Deal alert / Led Zeppelin How The West Was Won blu-ray audio

Great price in the USA today for the blu-ray audio edition of the forthcoming reissue of Led Zeppelin‘s live album How The West Was Won.

This set features newly remastered audio (supervised by Jimmy Page) and includes 96kHz/24 bit 5.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio Surround) and stereo mixes (PCM Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo). It’s just $18 right now which is exceptionally good for three CDs worth of hi-res audio. That’s close to half the equivalent UK price, for example.

Don’t forget, this blu-ray edition isn’t available in the super deluxe edition box (that has a DVD) so this is well worth picking up, especially at this price. It’s released on 23 March, so this is a pre-order.

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Led Zeppelin

How The West Was Won - blu-ray audio


Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won blu-ray audio

How The West Was Won / blu-ray audio

All audio available in 96kHz/24 bit 5.1 (DTS-HD Master Audio Surround), stereo mixes (PCM Stereo and DTS-HD Master Audio Stereo).

LA Drone 0:14
Immigrant Song 3:42
Heartbreaker 7:25
Black Dog 5:41
Over The Hills And Far Away 5:08
Since I’ve Been Loving You 8:02
Stairway To Heaven 9:38
Going To California 5:37
That’s The Way 5:54
Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 4:55
Dazed And Confused 25:25
– Walter’s Walk
– The Crunge
What Is And What Should Never Be 4:41
Dancing Days 3:42
Moby Dick 19:20
Whole Lotta Love 23.08
– Boogie Chillun
– Let’s Have A Party
– Hello Marylou
– Going Down Slow
Rock And Roll 3:56
The Ocean 4:21
Bring It On Home 9:30
– Bring It On Back

22 responses to Deal alert / Led Zeppelin How The West Was Won blu-ray audio

  1. eric Slangen says: cancelled my order stated it’s unavailable!!!!!!

  2. Mick says:

    This release was a very nice surprise. I have the original 3CD set. IIRC the DVD-A was 2 discs. This betters that by giving us the whole program on a single disc.
    I just hope they don’t render the 24/96 moot by squashing the dynamics.

  3. Eddie says:

    The tracklisting above includes Hello Marylou in the Whole Lotta Love medley.

    I have seen it reported that it won’t be included this time (maybe for copyright reasons)

    Anyone know either way yet?

  4. Gis Bun says:

    Why did they bother using LA Drone as a separate track for a massive 14 seconds…

  5. Paul Garvey says:

    Any chance of including amazon Australia please for your future alert listings, for the fellow poms in Aus. Only recently opened up here. Although will likely be the most expensive site!

  6. LedMan says:


  7. Ron Martin says:

    Years ago, I bought the DVD-A of this until I needed money and used copies of it became worth double than what I paid for it on eBay.

    It will be good to get this back (and in Blu-ray format, no less) for less money than I paid for the original DVD-A.

    Thanks again, Paul!

  8. Ron Martin says:

    Thank you, Paul.

  9. Wayne Olsen says:

    Paul, I love your site. You do a great service. Much appreciated. My credit card company lives you too.

  10. Paul McNamara says:

    For EU residents better going local time you’ve paid shipping and import duty……..

  11. PaulD says:

    The value at which you used to pay VAT from outside the EU was £18 but it’s now £15 and, as before, this includes any postage and insurance. See:

  12. Eddie says:

    Rip-off Britain!

    Even worse after Brexit because this:

    “If you buy goods online from outside the EU for delivery to the UK…”

    will become this:

    “If you buy goods online from outside the UK for delivery to the UK…”

  13. Gavin Hallesy says:

    $30.32 with shipping (to the UK), tax and Import Fees Deposit

  14. Mark says:

    I pre ordered Zep blu-Ray for under 20us and The Who 1968 for only 12 US dollars and change. Thanks Paul, you’re the best!

  15. Auntie Sabrina says:

    You pay no VAT if the item and postage costs are less than £15? Customs Duty is for items above £135 too?

  16. Paul Smart says:

    There will be no duty on this as its under £18
    “If you buy goods online from outside the EU for delivery to the UK, you’ll have to pay Customs Duty (if over £120 value) and Import VAT (if over £18) on top of the purchase price (including duties), though Customs Duty is waived if the amount of the calculated duty payable is £7 or less.”

  17. Jan says:

    Comes in at $30 with delivery and tax.

  18. Giles Kendrick says:

    What has puzzled me is whether there’s any way to pre-pay the import duty etc. Fed up with paying duty and then getting screwed for VAT and a disproportionate handling fee on top. It would pretty much double the price and negate any saving.

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