Deal alert / Lou Reed: The Sire Years – Complete Albums Box (10CD)


If you’ve pre-ordred the forthcoming RCA and Arista Lou Reed box, here’s an opportunity to pick up The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box at an incredible price on Amazon Italy.

His fertile period with Sire included some amazing albums including New York, Songs For Drella, Magic and Loss and Set The Twilight Reeling. In total you get 8 albums across ten CDs for less than £14 (€16) on Amazon Italy right now (10pm 23/7/16).


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Lou Reed

The Sire Years: Complete Albums Box


Lou Reed / The Sire Years: Complete Albums box / 10CD set

Albums in the box:

  1. New York
  2. Songs For Drella
  3. Magic and Loss
  4. Set The Twilight Reeling
  5. Perfect Night In London
  6. Ecstasy
  7. The Raven (2CD)
  8. Animal Serenade (2CD)

14 responses to Deal alert / Lou Reed: The Sire Years – Complete Albums Box (10CD)

  1. Don’t know about the mastering of any of Reed’s albums, but I do know that just because something is reissued doesn’t necessarily mean it needs remastering.

  2. Dean says:

    None of the Sire albums need remastering – they sound terrific.

  3. ken07 says:

    Picked it up early July from Amazon Fr for 16e. It was at this price for a few days or more back then; if I remember correctly.

  4. GHB says:

    Unfortunately, the Legacy edition in the autumn doesn’t include remasters of these Sire albums I believe, which is a shame – just the RCA and Arista albums …. would have been great to have a Dylan style box including every album, but I guess this isn’t to be – Lou remastered the RCA/Arista albums, which leaves me wondering if he did the later Sire ones too?

  5. Franck ISSAN says:

    And of course the CDs has not been remastered :-(

  6. BritinDetroit says:

    And there is a gigantus Legacy edition coming our way in October…….

  7. Leemer says:

    Thanks for the info. And it was gone… I missed it. But that was probably due to my own procrastination. Thank you and keep sending us the good deals!

  8. john says:

    Sold out in less than 10 minutes. Too bad.

  9. Daran says:

    Link goes to France…

  10. Daran says:

    Sure it’s Italy Paul? At 10.33pm your widget says Amazon France is 13.80, and Italy is £29.31. Or are they jumping about?

  11. Ray says:

    Bargin ! Thanks Paul just grabbed one.

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