Deal alert / Kate Bush box set bargains

Massive reductions on vinyl and CD boxes!

Ever since Kate Bush released her vinyl and CD box set remasters late last year, there has been the occasional good deal popping up, but today in the UK, thanks to some competition between HMV and Amazon, almost every CD and Vinyl box is available at a bargain price…

The 7CD ‘Remastered Part I’ box (The Kick Inside to The Red Shoesis just £33 while the second box set which includes Aerial, Director’s Cut, 50 Words For Snow – and crucially ‘The Other Sides’ 4CD rarities set – is only £49 (down from over £70).

The VINYL sets are equally good. The 4LP box set that is Remastered in Vinyl I (The Kick Inside to The Dreaming) is a snip at £37 while volume II (Hounds of Love to The Red Shoes) is even cheaper at £35. Remastered in Vinyl IV is the four LPs of rarities (B-sides and remixes) and is available for £40.

Only the third vinyl box remains unchanged price-wise. It’s not clear how long these deals will last, but surely they’ll never drop any lower than this, so make the most of it. All the deals are below, along with SDE price comparison widgets so you can see how these discounts compare.

Kate Bush /  Remastered Part I 7CD bo set – £33 (was £48)

Kate Bush /  Remastered Part II 11CD bo set – £49 (was £79)

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl I 4LP box – £37 (was £63)

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl II 4LP box – £35 (was £60)

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl IV 4LP box – £35 (was £64)


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Kate Bush

CD box # 1 - 7CD The Kick Inside to The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

CD box # 2 - 11CD Aerial to Before The Dawn + rarities discs


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 1 - a kick inside, never for ever, lionheart, The dreaming


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 2 - Hounds of Love, The Sensual World, The Red Shoes


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 3 - Aerial, 50 Words For Snow, Director's Cut


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Kate Bush

Vinyl box 4 - 12 inch mixes, The Other Side 1, The Other Side 2, In Others Words


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 2

Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 3

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)

Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl Box 4

12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

Kate Bush Remastered CD box 1

The Kick Inside (1978)
Lionheart (1978)
Never For Ever (1980)
The Dreaming (1982)
Hounds of Love (1985)
The Sensual World (1989)
The Red Shoes (1993).

Kate Bush Remastered: CD box 2

Aerial (2005)
Director’s Cut (2011)
50 Words For Snow (2011)
Before The Dawn (2016)
12″ Mixes
The Other Side 1 (B-sides)
The Other Side 2 (B-sides continued)
In Others’ Words (covers)

What’s in the rarities discs:


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

70 responses to Deal alert / Kate Bush box set bargains

  1. Andy Haines says:

    Just purchased Kate Bush IV vinyl box for £36.94 from Music Magpie on eBay. Price on Amazon fluctuates so much it’s pot luck what price you end up paying!

  2. Simon Bush-T says:

    Thanks for great tip-off as ever Paul. I’ve been watching the 4 x LP Remastered in Vinyl I price very carefully over the past few months and this offer was exactly what I have been waiting for so you are a Godsend!
    After much umming and ahing, I went for the 7 CD Remastered Part I set in the end and after a bit of (ahem) “shopping around”, got it for under £30. It arrived today + Happy days!

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  4. Doug says:

    Box set 1 price has gone up on amazon but individual disc prices are currently down to £6.99 (apart from Hounds of Love and Red Shoes).

  5. Ken Ronning says:

    Thanks Paul, I’m finished with the 4 boxes now. All at great discounts thanks to your alerts.
    Just need to get Before The Dawn on vinyl and be done with Kate for a while.

  6. Shane says:

    I would like to clarify a few points regarding amazon (eu sites) shipping: there is no set rules bur sometimes pack every single vinyl release in a sealed wraparound cardboard mailer (with a sticker on it stating what it is). Sometimes, and i guess it depends from who prepares the shipment, this get put in an actual long cardboard box (with often little buffet inside) which does overdo it but is supposed to protect the item (but not the planet, but let’s not open that can). Sometimes that wraparound mailer is all that it is used and shipped in. Ive often received damaged stuff in either. Just because some of you were lucky doest mean everyone is.

  7. Elizabeth Hirst says:

    Excellent news – Vinyl IV was back up to £40, but that’s still a seriously good price.

  8. Howie says:

    My vol 1 cd boxset arrived today, after cancelling the first two vinyl boxes, I can put up with the naked fish men for such a good price, however is there anything missing in the box as there looks as though there should be something else in there other than the 7 cds with such a big gap. At least the cds come out easy. Thank you for the price alert.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Nothing missing. It’s the CDs and that’s it!

    • Mark Yon says:

      Howie: I felt the same, but then realised that my copy of “The Other Sides” fits in there as well! As I’m not planning on buying the second set, it made sense to me….

  9. Alan B says:

    The Cloudbusting picture disc is available to pre order from Rough Trade as a “US import”. One way of getting around the HMV exclusive retailer for the UK scenario.

