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Admittedly, it’s early days for this self-compiled 10CD Marc Almond collection which isn’t due for released until October, but Trials of Eyeliner: Anthology 1979-2016 has already dropped in price massively in the UK.

Having been well over £90 originally, the box set is currently £66 on Amazon UK which significantly undercuts the £75 being charged by Universal’s uDiscover store. If you’re outside the EU, the deal is even better. For example if you’re in the USA this should cost you around $72 plus shipping, if you order from the UK site. Order from Amazon US and they are currently looking for $144 for the same box set!!

Just in case you aren’t aware, if you’ve previously ordered this from Amazon UK you don’t need to re-order. You’ll get the lowest price. Trials of Eyeliner is released on 28 October 2016 and you can read much more about the set over here.


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Marc Almond

Trials Of Eyeliner: Anthology 1979-2016



CD 1


  1. Soft Cell – The Girl With the Patent Leather Face
  2. Marc and the Mambas – Fun City
  3. Marc and the Mambas – Sleaze (Readers Wifes Club Edit)
  4. Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf (original version)
  5. Soft Cell – Youth
  6. Soft Cell – Insecure Me (2002 edit)
  7. Soft Cell – Loving You Hating Me
  8. Soft Cell – Heat
  9. Soft Cell – Meet Murder My Angel
  10. Soft Cell – Surrender to a Stranger
  11. Marc and the Mambas – Untitled
  12. Marc and the Mambas – Big Louise
  13. Marc and the Mambas – Torment
  14. Marc and the Mambas – Catch a Fallen Star
  15. Marc and the Mambas – A Million Manias
  16. Marc Almond – Love Amongst The Ruined
  17. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – Joey Demento

CD 2


  1. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – Gutter Hearts
  2. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – Crime Sublime
  3. Marc Almond – Always
  4. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – I Who Never
  5. Marc Almond – Body Unknown
  6. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – Saint Judy
  7. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – The Hustler
  8. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – There Is A Bed
  9. Marc Almond and the Willing Sinners – Mother Fist
  10. Marc Almond – The Devil (OKay) (Le diable (ça va))
  11. Marc Almond – Lost Paradise (Le paradis perdu)
  12. Marc Almond – The Stars We Are
  13. Marc Almond – These My Dreams Are Yours
  14. Marc Almond (featuring Nico) – Your Kisses Burn
  15. Marc Almond- Toreador In The Rain
  16. Marc Almond – The Sea Still Sings
  17. Marc Almond – Meet Me in My Dream
  18. Marc Almond – Champagne 

CD 3


  1. Marc Almond – Vision (live)
  2. Marc Almond – Night And No Morning
  3. Marc Almond – Deadly Serenade
  4. Marc Almond – The Edge Of Heartbreak
  5. Marc Almond – Come In Sweet Assassin
  6. Marc Almond – Lonely Go Go Dancer (Open All Night European version)
  7. Marc Almond – Midnight Soul
  8. Marc Almond -My Love (Dave Ball Remix)
  9. Marc Almond featuring Siouxsie Sioux – Threat of Love (Neal X remix)
  10. Marc Almond – One Big Soul
  11. Soft Cell – Darker Times
  12. Soft Cell – God Shaped Hole
  13. Marc Almond – Under Your Wing
  14. Marc Almond – Tantalise Me
  15. Marc Almond – Lights
  16. Marc Almond – Redeem Me (Beauty Will Redeem The World)
  17. Marc Almond – The London Boys
  18. Marc Almond – Stardom Road

CD 4


  1. Marc Almond – Sleeping Beauty
  2. Marc Almond – The Storks
  3. Marc Almond with Aquarium – Gosudaryunia
  4. Marc Almond featuring the Orchestra Rossiya – Pearly Night
  5. Marc Almond – Friendship
  6. Marc Almond and Michael Cashmore – Feasting With Panthers
  7. Marc Almond and Michael Cashmore – The Man Condemned to Death
  8. Marc Almond – Variety
  9. Marc Almond – Lavender
  10. Marc Almond – Trials Of Eyeliner
  11. Marc Almond – Farewell
  12. John Harle and Marc Almond – Ratcliffe Highway
  13. Marc Almond with Jeremy Reed and Othon – The Green Fairy
  14. Marc Almond and Carl Barat – Love Is Not On Trial
  15. Marc Almond – The Dancing Marquis
  16. Marc Almond – Tasmanian Tiger
  17. Marc Almond featuring Danielz – Death of a Dandy
  18. Marc Almond – Zipped Black Leather Jacket
  19. Marc Almond – Life in My Own Way

