Deal alert / Grace Jones: Warm Leatherette 2CD deluxe edition


Still over a month until Universal’s much anticipated reissue of Grace Jones‘ 1980 album Warm Leatherette. The flashy ‘leatherette’ packaging has inflated the price somewhat, but while we won’t claim this is some kind of mega-deal, the price has dropped significantly today.

The two-CD set which boasts 19 bonus tracks was very expensive on Amazon UK at nearly £30 but it is now amongst the cheapest (see price comparison widget) having dropped to £24. If you’ve already pre-ordered then no further action is required (you’ll get the lowest price).

Warm Leatherette will be reissued on 17 June 2016. You can read more about the reissue here.


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Grace Jones

Warm Leatherette



CD 1


  • 8. PARS

Bonus Tracks : LONG VERSIONS:

  • From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and b-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6645, released September 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as a-side of 12” single 12WIP 6591, released April 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single 600
    198 (Germany/Netherlands), released May 1980.
    From WARM LEATHERETTE cassette ICT 9592 and a-side of 12” single
    12WIP 6645, released September 1980.
  • 14. PARS (LONG VERSION) 5.41


    Previously Unreleased Mix.
    Issued as the b-side of 12” single 12WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of 7” single 101.819 (Germany/Netherlands), released May 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the b-side of WIP 6629, released June 1980.
    Issued as the b-side of WIP 6645, released September 1980.
    Issued as the a-side of IS 49603 (US), released October 1980.
  • 24. PARS (SINGLE VERSION) 4.24
    Previously Unreleased Mix.
  • 25. PARS (DUB VERSION) 4.41
    Previously Unreleased Mix.
  • 26. LOVE IS THE DRUG (12” SINGLE REMIX) 7.23
    Remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle at the Fallout Shelter.
    Issued as the a-side of 12” single 12 IS 266, released February 1986
  • 27. PRIVATE LIFE (12” SINGLE REMIX) 7.04
    Remixed by Paul “Groucho” Smykle at the Fallout Shelter.
    Issued as the a-side of 12” single 12 IS 273, released May 1986

69 responses to Deal alert / Grace Jones: Warm Leatherette 2CD deluxe edition

  1. Michael Chapman says:

    Where the hell is Living My Life?

  2. Iain Mac says:

    Currently (2/9/17) £8.99 on Amazon UK

  3. Kauwgompie says:

    I finally picked up the 2cd version with the plastic “leather”. I’m unimpressed by the packaging. It isn’t much better than most deluxe 2cd packages. Certainly not worth the small fortune that Universal was charging originally. The good news is that you can remove the cd’s easily without scratching them. Often times deluxe cd’s come in a package with cd “pockets”. Upon removing the cd from the pocket you can’t help but scratching up the cd a bit. Insanity.
    The content is nice but from all the remixes only 2 are not on the Compass Point Sessions 2cd: Pars (Dub) and “a Rolling Stone” (Extended). Not a big score. They do give you as bunch off single edits (that I don’t care about). Would be so much better if they had added more unreleased mixes, like the ones on the BluRay.
    So content is not much to write home about, nor is the packaging (for the extra bucks you pay for it) but the music is excellent and essential.

  4. Vils says:

    Having pre-listened to this on Spotify I have ordered it for the much more reasonable £15.36 via the All Your Music option on Amazon.
    Whilst waiting I would be interested to hear the views of those who have the physical version.

  5. EW99 says:

    And to confirm – the hi-res download has the drop out.

  6. EW99 says:

    Duplicate post but I did say I’d post here…. I managed – finally – by renaming it as a 7z file type and using 7zip to unzip it (selecting the “auto rename” option when I got errors on file names).

  7. Griffin says:

    I can confirm CD2-6 Private Life Single Version had a dropout on the right channel @0:03~0:04! It’s also on the download I’ve got (unknown source)! But that’s a bit less obvious than the CD.

  8. Griffin says:

    @Randy Metro, same here. I pre-ordered & received the 2CD set as they don’t put out a 3CD set with the 5 bonus tracks/mixes. I thought when the price of the Blu Ray Audio Only comes down I might get it with the download code to get those 5 bonus tracks (26m27s). After reading about the problem people having with the download code. I dropped that idea & was able to get the bonus tracks elsewhere. And from I heard no drop out on the single version of Private Life. I guess we had the same FLAC source. I didn’t mind paying a bit more for a 3CD set. Why is that so hard to understand for Universal to give us fans what we want?

