Deal alert / John Lennon 11-CD box


This eleven-CD John Lennon Signature box set is over £30 cheaper than the UK price if you shop at Amazon France.

Hurry to pick this up for about £50 – less than £5 per disc – or €69. This includes the albums Plastic Ono Band, Imagine, Some Time In New York City (two disc version), Mind Games, Walls and Bridges, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Double Fantasy (one disc version) and Milk & Honey. It also comes with two bonus CDs of non-album singles and rare/previously unreleased material including studio outtakes and home recordings. These are exclusive to this set. A hard bound book with liner notes, essays, poems, photos etc. completes the package, along with a commemorative John Lennon print.

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  1. John says:

    Absolutely fab ! Thanks Paul !

  2. auteur55 says:

    Yeah mine hasn’t shipped and there appears to be some disclaimer saying they can’t deliver to the US because someone complained the item was not as described. Wonder if I’ll still get this item.

  3. Mark Hutchinson says:

    Mine came damaged. Now have to wait 2 weeks for a replacement. I better get it and they better not cancel and refund or Ill be an unhappy bunny :/

  4. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Back up to £82.28… ha ha ha!

  5. auteur55 says:

    Man you got me with this and Velvet Underground and nico deal. I’m going to go broke. I only own two Lennon albums as I’ve always heard most of his stuff is mediocre but I can’t pass up these box sets. Thanks for the tip off love that I found this site.

  6. Just ordered this. Thanks for the heads up – great price

  7. daveyman says:

    i played the waiting game with the excellent TheThe Soul Mining vinyl reissue – got it from HMV Leeds for £11.99 a few weeks ago – quite literally jumped for joy! great price on this boxset, pity as I’ve already got a few of the remastered albums already.

  8. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Paul, you made this collection #1 Best Seller in Pop Rock at Amazon UK… and #2 in Box Sets. AMAZING! You just realized the power of this site. I guess someone is scratching his head and wondering how the hell JL’s box is suddenly #1 in Amazon UK’s chart…

  9. Scott says:

    Thanks for the heads up! This was an awesome deal! I wanted this when it came out but I’m not a big enough fan of solo Lennon to pay full price. Getting it for this price was fantastic, especially minus the VAT as a US customer. I also picked up some other great deals — Four Seasons Classic Albums Box Set (18 disc) £30.68, Stevie Wonder Classic Album Selection (5 disc) £17.46, ELO Classic Albums Collection (11 disc) £16.66 and Johnny Cash 20 Original Albums set £16.67. In total, 62 albums for just under $195US. Can’t beat that!!

  10. Charlie says:

    Mmh censorship… very open minded Paul!

  11. John says:

    Yes. I got mine today from Amazon (ordered yesterday with Prime). It is a bargain at this price but I thought I’d grab the last one ‘in stock’ before telling anyone else… sorry, everyone… Hate me if you want to!

    Incidentally, the quantity remaining after I made my purchase went back to ‘in stock’ status but I saw earlier today it was now listed for 11 days or so. Amazon often list items with “1 left” and so on and I don’t generally believe this. It seems that my purchase was genuinely the last one available in the warehouse…

  12. bob says:

    One of the best things about this site is that it is a friendly community. I am glad that Paul deletes abusive posts and trolls.

  13. Bruno says:

    Nice one Paul – just ordered, bargain!

  14. Mig says:

    Did Rick just put his head in the wrong door?

  15. David Bricknell says:

    Thanks Paul!

    Our biggest music retailer in Australia, renowned as a reliable discounter, is selling this box for AUD $327.00 in their stores. Thanks to you I just ordered it for AUD $71.40 (inclusive of delivery to Oz) – that is an insane (and incredibly awesome) saving of well over 75%!!!

    Probably the best buy – price-wise – I’ve ever made in 40 years as a music consumer!

    Love your work!!!

  16. colm47 says:

    I just clicked the link, knowing I already had it.
    Amazon, as some of you may know, tell you when you have already ordered it and keep it on record for you.
    I paid just under £99 back in 2010.

    Is that boring enough for you?!?

  17. Leo Lotti says:

    Ordered! Great deal… Thanks, Paul!