CD 5


  1. Soft Cell – Memorabilia
  2. Soft Cell – Tainted Love
  3. Soft Cell – Bedsitter
  4. Soft Cell – Say Hello Wave Goodbye
  5. Soft Cell – Torch
  6. Soft Cell – What (mono mix)
  7. Soft Cell – Where The Heart Is
  8. Soft Cell – Numbers
  9. Soft Cell – Soul Inside
  10. Soft Cell – Down In The Subway
  11. Marc and the Mambas – Black Heart
  12. Marc Almond – The Boy Who Came Back
  13. Marc Almond – You Have (full version)
  14. Marc Almond – Tenderness Is A Weakness
  15. Bronski Beat & Marc Almond – I Feel Love (Medley)
  16. Marc Almond – Stories Of Johnny
  17. Marc Almond – The House Is Haunted By The Echo Of Your Last Goodbye
  18. Marc Almond – Love Letter
  19. Marc Almond – Ruby Red
  20. Marc Almond – Melancholy Rose

CD 6


  1. Marc Almond – A Woman’s Story
  2. Marc Almond – Tears Run Rings
  3. Marc Almond with Gene Pitney – Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
  4. Marc Almond – Bitter Sweet
  5. Marc Almond – Only The Moment
  6. Marc Almond – A Lover Spurned
  7. Marc Almond – The Desperate Hours
  8. Marc Almond – Waifs and Strays
  9. Marc Almond – What Makes a Man (Live)
  10. Marc Almond – Jacky
  11. Marc Almond – My Hand Over My Heart
  12. Marc Almond – The Days Of Pearly Spencer
  13. Marc Almond – The Idol (Part 1)
  14. Marc Almond – Adored and Explored
  15. Marc Almond – Out There
  16. Marc Almond – Brilliant Creatures
  17. Marc Almond – Child Star

CD 7


  1. P J Proby and Marc Almond with My Life Story Orchestra – Yesterday Has Gone
  2. Marc Almond – Black Kiss
  3. Marc Almond – Tragedy (Take a Look and See)
  4. Marc Almond with Mekon – Please Stay
  5. Marc Almond – Glorious (radio edit)
  6. Marc Almond – Gone But Not Forgotten
  7. Rosenstolz with Marc Almond – Total Eclipse
  8. Soft Cell – Monoculture
  9. Soft Cell – The Night
  10. Marc Almond with Sarah Cracknell – I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
  11. Starcluster with Marc Almond – Smoke and Mirrors (Original Version)
  12. System F featuring Marc Almond -Soul on Soul (radio edit)
  13. King Roc featuring Marc Almond – Prime Evil (Boris Dlugosch mix – edit) 3
  14. T-Total featuring Marc Almond – Baby’s On Fire
  15. Mark Schneider with Marc Almond – Perfect Honey (Temptation)
  16. Marc Almond – Nijinsky Heart
  17. Marc Almond – Burn Bright
  18. Marc Almond – Scar
  19. Marc Almond – Bad To Me
  20. Marc Almond – Demon Lover

CD 8


  1. Marc Almond – Oily Black Limousine
  2. Marc Almond – Indigo Blue
  3. The Burmoe Brothers featuring Marc Almond – Skin
  4. Coil with Marc Almond – Dark Age of Love*
  5. Marc Almond – Amnesia Nights (demo)
  6. Marc Almond with Mekon – Theatre of Dreams
  7. Marc Almond – Demented, Deluded, Delirious (Mekon Remix)
  8. Mekon featuring Marc Almond – Out of My Soul remix (edit)
  9. Andrei Samsonov and Laska Omnia with Marc Almond – Passion and Pain
  10. Andrei Samsonov and Laska Omnia with Marc Almond – The Guilt of My Secret (Original Version)
  11. Marc Almond – Three Monkey Tango*
  12. Marc Almond – The Exhibitionist (original first demo)
  13. Punx Soundcheck featuring Marc Almond – Vanity, Poverty, Revenge
  14. Marc Almond – Fur (Jóhann Jóhannsson mix)
  15. Marc Almond – Dead Eyed Child (remix)
  16. Marc Almond – Black Satin (remix)
  17. Marc Almond – Sequins and Stars
  18. Othon featuring Marc Almond – Last Night I Paid to Close My Eyes
  19. Marc Almond – Beautiful Losers
  20. Marc Almond – City of Nights