  9. alan hansen says:

    i’m not holding my breath for a 3rd disc on cd containing those 5 additional tracks that appear on the blu-ray, but DAMN it’d be nice if japan or somebody would realize that wish – either as a 3cd set, or a separately sold cd to complete the set. and btw, the remastering spot-on!

  10. Marcus André says:

    I would love to see an Unboxing of the box in Youtube… Can someone?

  11. Griffin says:

    Someone succeeded in downloading the files? I checked CD1 was about 77m39s CD2 was about 75m57s and the blu ray audio only bonus was about 26m27s! I’ve got the 2CD set already. So if I really want the additional bonus of 27mins I have to pay the blu ray price. But if it’s not guaranteed to work. I wouldn’t take the risk right now. I’ll just wait & see.

    And what about the drop out (the other Paul) mentioned of Private Life single version drop out? Was it on the Blu Ray, CD or also download?

    • Randy Metro says:

      I can’t speak for the exact source of my Flac/Wav download which included the Blu-Ray bonus tracks…… but there wasn’t any drop out in the Private Life (single version) 4min 39sec. I also checked it with Audacity to make sure my ears were not misleading me. And no brick walling BTW. My physical copy – 2CD version – is being shipped.

    • EDW99 says:

      I haven’t got the download to work yet. UDiscover have given me a couple of download codes – after a bit of an argy bargy about whether the blu ray came with downloads or not – but the zip files are invalid when I try to unzip them. I’ve tried downloading the two versions of the zip files on both my laptop and my desktop but get the same problem each time so I’m assuming it’s the files and not me. Currently waiting to hear back on what the problem is. I’ll post here if/when I get any success.

      • Paul Sinclair says:

        I made some enquiries about the download. Universal insist everything is as it should be however was advised that “it’s a really big file though which sometimes causes people download problems if their internet connection isn’t 100% reliable”.

        Also, if there is any uncertainly, the correct site is

        • Jack says:

          My previous comment about the bluray download hasn’t been published – ????
          The zipfile is definitely faulty. Twice downloaded and both identical and incomplete. Won’t be buying this format again if not rectified.

  12. Trevor says:

    Underwhelmed by the ‘leatherette’ packaging for this release. It’s not really much to get excited by. The album on the other hand is still wonderful. Shame it was on the pricey side! I would have been far happier with standard packaging for this one.

  13. Joe says:

    I ordered the 2 CD, back in March on Amazon. They have now changed the listing to Blu Ray Audio. I contacted them and they say it was changed to Blu Ray Audio and no longer have the CD listed. This is a disgrace as they have changed the format, even though they haven’t informed those who pre-ordered. I cancelled it now and ordered from HMV.

    Just be aware for those who pre-ordered on Amazon that they might get the Blu Ray Audio instead.

  14. Foxee says:

    It seems to me that this item began life on Amazon UK at £32.99 and has now dropped to £23.99 – before it is released.

    This indicates to me that the original asking price was obviously way too much and did not need to be so high – otherwise this drop of almost 30% would not have been possible. Pre-orders to that point were obviously very low, sending the message that fans were not prepared to shell out that much for it. Hence, the reduction in price.

    I find that extremely cynical and frankly, regardless of what kind of packaging is on offer, it really does alienate potential buyers from being sucked in to what is basically corporate greed. How many of us got stung by the Bananarama CD singles boxset at £110 on pre-order, only to see it listed at under £40 six months later?

    There is a simple outcome to all of this – buyers are simply going to withhold their cash from pre-orders and wait a few months until the price actually reflects the cost of producing the product, instead of getting ripped off by companies who play on the fact that fans are unable to wait for the latest product from their favourite artists.

    I think it’s time for reverse psychology – why not reward the true fans by making the first couple of hundred pre-orders a bargain basement price, and then increase it incrementally as release date approaches – that is a far fairer approach rewarding first come first served.

  15. Kauwgompie says:

    It’s hard to believe that a pleather case around the album pushes the price up $15 to $20. If an OBI cost 30 pence, a pleather outercase shouldn’t be more than $4 or $5 tops. If it was a limited edition I would may be get it. Mass production, no.

  16. Dirk says:

    I find it repulsive that the company chose to spread out the varous bonus material over various releases, various formats. With no reason other than to make it harder for the lovers of the music to collect and enjoy it all, and first of all way more expansive. Corporative cannibals, remember? No matter the packaging, it is a rip off in first instance. Shame. Grace Jones deserves a re-release without this sjit.

  17. Joseph says:

    Yup, packaging simply should not outpace nor substitute for content as pricing goes.