  10. Shane says:

    I resisted. Really think IV has stunning artwork, ive seen it, but amazon are renowned for using flimsy cardboard so it would certainly arrive damaged, especialky the spines. I would just look at it for 3 mins then store it away. And dont want to see those ugly fish people labels.

    • DogFacedBoy says:

      Just took delivery of IV – arrived in a thick cardboard sleeve inside another cardboard box – perfectly fine. I mean the planet is doomed but hey, no damage to me vinyl

      Thanks again Paul for the (fish) heads up

    • David M says:

      If anything amazon over package everything. I have never had any damage to yhe outside of vinyl ordered from them. Wish they would use less.

  11. Wayne C says:

    Thank you so much Paul for alerting me to this deal, I was hoping to buy them on release (vinyl) but at £300 for the four box sets I couldn’t afford it. With your great alerts I have managed to buy all four for just below £150 a tremendous 50% saving. Thanks again Paul this website is great at pinpointing bargains that I would otherwise have missed out on. Saw the full set in the flesh a few weeks ago, and now I will own them myself. Wonderful!.

  12. Pablo says:

    Bobbie Gentry’s The Girl From Chickasaw County The Complete Capitol Masters box set is up for 59,40GBP in Highly recommended and very good price too! This and the recent Ronnie Lane box show the way on how reissue box sets should be done imho

    • Chris Squires says:


      It’s a great set either way even if, now, £30 less than I paid for it. A rare loss.

    • Andrew Aston says:

      Thank you for the heads up. Intrigued like many but no real prior knowledge prior to the Mercury Rev cd. So I played on stream this morning, realized I know a lot more than I thought but had never joined the dots…so now ordered.

    • Steve Holt says:

      Pablo, thanks for the Bobbie Gentry tip-off. Gracias caballero.

      • Pablo says:

        Glad you could take advantage, you will not regret it! Cheers

        • Wayne C says:

          Bought this on the recommendation, lovely voice and a really beautiful lady. My mum knows her very well from past years but this box looked so well presented on the internet I just thought buy it!. Thanks again.

  13. Richard Farr says:

    Thank you Paul, no question, no messing, vinyl Box set 1 ordered immediately. That is £9 per LP with some loose change added. Even HMVs upcoming vinyl week starting on Friday is unlikely to compete quite as well with that….although who knows…..
    On that subject do sign up for the HMV alerts for their annual vinyl ‘Record Shop Day’ on Saturday 15th June which the new owners of the company have fortunately embraced – lots of good releases announced already including ; Queen x2 coloured vinyl including Greatest Hits 1, Clash – Combat Rock on coloured, John Coltrane on coloured…and 2 more sets of announcements to come…..

  14. Wayne C says:

    Bit late to the deal , but got I,II and IV to complete the set after the German Amazon you advised a fortnight ago – what not to like thanks a lot Paul, once again!.

  15. Mickey Stevens says:

    Thanks for the tip, Paul! Getting Remastered Part One on CD for just under $43 USD with shipping and fees etc. Much cheaper than the price on Amazon’s US site. Can’t wait as I’ve never actually owned HOL!

  16. Dean says:

    Thought about this for some time today. On the one hand I have the original CD’s, including a proper Hound of love without ridiculous changes, and they all sound great.

    On the other, new is new, and different is different. And hey, it’s on sale.

    In the end, I decided against. The price would need to come down further for me. I’m only interested in the first set – so the lack of bonus tracks, the messing with tracks, the missing track from Sensual World, and a mastering issue with Never Forever…. plus, I think the box art is atrocious, and now career spanning booklet either…… I’ll keep on waiting.

  17. Alex says:

    And yet none of them have the elusive 7″ single version of The Man With The Child In His Eyes with the whispered intro. Has it ever been on CD does anyone know?

  18. MickMac says:

    Cheers Paul, ordered Boxes I, II & IV. Do you think Boxset III will drop in price pal?

  19. Derek in Canada says:

    Pulled the trigger on Part 1 box set. Big thanks, Paul!

  20. Peter Yarrow says:

    Annoying as I paid full price when they were released ☹️

    • Michael says:

      me too Peter :-) But I’ve had them for all this extra time, so it’s been worth it. I love the remasters of the oldest albums.

    • Alan Mitchell says:

      I also paid high prices for all four boxes but don’t mind at all as they were worth it. And once the money has gone it’s gone. At least they’re not losing money as quickly as my car ;)

      Real bargain prices though.

  21. Kauwgompie says:

    Wow that is very cheap. I got the cd box “Remastered 2” in the German 3 for 2 so that still beats this price but I jumped a bit too early on “Remastered 1”. Paid about $15 more than this price. Good things come to those who wait! It’s great sound and good quality music, especially box 1.

    I bought box 2 for the rarities discs but that wasn’t necessary after all as they released them separately later, which has been discussed at length on another thread here. Perhaps the reason these box sets are not selling and therefore priced so low.

  22. Jon says:

    Got a £10 for downloading the Amazon app so £23 for box 1 for me, a bargain.

