Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Coda remastered 3LP vinyl


Mega-price for the triple-180g vinyl reissue of Led Zeppelin‘s last album Coda.

The 1982 album was reissued last year and includes the remastered LP, plus two LPs of companion audio, which feature 15 previously-unreleased tracks recorded between 1968 and 1974.

This is packaged in a tri-fold sleeve with three pockets and includes two 12″ x 12″ LP inserts. It’s just £14 right now (3pm BST, 23/6/16) on Amazon UK, or even less via some marketplace sellers. (note: single vinyl version is only £8).


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Led Zeppelin

CODA [Deluxe Edition Remastered Vinyl] (Triple Vinyl)


Coda 3LP

Album / LP 1

1. “We’re Gonna Groove”
2. “Poor Tom”
3. “I Can’t Quit You Baby”
4. “Walter’s Walk”
5. “Ozone Baby”
6. “Darlene”
7. “Bonzo’s Montreux”
8. “Wearing And Tearing”

Companion Audio / LP 2
1. “We’re Gonna Groove” (Alternate Mix)
2. “If It Keeps On Raining” (When The Levee Breaks – Rough Mix)
3. “Bonzo’s Montreux” (Mix Construction In Progress)
4. “Baby Come On Home”
5. “Sugar Mama” ( Mix)
6. “Poor Tom” (Instrumental Mix)
7. “Travelling Riverside Blues” (BBC Session)
8. “Hey, Hey, What Can I Do”

Companion Audio / LP 3
1. “Four Hands” (Four Sticks – Bombay Orchestra)
2. “Friends” (Bombay Orchestra)
3. “St. Tristan’s Sword” (Rough Mix)
4. “Desire” (The Wanton Song – Rough Mix)
5. “Bring It On Home” (Rough Mix)
6. “Walter’s Walk” (Rough Mix)
7. “Everybody Makes It Through” (In The Light – Rough Mix)

9 responses to Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Coda remastered 3LP vinyl

  1. Tom M says:

    I wonder how much these prices will change now that Britain is leaving the EU. Could be drastic.

  2. Mark says:

    Worth having a look at the sale on Amazon France too: Got the Springsteen River Blu-Ray box set for €60, The Beatles 1 double blu ray set for €28 and The Velvet Underground Loaded box set for €35. As Ice Cube said, it was a good day.

  3. Alan Wilson says:

    Excellent, that’s the last one I needed to complete the remasters set, nice way to round off the collection with a cheeky little bargain, thanks.

  4. richie says:

    At the present time there are loads of bargains on Amazon UK, I just got `Islands` & `Cahoots` by The Band, `Almost Blue` Elvis Costello, `A Treasury` Nick Drake and Mike Oldfield`s `The Killing Fields` all on vinyl and all £6.99 each. There are many more, I had to come away!

  5. Marc I Federman says:

    UK Price is still good, even if US price shot back up

  6. Leemer says:

    And it’s now $36. That was fast.

    • whatprogress says:

      It’s $36 if sold by Amazon US, however that $14.99 is available from a third party seller (Collector’s Choice). ImportCD’s price is even one cent lower through Amazon. Both charge $3.99 for shipping.

  7. john T says:

    Also Coda Single vinyl only £8

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