Deal alert / Marc Almond and Soft Cell

Fantastic price right now on Amazon UK for the deluxe edition of the Marc Almond / Soft Cell ‘Hits and Pieces’ greatest hits.

This two-CD career summary was issued earlier this year and offers 35 tracks including all the hits and more, including Almond’s collaborations with Bronski Beat and Gene Pitney. It’s incredible value right now at just £5!

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Marc Almond

Hits and Pieces - The Best of Marc Almond & Soft Cell



Disc: 1
1. Memorabilia – Soft Cell
2. Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go – Soft Cell
3. Bedsitter – Soft Cell
4. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – Soft Cell
5. Torch – Soft Cell
6. What? – Soft Cell
7. Where The Heart Is – Soft Cell
8. Soul Inside – Soft Cell
9. Down In The Subway – Soft Cell
10. Medley: I Feel Love – Bronski Beat, Marc Almond
11. Black Heart – Marc And The Mambas
12. Stories Of Johnny
13. Melancholy Rose
14. Tears Run Rings
15. Ruby Red
16. Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart – Marc Almond, Gene Pitney
17. A Lover Spurned

Disc: 2
1. The Desperate Hours
2. My Hand Over My Heart
3. Jacky
4. The Days Of Pearly Spencer
5. What Makes A Man
6. Adored And Explored – Marc Almond, Buster Poindexter
7. The Idol
8. Brilliant Creatures
9. Child Star
10. Tragedy (Take a Look and See)
11. Glorious
12. Variety
13. Burn Bright
14. The Dancing Marquis
15. Bad To Me
16. Scar
17. A Kind Of Love
18. Tainted Love – Marc Almond, Jools Holland and His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

20 responses to Deal alert / Marc Almond and Soft Cell

  1. Ryan says:

    Shame this wasn’t released on vinyl. Would have got myself a copy too :(

  2. Stevie B says:

    12.33 Back up to full price but if you ordered it at a fiver you will have gotten the Autorip copy for free :)

    • Neil says:

      All albums you buy from Amazon that have the Autorip function are free unless you cancel your order and download the mp3s beforehand in which case you have to pay for the mp3s.

  3. Stevie B says:

    Thank you. Ordered it last night. It also comes as a double Autorip album for Amazon Music UK. :)

  4. Peter Nicholas says:

    @David McCallum A Soft Cell boxset is in production 9 CD’s and 1 DVD apparently, no due date as yet though.

  5. Lemmin says:

    Two of Marc’s albums have also been released in 2 disc sets if anyone was unaware. I picked both up by surprise as I heard nothing of them prior:

    Stranger Things

    Open All Night

  6. KeithC says:

    Wow. The Canadian deal must have lasted for all of 10 seconds. Back up to $30 now pre S&H costs. Eek.

  7. Kauwgompie says:

    If you like Soft Cell / Marc Almond, this is also great value. 3 cd’s of 12″‘es including the B-sides. A must have for fans.

  8. Eamonn says:

    Didn’t it sell?

  9. Gary Hunter says:

    Thanks for this Paul, ordered without hesitation :)

  10. Mike Williams says:

    Even with the shipping to the U.S.A., it was less than $10.00USD!

  11. Auntie Sabrina says:

    Eric, some of these titles are on the boxset and this collection features a few 12″ mixes and a new song too…

    Wonder when the Soft Cell Boxset is out then?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Packaging is quite a nice six-panel digi-pak, if anyone was wondering.

      • Justin Isbell says:

        I was and your comment tipped me into buying it. Thanks Paul As an aside I’ve also got my ticket to see him at G Live later in the year :-)

    • David McCallum says:

      You think there will be a Soft Cell boxset after Trials of Eyeliner last year?! I’m not seeing it. Though a Dave Ball focused boxset might be a fun compliment – with The Grid, remixes, Soft Cell “re-collabs,” etc. Probably wouldn’t warrant ten discs though.

      • Anthony James says:

        As the comment below says, it is happening and both Almond and Ball have been tweeting about it over the last few months – there are going to be new remixes.

  12. eric slangen says:

    Great set. Are all these titles also on the big Almond box earlier this year?

  13. Tainted Clive says:

    Cracking deal!

  14. Babakazoo says:

    Wow! Just ordered it. That is an amazing price :-)

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