    Labels do mess up sometimes when a creative but financially hare-brained idea somehow escapes the spitballing stage. Happens in most any business at least once in a while, especially inside a bigger one like Universal. At some point, you’re committed upon coming to your senses and realizing the idea is a clunker – not much you can do but plow ahead then. This reissue feels like one of those instances. Stuff like this is usually aberrant (one-off). Not anything to get too worked up about because we won’t be seeing more of it. Appreciate the creative thinking up front, but this idea just wasn’t properly vetted & vetoed. Also possible the idea was targeted to a more ambitious SDE until things swerved for one reason or another – and this imperfect compromise is what we ended up with. A deluxe reissue which didn’t understand what it wanted to be (or what it should be) until too late.

  18. PeterJH says:

    What would be interesting is if it was also released as a 2cd deluxe (like nightclubbing) for £15ish, as well as in the ‘leather look blah blah’ on offer at £23.99, and see which version was most popular. I know which version my money would be on!

  19. Kauwgompie says:

    First, I don’t mind paying more if there is truly special packaging such as Bruce Springsteen’s “Darkness On The Edge Of Town” Box (containing a copy of Bruce’s notebook while writing the album) or Tori Amos “Piano Collection” Box (a box with actual plastic piano keys glued to the top!).

    Second, yes, the content needs to be there too. Most of the long versions of this album were already on the “Compass Point Sessions” 2cd. That can now be picked up from Amazon for $3.38 (used) or $9.42 (new). So I do feel a bit ripped off if I pay $35 or more for a 2cd with most songs already released on CD before. They should add a live disc or so to the release, then the content is getting there and I would be a lot more likely to buy it. The value is in both the packaging and the content.

    On the flipside, I’m not only in it for the music but also for collecting. When something has very special packaging, it is usually out of print fairly quickly. As a collector I like that. So for me the question is, is this a limited edition or will this be available even after a nuclear apocalypse?

    Thanks for the price alert!!

  20. waxmonsterx says:

    Still too high. I waited 6 months to get Nightclubbing and then snagged it new from some place in Germany for about 4 pounds via Ebay. Same with the Disco box. Got that dirt cheap as well. I can wait. It will go down. Everything does. Saving my pennies for that New Gold Dream which you know is coming.

  21. Auntie Sabrina says:

    I think the initial price was (and at the uDiscover website still is) a mistake. The blu-ray audio includes additional tracks too. Wonder how long this “keatherette” packaging will last once you have played the discs a few times. The remastered Nightclubbing single CD can now be bought for about £5 and I think the original Warm Leatherette remaster will eventually be availabke fir a similar price too.

  22. Jyo says:

    Re: “deluxe packaging”.

    I’m happy to pay for extra music — remixes, demos, b-sides, and the like.

    I’m also happy to pay for extra research — detailed liner notes, interviews, descriptions of the recording process, alternate cover art, etc.

    Decorative packaging — for example, this leatherette cover, or Cyndi Lauper’s dress-up dolls — don’t increase my perceived value of the edition (and I’ll concede this is entirely subjective). I bristle at being asked, as a lover of music, to pay extra for decoration.

  23. alan hansen says:

    comments? i worked part-to-full time in independent record/cd shops for about 30 years starting in 1980, and my timing could not have been better for an amazingly fun ride with a hobby-driven sub-career. hell, it’s STILL a fun ride a lot of the time as just a collector. my point is this: there have always been and will continue to be those who want quality without the associated cost; those who will gladly pay for their home theaters with mega-screens for movies whilst simultaneously utilizing only the least common denominator when it comes to music listening, complaining about the state of music as an artform without any personal history of financial investment into the music format itself.

  24. DaveM says:

    I think my issue with WL at the original thirty pound-ish price was that if you are paying that sort of money you are veering toward an SDE price which it isn’t and that it contains only two discs. Yes I want nice packaging, but would have been happy with a Nightclubbing style paneled version at the thirteen pound mark. The price you have announed today is more attractive though (especially being a Yorkshireman:) ) and I know I will get VFM from the heavy rotation it will no doubt get. So ordered.

