set at £27 it’s a bargin.
    Should be worth it – the Poland gig was excellent.

  35. Michael says:

    The Italian site says “4 audio CDs”. Can’t find a word about Bluray. Is it BR?

  36. Frenchy Eric says:

    No thanks Paul !
    Just pre-ordered the Gilmour deluxe boxset after having bought the Cave superdeluxe boxset yesterday…
    You are going to make me a poor man !
    Just kiddin’
    Thanks A Lot

  37. Jose Miguel says:

    Muchas gracias Paul. No entiendo la política de precios de Amazon, en cada pais un precio distinto y muchas diferencias.

  38. Nigel Jones says:

    Apologies! Should say “no brainer”. Hate predictive text!

  39. Nigel Jones says:

    Cheers! Just ordered deluxe box set. No brainier.
    First time I’ve ordered from Amazon Italia so fingers crossed!

  40. Arie says:

    Ordered the 2cd/2br. Couldn’t resist. Thanks for the alert Paul.

  41. Mark says:

    Great value. Thanks Paul.

  42. Stephen Collman says:

    Thanks Paul – though my bank balance is less amused! Ordered both sets as I tend to predominantly listen to CD via my laptop into Mytek 8X192 converters to ATC SPA2-200 Pro amp into small Quested 108 monitors plus the added bonus of the blurays but I still retain a Gollumesque ‘my precious’ acquisitive fondness for vinyl .

  43. Simon C says:

    Superb price for the deluxe box. Great shout, made my day. :-)

  44. James says:

    Paul I’m in the US if this is ordered from Italy ( for that great pric) I assume it will be in the Italian language also I noticed you cannot switch to English language on Amazon it

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      The only thing that might be italian language is the sticker on the shrinkwrap. Booklets etc will be in English.

    • Snood says:

      No it will be in english

    • Andrew says:

      Use Google Chrome and you’ll be able to translate the page(s) into English.

    • Andy says:

      James – I’m in the US and order from the likes of Amazon Germany and Italy all the time (based on Paul’s alerts!). Everything I’ve gotten from Europe are in English.

      I ordered the vinyl and the deluxe box and they came in at $91 inc shipping.

      • James says:

        Andy do you just fumbled through the translation when you order ? As I noticed the Italian dialect cannot be converted to English for me. Preorder etc.

        • Andy says:

          James – Amazon have just started adding English language options on their phone app. Go into settings and you can change the country and language – Germany now has an English option for example. The way I also do it is to have the US site product page open next to a non English one – the page layouts are exactly the same, so for Italy I know what each option is now based on that.

          Out of all the non-US Amazons the UK one is typically the one I end up buying from as the price shown, unlike the US, includes their sales tax. However, typically Amazon deducts that price by 20% (no tax because it’s being exported) when you go through checkout. For example that recent Pink Floyd box set was $160 less from there vs Amazon US.

          • James says:

            Andy, thanks a lot for the insight and valuable information… this particular time I use my iPhone and Italy does not have the auto conversion available but by using Google Chrome as mentioned by Andrew I got it done 41 shipped to California. Now just hoping it’s not the four CD as advertised LOL

  45. Sebastian says:

    Thanks Paul!!! I’ve got my pre-order! Pink Floyd and Gilmour deluxe editions are awesome. Thanks for all your help granting us the best price :)

  46. Paul Mac says:

    It’s £50 on Gilmour’s own website (for the 4 CD version) and I’ve seen it higher than that on some other sites, so this is a no brainer as I can’t see Amazon UK coming in much under this. Ordered (for €37 delivered to Ireland), thanks Paul

  47. truthsayer says:

    Thanks Paul, I`ve gone for the CD/Bluray box, I would have gone for the 4xLPalso but no room at the inn for LPs unless they are essential.

  48. Erik says:

    Fantastic, doubt this price will be bettered in the UK or anywhere else. I have ordered the vinyl and deluxe boxset.

  49. Neil Beards says:

    Cheers for the heads up Paul! That’s a great price for what looks like a superb set.

  50. Vito Battista says:

    Thanks for heads up on a great deal Paul!!

  51. Kenny McHardy says:

    Thanks Paul!

  52. Kevin says:

    Thanks Paul, managed to get a preorder in. Those are silly (in a good way) prices.

    Amazon’s pricing policy becomes stranger and more inconsistent by the way.

  53. Chris Squires says:

    It’s no risk isn’t it. Only heard Rattle that Lock yesterday and loved it, so the 4LP for (with postage) £46 is good enough. If UK top that then it’s a cancel and re-order.. Perfect.

    • Dave N says:

      Thanks for the prompt. Just ordered the CD & Blu-ray set. Finger’s crossed.
      Got Live in Gdansk on the cd player at the moment.

      • Klaus says:

        No worries. I’m in Germany and ordered several times from other countries Amazon-sites. It can even happen that you get pre-ordered albums on the date of release ’cause often they fulfil your order from a warehouse in your own country.

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