Deal alert / Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road box set


Elton John‘s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road super deluxe edition box set was released almost a year to the day and despite the modest proportions of the package it was a reasonably generous set even at full price. Now however you can pick up this 4CD+DVD+hardcover book package from Amazon Italy for less than £20!

Yes, Elton’s 1973 classic in its 2014 box set form is just €27 or a little over £19.

NB: If you have signed up for the SDE DEAL email alerts then you would have been notified about this deal at 16.15 today!

In the box set:

Disc One:

  1. Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
  2. Candle In The Wind
  3. Bennie And The Jets
  4. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  5. This Song Has No Title
  6. Grey Seal
  7. Jamaica Jerk Off
  8. I’ve Seen that Movie Too
  9. Sweet Painted Lady
  10. The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)
  11. Dirty Little Girl
  12. All the Girls Love Alice
  13. Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock’n’Roll)
  14. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting
  15. Roy Rogers
  16. Social Disease
  17. Harmony

Disc Two:

  1. Candle In The Wind – Ed Sheeran (3:22)
  2. Bennie and the Jets – Miguel (5:10)
  3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Hunter Hayes (3:15)
  4. Grey Seal – The Band Perry (3:48)
  5. Sweet Painted Lady – John Grant (3:58)
  6. All The Girls Love Alice – Emili Sande (3:40)
  7. Your Sister Can’t Twist (But She Can Rock And Roll) – Imelda May (2:51)
  8. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting – Fall Out Boy (3:42)
  9. Harmony – Zac Brown Band (2:55)
  10. Grey Seal (piano demo) – Elton John (3:20)
  11. Grey Seal (1970 Original) – Elton John (3:37)
  12. Jack Rabbit – Elton John (1:51)
  13. Whenever You’re Ready (We’ll Go Steady) – Elton John (2:52)
  14. Screw You (Young Man Blues) – Elton John (4:43)
  15. Candle In The Wind (Acoustic) – Elton John (3:52)
  16. Step Into Christmas – Elton John (4:10)
  17. Ho Ho Ho (Who’d Be A Turkey At Christmas?) (4:04)
  18. Philadelphia Freedom – Elton John (5:21)
  19. Pinball Wizard – Elton John (5:15)

Disc 3: BBC Elton John Hammersmith Odeon 22nd December 1973

  1. Funeral For A Friend
  2. Love Lies Bleeding
  3. Candle In The Wind
  4. Hercules
  5. Rocket Man
  6. Bennie And The Jets
  7. Daniel
  8. This Song Has No Title
  9. Honky Cat

Disc 4: BBC Elton John Hammersmith Odeon 22nd December 1973

  1. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  2. The Ballad Of Danny Bailey
  3. Elderberry Wine
  4. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
  5. I’ve Seen That Movie Too
  6. All The Girls Love Alice
  7. Crocodile Rock
  8. Your Song
  9. Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting

DVD Disc 5:

  • Bryan Forbes’ 1973 film Elton John and Bernie Taupin Say Goodbye To Norma Jean and Other Things (45 minutes)

18 responses to Deal alert / Elton John: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road box set

  1. John says:

    Thanks for the Alert. My copy arrived this morning from Amazon Italy. First time I had taken up the offer of an overseas alert and found it no hassle at all. I had wanted this item since its release and nabbed it at half the price last Thursday. Well done SDE for bringing us these fantastic deals.

  2. johnny says:

    @Francis, there is no hassle in using non-UK amazon sites…Your account/user/password works just the same for all of them (all except for Japan, but they’re hardly likely to be offering bargains) You don’t need to do different anything at all…

    The modest P+P cost is always factored in by SDE in considering whether they think it’s a good deal or not.. Of course, you make the final decision, and the total price is always stated before you commit to buy, so please don’t be worried about ordering from non-UK amazon..

  3. bob says:

    Francis that is simply not true. Your Amazon account works for other Amazon sites as well. Shipping is only about £3.50 for a box set. You can often save 50% on Amazon Germany compared to the uk site.

  4. Francis says:

    Amazon prices are constantly going up and down, even with pre-orders. It is a right pain in the a**! I ordered a CD collection at a low pre-order price only for it to drop even more the day it was released! As for ordering the Elton John Set or any other “so called” deals from a non UK Amazon website, surely you have to go through all the hassle of registering with them plus there would be shipping costs, so maybe not that great a deal after all.

  5. Andreas says:

    That covers CD was such a bad idea! Surprised he didn’t put in a Kanye west remix CD as well!

  6. alex says:

    the price was € 26,99 from Mon 9 Feb at midday until today at 18.10 italian time

  7. William says:

    Anyone know why when I translate the site to English the price changes to GBP but not at a converted rate i.e. price is now €44.11 and when translated it shows as £44.11? Should I just leave the page in its original language and put the item in my basket and hope it converts correctly to GBP? I clocked Roxy Music’s Complete Studio Recordings for €58 and hoped to get it for £41 but when translated it showed at £58. Confused (it doesn’t take much).

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Hi William… the £ sign is chrome (presumably) trying to ‘translate’ the currency symbol for you. You are still seeing the Euro price (as you deduced) but now with a £ sign. It’s a bit confusing at first, but you get used to it after a while! Once you do add to basket and check out the actual price in sterling (ie a lower price) will be clear. Hope that helps, Paul

    • bob says:

      I have just bought the Roxy Music box set from Amazon Germany today for €49. With delivery it comes to £40.73 in total.
      I have been waiting ages to get it at a good price and had almost given up.

      • William says:

        Thanks a lot. Just ordered at the same price. Top man!
        Perhaps Paul could make people aware of this.
        PS This site is making me poor ;-)

        • bob says:

          Glad you managed to get it for that great price.
          I know what you mean, this week alone I have bought the Simon and Garfunkel box set and today the Roxy Music one, but both for great prices.
          Now I am thinking of getting the Nilsson box set.

      • Si says:

        Thanks Bob, that Roxy Music box is a great deal. Been wanting to get that for a while too, don’t think they will be many more chances to get it for that great price.

  8. Rob F says:

    Dammit….10 minutes too late !!

  9. Haze says:

    Damn. Didn’t open my e-mail quickly enough, now back up to €44

  10. Carl Williams says:

    What a bargain! – thanks Paul

  11. dave says:

    Managed to get one – thanks Paul

  12. Nigel Hall says:

    Nabbed :-) thanks Paul!

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