  18. Nigel Hall says:

    @Simon Taylor

    The Amazon reviews are mostly only negative about the value for money of the box at its full list price of £130. Almost everyone says they sound really great and frankly an 11 CD set working out at less than £4 per disc is pretty amazing value, even given the questionability of the quality of some of the individual albums themselves. I’ve been waiting for this to drop to a reasonable price for ages and mine is now ordered! I can’t imagine (no pun intended) that it’ll go much if any lower than this…

  19. Dave says:

    Jump in at this price, brilliant box set with all albums sounding fantastic!

  20. Charles Hodgson says:

    Had to order at that price as well. I’ve only got 1 John Lennon album (‘Plastic Ono Band’), but everything (official) by the Beatles (of course) and Yoko Ono solo (seriously, she’s flipping great – even now, check out her album with Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon!). So this will nicely round out my Yoko collection (and I’m sure to like at least a few of John’s songs too, heh!).
    Tis’ a pity it’s not complete, but the Amazon reviews RAVE about the sound quality on here.
    (Assume we’ll have to wait for reissues of the Wedding Album’, ‘Life With The Lions’, ‘Two Virgins’ and ‘Live Peace In Toronto’ until Mrs Lennon shuffles iff this mortsl coil…)

  21. Simon Taylor says:

    I don’t have any solo Lennon aside from a best of so this does look okay but the reviews for this set on amazon are pretty rough even for £40. Think i’ll hold off right now but maybe tempted in the future

    • Boaz Halachmi says:

      Simon, I read the reviews too. The rough ones comes from die hard fans who don’t get it why this set doesn’t include John’s recordings from his junior school graduation. I, as one who only owns one JL collection, thought this is an amazing opportunity to have all his studio albums and then some at an amazing price. Go for it.

  22. Fred Smith says:

    Thanks Paul,mine’s ordered.What a bargain!

  23. Boaz Halachmi says:

    Well done, Paul. It’s now out of stock. :-) But they kept the price and allow to order. Grabbed it! Thanks a million for the tip.

  24. Roger says:

    Extremely good value, however……….

    This puts music consumers in a difficult situation. We all know how high the prices of the majority of box sets are on release. So do we buy at the high price in case they become rare and are then only available at silly prices on eBay or wait it out a few years and get them at greatly reduced prices as this demonstrates?

    • Alan Fenwick says:

      @Boaz Halachmi

      Play the waiting game on high volume, high price box sets, it’s much more fun and you can save yourself a small fortune. As long as you don’t mind waiting that bit longer, but I find it much more rewarding when you get something for an absolute steal like this.

      Nice deal Paul

      • Alan Fenwick says:

        Sorry that message should have been pointed towards Roger who was questioning playing the waiting game not Boaz Halachmi

    • Paul Sinclair says:


      The thing is, sometimes labels get it ‘right’ with numbers, and sometimes they don’t. When the don’t that either means stuff goes out of print quickly (Kinks in Mono, or SDE of Mike Oldfield’s Crises) or you get massive overstocks (Oasis “Dig Out Your Soul” box, I’m looking at you – they did 30k of them apparently!).

      I think what you do depends on how much you love the artist and therefore desire the item. I’m much more inclined to ‘wait’ as Alan is suggesting, if I’m thinking ‘it won’t kill me not to own it, but I would quite like it’. On the other hand if Kate Bush releases an overpriced Hounds of Love box this year, I’ll be on it like a shot and won’t consider for a nanosecond about waiting 12 months in case I save £30!

      • Sal says:

        Talking about over stocks, I get the feeling not enough of The Jam fans were crazy about buying the Setting Son box set for £80 or £100 on Amazon.
        It has now been slashed to £40 + delivery on a couple of websites.
        See the Great Offer Store or Record Store.

  25. Bjarne Laastad says:

    Wow! Thanks! I somehow ended up paying £34.52 for the box itself – plus
    Postage & Packing to Norway: £7.28

    • Boaz Halachmi says:

      The VAT is always deducted from non-UK residences at checkout.

      • Marton says:

        “The VAT is always deducted from non-UK residences at checkout.”
        That’s not true, my country has a higher VAT than UK, hence the price increases at checkout. Unfortunately…

        • Boaz Halachmi says:

          Oh… really? Didn’t know that. Do you mean that Amazon UK takes VAT for another country? Strange. Where are you from?

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