Deal alert / Deep Purple: Made in Japan 5-disc super deluxe edition


Stunning deal for the 4CD+DVD Deep Purple Made in Japan super deluxe box on Amazon Italy right now.

This 2014 set features with the entire 1972 Japanese tour across four CDs (in remixed form) along with a DVD featuring a documentary and rare clips. A book and other memorabilia are also included. It’s just £38 or €47 which is as cheap as I’ve seen this. To put that in perspective, on Amazon UK this is currently £146!

I fear this deal will be short-lived, so you will need to be quick. This price is correct at the time of writing (8.45pm, 10/4/2016). There’s some photos below to show you what this set looks like.












16 responses to Deal alert / Deep Purple: Made in Japan 5-disc super deluxe edition

  1. Seth Hollander says:

    the 3CD “Live In Japan” is missing 1-2 tracks from each concert, thus fitting each on 1 disc. The missing tracks are all tracks that were used on “Made In Japan”.
    I have the set and think it sounds fine, but it is widely stated that “Live In Japan” uses mixes that minimize the bass frequencies, robbing Glover of much grandeur.
    Having bought MIJ on vinyl and twice on CD before augmenting the 2CD version with the 3Cd “Live In Japan”, I have not bought the SD LIJ.
    I eagerly await a Rhino “fatbox” repack of the just the 4 CDs from the SD. I’d buy that in a second!

  2. madmickeyt says:

    A good deal if you were quick enough. Agree with Gavin though about the 3cd version having most of the material, arguably better presented (rather than a disc of encores) so it depends how much you want to pay for those little extras. If anyone has a spare deluxe version I am willing to offer my 3cd version in p/exchange!

  3. Gavin says:

    The three cd set “live in Japan” has the three full concerts in above box and was around £15 on Amazon recently – much better value

  4. Jim says:

    Missed it, now back to 80 euro. Damn that time difference.

  5. Paul Wren says:

    £62 on Discogs. Nine LP box set is £85.

    • Richie says:

      I managed to pick the vinyl box up for £47 inc. postage from about 6 months ago. Now That’ts What I Call A Bargain! Not played it yet though.

  6. richard says:

    71 euro but stil a good deal .. i hope to see same offers for sticky fingers super deluxe as well

    have a nice sunday

  7. David Thorpe says:

    Cheers Paul £43 with shipping great deal

  8. Barry says:

    With shipping, $88 to the USA is too much for something I can live without but thanks Paul!!

  9. Paul Martin says:

    Update – has now gone up to 66€ !

  10. Paul Martin says:

    Just went to place order – price shown in basket was higher (€ 60) even though when I added it, it was showing the lower price on the product page – that has been updated as well now though. Still seems like a good deal I guess…

  11. Frank Huntley says:

    Bought it! Thanks.

  12. says:

    Thank you SO much for pointing this out! I TOTALLY just bought it! Wheeee! :) Lol.

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