  23. Justin (UK) says:

    Thanks Paul- been waiting for this price drop- bagged cd box set 1 and also vinyl box set 1 (o:

  24. Bill says:

    Bit the bullet on CD box 1 & Box II vinyl. Happy days. Cheers Paul. My mate says thanks as well as he wanted them also!

  25. Vishal says:

    Cheers Paul, ordered I, II and IV. Thank you!

  26. Richard Bartley says:

    Thank you for this deal. Picked up final ll & IV.

  27. Mark Yon says:

    Thanks, Paul: CD Box Set #1 bought. I had them all in unremastered form, but just too tempting at that price… but Box Set #2 I decided not to, after buying them all on CD seperately, including The Other Sides a couple of months ago for about £15. Had I not bought then, I might’ve been tempted there as well!

    Keep up the good work!

  28. nigel p ward says:

    Off topic but can I still buy online from HMV?

  29. nigel p ward says:

    So I’ve just ordered both CD sets for £82 from Amazon. How much of a saving have i made from the original price?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      £73 because these two were £155 together when they first came out (I know, I bought them).

      • Derek Langsford says:

        I got mine for about £109 from Amazon Canada on pre-order for the CD sets.

        Starting to get a little ticked by the steep discounts offered within 6 months or so of releases. I always used to think it a risk to not pre-order (as it was for the Paul Young Singles Box) but the Bowie, Floyd, and now KB have all been deeply discounted within a year of original issue and even the Beatles/Lennon/McCartney sets have seen discounts. I might have to reconsider my strategy.

        So what does this say about the KB remasters? Some of the later albums didn’t need remastering, the BtD set was not remastered, The Other Sides has been released separately and missed tracks that were on CD singles or TWW; all of these issues undermined Remastered II. Could have skipped Remastered II by including a more comprehensive Other Sides in Remastered I (as few tracks are post-TRS), adding a singles compilation CD and Blu-ray or DVD of the single videos for about £100. Won’t even mention the video for……

  30. Chris Squires says:

    I wasn’t going to bother with the CDs and stick with the vinyl, however Box 1 was too irresistible at that price, 7 brilliant albums for under a fiver each…very useful for the car as the turntable keeps jumping over the speed bumps!

  31. Jau says:

    Living in Australia. Miss out on these prices as everything is so expensive here

  32. Jim Breeds says:

    No download code for the vinyl Part I! That’s bad in this day & age. I can’t be bothered to rip the vinyl so I guess it’s the CDs for me then. POlus you get more music.

  33. John in Manhattan says:

    Greetings from New York City and a very happy Gay Pride Month on this June 1st to all! USD 95.42/GBP 75.64/EUR 85.56 total for BOTH CD box sets incl. shipping. Incroyable! Many thanks, Paul!

  34. Joe Kelly says:

    3 is down to £62.62 on Amazon now

  35. Shawn says:

    Thank you Paul, you helped me spend some birthday cash!

    This is how the rabbit hole works with respect to Kate Bush vinyl boxes. Found #1 stateside during the holidays for $56 shipped. Figured that is all I really wanted as I already had Snow and would buy Aerial at some point. Later found #3 for an unbelievable $26 & change. Now added #’s 2 & 4, both for $88 shipped. Grand total, $170. Individually these seem like great deals (which they are). If she packaged these as a mega box and asked me to pay $170, I’d have probably laughed.

    Brilliant marketing on her part!

  36. Joe Kelly says:

    Typical, it was only last night I bought vinyl 1,2 and 3 off Music Magpie for £46 each thinking I’d bagged a bargain…grrrr!

  37. Anthony Billington says:

    Been waiting for box 1 to drop a little. Thanks Paul!

  38. Trevor Baker says:

    Similar prices in HMV…£35 and £45 for the CD sets

  39. Paul says:

    I’m almost tempted to buy the lot again at that price!

  40. Vincent B says:

    Thanks Paul. I bought the vinyl boxes on release but these prices on the CD sets has been way too tempting. Terrific value.

  41. Nigel says:

    Thanks, waiting for first CD box to drop in price.

  42. Allan says:

    Thanks Paul, just ordered the first two vinyl boxes.

  43. Anthony Grice says:

    Until last year, the only album, well, CD, I had of hers was The Whole Story. Don’t know why I’d never bought a studio album before. Last year I got the 2 CD box sets for Christmas. I’m totally hooked.

  44. Ken Murphy says:

    Not quite sure how I managed to get to 48 years old without ever buying a Kate Bush record, but that changes now! Thanks Paul.

  45. Gary C says:

    Made too many, sold too few, what is this witchcraft?

  46. Mark says:

    As Kate said many years ago ‘WOW’.These prices are amazing. I guess many people glad they held out. Snapped up all the vinyl after missing out on all the other one off offers ..THANK YOU PAUL

  47. Stevie B says:

    Someone in that funny sky was listening!
    (and many thanks for the Stephen Duffy, Heaven 17 & Eighth Wonder items… wonderful :)

  48. Narendra Kumar Alambara says:

    Thanks Paul, many cheers from India!

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