  25. probablyrustin says:

    I’m definitely a fan of deluxe packaging, but it needs to match the contents. If the pricey leatherette were reserved for the already very deluxe 4LP set (is it? Not sure but doesn’t change my point), or a more lavish super deluxe set with more discs, then sure. The product would already be pushed into “premium” territory. But for a simple 2CD set? It’s not making a lot of sense to me, and clearly, to most buyers. So, with all due respect Paul, I don’t think it’s as simple as “because we still think $35 is too expensive for a 2CD set with fancy packaging we don’t value record companies investing in nice sets.” You’re welcome to think it’s fair pricing, but I’d rather vote with my money for products that balance cost, presentation AND content well, which I still don’t think this does. Appreciative of your deal alert, regardless, and glad that you continue to foster spirited discussion like this.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I agree it’s expensive for a two-CD set, but I was just trying to make the broader point, that quite a few people leave comments on this blog seemingly wanting deluxe packaging with a budget price tag. I’m working on a 5-disc box set for a label at the moment and it’s hard to persuade them to do *nice* things (inner sleeves for CDs, spot varnishing etc) because they feel people won’t pay any extra for these things that ADD COST. So I keep being told ‘no’ re my requests. If everything automatically out of people’s preferred price-range is a automatically branded a ‘rip-off’ then apart from really top tier artists, labels won’t bother trying to spend money on presentation.

      • probablyrustin says:

        I think in the case of a 5-disc set, spending a little bit more to also have a nice package would be nice, if the price point is already going to be high. However, you’re always going to have a good chunk of buyers who will want something like what we’re seeing with the “book format” of super deluxe sets – lots of content, but in a nice-yet-reasonable package. It the 5-disc set is also being offered in a pared down “standard deluxe” offering (say a 2-disc version with basic packaging), I think it would be more justified to go all out with the bigger version. Tough call though, for sure.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          The price point isn’t going to be high, because it’s not the Rolling Stones or McCartney. If labels feel like they are already taking a bit of a punt in the first place with certain artists, they are even less inclined to spend on what is perceived as unnecessary embellishments. “Is spot varnish going to make this sell any more?” is the kind of question that will get asked. See Cherry Red, when they vetoed my OBI strip idea for Remixes and Rarities on Paul Young, because it added 30p a unit or whatever it was.

          • probablyrustin says:

            If it’s not going to be a high price point, and the impression to consumers is that they’re getting a lot of music/video content for the price, then those little details, while nice added touches, aren’t going to make the difference between buying or not buying, so I can absolutely see why labels won’t want to bother. I’d rather see labels continue to take chances on reissues that bring back slim profit margins than be discouraged by those added costs, when those embellishments aren’t necessarily expected by consumers in that price range.

      • adam shaw says:

        Paul , I see your point but not for a 2 disc set .Yes for a box set like you are working on which really is a SDE .
        I think we have become use to 2 cd sets being quite standard and putting them in special packaging and with a price to match might put casual buyers off .

  26. fredpostman says:

    Thanks Paul,i love this album.

  27. PeterJH says:

    Still a rip off, but I’ve ordered it, hoping the price will still fall on Amazon. Superb Grace Jones album. £15-£18 would have been a fairer price. Fancy ‘leather effect packaging’ was NOT required. Nightclubbing deluxe is a shade over a tenner now.

  28. Still slightly concerned that Amazon hasn’t listed the Blu-ray. It’s only on Universal’s site for the moment…

  29. adam shaw says:

    I ve ordered the blu ray for the sound quality .
    I will order this so I have a cd version but Im not bothered about the packaging .
    If it was a 4 cd box set with the usual extras then I would welcome the leather effect but do we need it for a 2 cd set ?

  30. Trevor says:

    Thanks for the tip-off Paul. Have ordered it today for £23.99. Love this album and Grace Jones generally. Have been gagging for a DVD and Blu-ray release of One Man Show for years now so hopefully someone with the power can finally make this happen too!?

  31. Charles Hodgson says:

    Aha! It’s leather!
    Makes sense! Doh!

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      “leatherette” – looks like it’s hard plastic by the picture, although I don’t actually know.

      • Kauwgompie says:

        It’s called pleather.

      • Randy Metro says:


        Leatherette is a form of artificial leather, usually made by covering a fabric base with plastic. The fabric can be made of a natural or a synthetic fibre which is then covered with a soft PVC layer.

        Leatherette bound books and 20th century cameras are good examples of leatherette.

  32. Charles Hodgson says:

    Is the box itself made out of some ‘fancy’ material? I zoomed the picture, looks a little like that cloth cover thst was on the Johnny Cash ‘Unearthed’ 5cd (from 2007?). That was beaut.
    If it’s just cardboard, I don’t get the price.

  33. ADRIAN BARRETT says:

    Sorry but unless its packaged in gold foil this price is a rip off.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      So are you saying your aren’t willing to pay extra for high quality packaging? It’s a serious question. Since this blog is partially about celebrating ‘deluxe’ packaging. The feedback I’m getting for Grace Jones is that people either don’t want deluxe packaging at all, or if they do want it, they don’t want to pay for it and expect to pay £12.99 for a two-CD set that probably cost at least 50% more to produce than a jewel case.

