Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy super deluxe edition


Updated 6/7/16: Amazon France now selling the Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy super deluxe box at under £35.

This set contains two 180g vinyl records, two CDs, a hardcover book, a print and hi-res download code and the price of €40 (£34) really is as cheap as we’ve seen this set, which was £110 when first released!


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Led Zeppelin

Houses Of The Holy [Super Deluxe Edition Box] [CD and Vinyl]


1. The Song Remains The Same
2. The Rain Song
3. Over The Hills And Far Away
4. The Crunge
5. Dancing Days
6. D’yer Mak’er
7. No Quarter
8. The Ocean

Companion Audio
1. The Song Remains The Same (Guitar Overdub Reference Mix)
2. The Rain Song (Mix Minus Piano)
3. Over The Hills And Far Away (Guitar Mix Backing Track)
4. The Crunge (Rough Mix – Keys Up)
5. Dancing Days (Rough Mix with Vocal)
6. No Quarter (Rough Mix With JPJ Keyboard Overdubs – No Vocal)
7. The Ocean (Working Mix)

36 responses to Deal alert / Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy super deluxe edition

  1. Håkan says:

    Bought it from UK. (the original alert) can confirm that it states first pressing and included limited, numbered print. Mine was numbered around 5.500 of 30.000.

  2. pierre alary says:

    coool..i’m just receiving the dead alert for the “house of the holy” box set week later …….it works ..ha!ha!ha!

  3. Pascal says:

    Great price!! Just ordered at 40,49 euros including shipping, a real bargain at this price!!!
    Thanks a lot Paul!!
    Et merci pour ton site top!!!

  4. Gavin Young says:

    €92 already, that was quick….!!

  5. Jay Kranz says:

    got this one thanks! wonder why all deals on houses of the holy? hope we see some of the other ones dropping soon.

  6. Peter Anderson says:

    Just consigned all of my Led Zep SDE boxes to the attic after first removing the original vinyl/discs – apart from LZ 1 the additional discs are only worthy of a single play, the books a cursory glance being 95% pictures (albeit well reproduced) and the boxes themselves just take up too much room. Even thought I did not quite pay the full original asking price, they have become something of a guilty (and limited)) pleasure. Classic case of the artist having too much control.

  7. Koen says:

    thx Paul! ordered it and got a free premium try-out from Amazon…. ordered yesterday and got confirmation it’s already ‘send’!

  8. DaKraut says:

    I just ordered it from at 40.95 Euros. Incl. shipping it was 45.95 Euros. Great deal. So if you missed out, try again.

  9. Le Baron says:

    Just ordered!
    Merci beaucoup, Paul !! :)

  10. Ronny Pudding says:

    And $69 shipped for Coda.

  11. Ronny Pudding says:

    Thanks for this. Got it for $67 shipped to the US from!

  12. James Lee says:

    Thanks John T got the bargain Van Morrison

  13. Geoff says:

    It’s Amazon Prime Day on July 12th in the UK so hopefully there’ll be more deals then.

  14. Mic Smith says:

    I would be surprised that these copies contain the numbered print. The paper cover slick does make it clear though if it’s the first edition with the print. So if if doesn’t say that then it’s not the first edition.

  15. Jack says:

    $97 shipped to the USA. Still a high price.

  16. Leemer says:

    Fantastic price. Wish I had waited.

  17. Martin says:

    Damn missed as was at work – bloody typical harrumph

  18. Piotr says:

    After the cancellation of my Queen box set I’ve given up on Its been 13 years of hard core buying from them, but I’m never buying from those tax dodging bastards again. I know Paul you get a referral fee for sales through this blog so no worries in that respect that’s your prerogative. I hope one day shops like Rough Trade and Juno will get a look in.

    • Bren says:

      “After the cancellation of my Queen box set I’ve given up on”

      Until I get a dispatch notice, I’m fully expecting a pricing error & cancellation email – both The Wall Immersion set (out of stock) and Queen/Odeon set (pricing error) got cancelled before anything was sent.

  19. eric slangen says:

    On the CODA super deluxe is now 65 euro!! But hurry, only 10 left.

  20. Darren Briscoe says:

    Got the Van Morrison Duets 2LP for only $5 from Amazon USA

  21. Jay says:

    Was in my basket at 42 pounds they warned only one left so I was pumping through but after I clicked purchase it said it wasn’t available. :(

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Unlucky. Looks like it’s over. Lasted 30 mins.

      • Paul Murphy says:

        Might have to change the title to ‘Lightning Deal Alert From SDE’ the speed some of these are selling out lately! Whilst here, heartbroken that Scotty Moore has joined the seemingly never-ending 2016 casualty list. Last one of the quartet that put the mystery train in motion that led to us all being fans of this site.

  22. Ausmonty says:

    Eric Clapton vinyl box set for €91 @ Amazon France

  23. john T says:

    Thanks Paul, just had a look and great deals all over amazon UK at the moment ….Van Morrison “Re-Working The Catalogue” on double vinyl only £6

    • Håkan says:

      Cheers. Booked “Duets” at about 10 pounds including freight to Sweden. Not bad.

    • Paul Wren says:

      Thank you, Hakan, for the tip off – I’ve just ordered this vinyl release for £6.45 to my door (free postage as I’m part of the “Prime” offer).

  24. andrew R says:

    Does this contain numbered print Paul as there were only supposed to be 30’000
    printed? Ipaid a lot more for mine on release on that basis . The word Fan does derive from Fanatic so… serves me right

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I guess there’s a chance it may not contain the print then… although it probably will!

    • Bren says:

      “Does this contain numbered print”

      Mine arrived today after ordering at £42 from Amazon UK yesterday – contains the numbered print (in my box at least).

      • Mic Smith says:

        Good deal then. The reason I questioned it was with one of these (Zep 4?) I pre-ordered months before release and was sent the second pressing but had to return it and was sent the first edition as a replacement. So given the time these have been in stock one expected that first pressing to have sold out by now…..

  25. Håkan says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Booked it. Just a few left…

  26. Bren says:

    Awesome! My favourite Zeppelin album. Found the Zeppelin SDE’s highly desirable but an outlay of over £1000 to have bought them all at the time of release. Have been minded to pick up HOTH SDE if it ever ducked below the £60 mark. At £42 it’d be rude not to.

    Looking forward on hearing The Rain Song & No Quarter in hi-res whilst leafing through the book.

  27. DJ Control says:

    Thanks SDE!

  28. Le Baron says:

    Thanks Paul !! :)

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