Deal alert / George Michael: Freedom 90 – 12-inch vinyl picture disc


Here’s an opportunity to pick up last year’s George Michael Freedom ’90 12-inch picture disc with a smile-inducing and wallet-pleasing 1980s price-tag.

The previously rather overpriced vinyl is now a giveaway £3 on Amazon UK. Nice! This features the full length album version on the A-side and the ‘Back-to-Reality’ 12-inch remix on the B-side.


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Michael, George

Freedom '90 [VINYL]


19 responses to Deal alert / George Michael: Freedom 90 – 12-inch vinyl picture disc

  1. Steve says:

    Got this re-issue when it first came out and wish I hadn’t bothered. Sound quality is appalling and it doesn’t look that great close up either

  2. Neil says:

    Prime is no use if you are ordering from marketplace sellers which i mostly do.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Fair enough, although this was on Amazon proper for £3 and that was what the postage comment was in reference to.

  3. Leemer says:

    Now £7.30, definitely missed it. Thanks anyway!

  4. mike says:

    Never a bargain with amazon postage sadly.

  5. Callage says:

    Too late £6.28

  6. Jake says:

    Now £5.39. The games these retailers play

  7. Ian says:

    Now £5.39

  8. Jesper Jensen says:

    Faith – Remastered 2CD/DVD Special Edition CD+DVD, Box set only £5.30 at the moment (18.37).

    • william says:

      I got that set a couple of months ago on Ebay for $10 US and free shipping to boot. Try there. It might be cheaper.

  9. MINO says:

    Some minutes deal alert?

  10. Sean Lawler says:

    Now £4:70

  11. vikerii says:

    Anyone know the status of the LWP deluxe reissue scheduled for this fall? I originally read about it here on SDE.

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