      Is the message, “don’t bother record labels, because any investment in luxury packaging that you pass on to me, is a rip-off”?

      I do find this curious. People don’t complain that a leather jacket is £150 while a normal one is £50 or £75. Is the leather jacket a ‘rip-off’ too. Someone has chosen to make it out of leather to charge you more and make more money. Comments please!

      • Michael says:

        Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Actually looking forward to seeing this packaging. You either want it or you don’t. Is there an option to buy it without the leather case?

      • mikey roberts says:

        Personally I love it when an artist or a label puts serious effort into the packaging: especially when it compliments the music. This is doubly cool when it’s a reissue and there is high quality artwork and some interesting photos and notes.

        Whether it is all worth the additional money is one of the fan to figure out, but IMHO there is huge enjoyment to be had in the packaging and artwork of the recent ‘book’ versions of the McCartney/Wings albums, the Bowie 5-years CD set, and the Beatles Mono and US Albums boxes. And the music is amazing too. Maybe some folks prefer a jewel case or a FLAC download: if that’s what floats your boaty then that’s cool too.

        Is the packaging for WL real leather? Hmm, my wife’s a vegan Grace fan…

      • Dishy says:

        I love Grace Jones and her reissues have been masterful – I have no problem whatsoever with this price.

      • ADRIAN BARRETT says:

        I’m all for quality packaging and deluxe sets but at the end of the day the music is whats important . £25 for a 2 disc set is overpriced imo.
        I have many (many!) deluxe versions/box sets etc but in the case 99% of them I would say they were well worth the money.
        A great example is the Screamadelica box : 4cd’s , 1 dvd, double vinyl,book and t-shirt.
        I picked mine up for £80.
        Compare that to the reduced price of this set and there is no competition imo.
        In fact compare it to the release of Its Too Late To Stop Now. One the greatest live albums ever released and now we get 3 more shows plus a dvd for practically the same price.

      • ADRIAN BARRETT says:

        Have to say I’m not getting the leather jacket analogy given that a leather jacket will last twice as long as any ‘normal’ one.

        • Paul Sinclair says:

          Don’t think people buy leather jackets for practical ‘it will last a long time’ reasons, but anyway…

          • Carlton says:

            I do like deluxe packaging–I think it’s great to have something a bit different–but I’m reaching a point where the practicality of it is becoming difficult. I’m edging toward about 12,000 CDs, and when there’s a package that takes up more space, I start worrying about how much longer I’m going to be able to fit my collection in to my house. It’s already taking up the largest room that I have.

            That’s not going to stop me from getting this, as Grace Jones is one of my “must own” artists, but I’m going to have to hold off because finances have been pretty tight lately, and that’s meant having to suck it up and accept that I sometimes can’t buy what I want the moment it comes out (and for someone who used to have preorders placed for months in advance for every release day, that’s kind of a painful adjustment).

          • ADRIAN BARRETT says:

            They also don’t buy them because they look good on a hanger.

      • Andreas says:

        I’m not a fan so won’t be buying, but also won’t be posting comments about it being too expensive. If you’re a fan you’ll part with few extra pounds for unique packaging. If you won’t, then you aren’t a fan, so stop writing such negative comments and embrace the fact that were getting such luxuries in a digital world.

        • Randy Metro says:

          That’s a bit harsh!

          I’m living on SSDI (Disability income in the US). I am a fan, a disabled fan, and also a financially strapped, disabled fan. But still a fan, nonetheless.

      • Randy Metro says:

        Super Deluxe gives us the option to decide which version to buy; but only if there IS an option.

        If the release was available in both the deluxe and plain jewel case, there wouldn’t be any complaints. Some of us buy for the music and some of us for the whole experience in a “memory lane” sort of way when we were teens unwrapping a new vinyl release.

        With Grace, I want the leatherette packaging. With Jethro Tull, I would be happy with just the CDs.

        Fresh peas or canned peas…. sometimes, it depends on our pocketbooks!!

  34. DaveM says:

    Great news!

  35. mikey roberts says:

    Thanks Paul – had that lurking in my save for later list for a while so this is a good time to pull the trigger. I’m looking forward to this one: the deluxe reissue of Nightclubbing from a couple of years ago was truly impressive.

  36. alan hansen says:

    paul, i pre-ordered this from for 27.49 GBP, and the site says that the price guarantee will auto-correct in my personal account within 48 hours. if this doesn’t happen, i hope you’ll come to my defense.

  37. Jorge says:

    Still expensive…

  38. Charles says:


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