CD 9


  1. Marc Almond – Tale of a Tart (Hell)
  2. Marc Almond – Urban Velvet (1997 demo)
  3. Marc Almond – The Beautiful Light of Madness (demo)
  4. Marc Almond – Suburban Opera (1997 demo)
  5. Marc Almond – Life’s a Lonely Drag (But I’m Alive) (demo)
  6. Marc Almond – Bluegate Fields (demo)*
  7. Marc Almond – Someone Like Me (demo)*
  8. Marc Almond – I’m Your Karma (demo)*
  9. Marc Almond featuring Armen Ra –Kill Me or Make Me Beautiful*
  10. Marc Almond – When Bad People Kiss
  11. Marc Almond with Othon – The Tango Song
  12. Marc Almond with the Rossiya Orchestra – The Sun Will Arise
  13. Marc Almond with the Rossiya Orchestra – Tenderness
  14. Marc Almond with Antony Hegarty and the Rossiya Orchestra – River of Sorrow
  15. John Harle with Marc Almond – Angel Eyes
  16. Marc Almond – Keep Back Your Tears
  17. X-TG featuring Marc Almond – The Falconer
  18. Marc Almond with the Gaslight Troubadours – Eros and Eye*
  19. Marc Almond with Brian Reitzell – Snake Charmer

CD 10


  1. Marc Almond with Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra – Cry*
  2. Marc Almond with Jools Holland & His Rhythm & Blues Orchestra – On My Soul (I Swear)*
  3. Marc Almond – Idiot Dancing
  4. Marc Almond – Dark Is My World (Without Love)*
  5. Marc Almond – Kiss the Ghost Goodbye*
  6. Marc Almond – I Am No One (demo)*
  7. Marc Almond and Neal X – Criminal Lover
  8. Marc Almond – The Crimson Diva
  9. Marc Almond – Rhythm and Blues*
  10. Marc Almond – Suicide Saloon
  11. Marc Almond – For Only You*
  12. Marc Almond – Brewer Street Blues
  13. Marc Almond – Miss Urania*
  14. Marc Almond – The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith (Afghan Candles version)*
  15. Marc Almond – Eyes (demo)*
  16. Marc Almond – Be Still (demo)*
  17. Marc Almond – Late Night
  18. Marc Almond – Hurt Me (edit)
  19. Marc Almond – When I Was A Young Man (live)
  20. T. Rextasy with Marc Almond, Tony Visconti and the Dirty Pretty Strings –Teenage Dream (live)
  21. Marc Almond – I Created Me

21 responses to Deal alert / Marc Almond Trials of Eyeliner 10CD Anthology box

  1. Auntie Sabrina says:

    If you ordered from the uDuscover website, you get a “Free” tote bag with your order Bulldog

    • Bulldog says:

      Ha! I also got a “free” rugby ball from Kitbag for buying some Leicester gear (that promptly went flat). I need a tote like I needed that ball. I’d much rather they (and everyone else) put some effort into shipping these high priced, mostly cardboard items in a manner where they don’t arrive beat up!

  2. Bulldog says:

    Well THAT stinks… I was so panicked by the T’Pau sellout, I ordered Marc straight away from uDiscover…

  3. Ian Ryder says:

    Great price but happy with my Universal preorder including the EP at 75 quid. Nice to have a lot of the stuff that is otherwise scattered on separate releases and downloads in one place, disappointed that there’s no ‘This House Is A House Of Trouble’, a fantastic single by Sally Timms and the Drifting Cowgirls.

  4. Jay1 says:

    Paul – Could you find out from Universal if ‘the singles’ section of this boxset will be released on its’ own? I’m a casual fan and would love a complete singles – but not necessarily the rest of this set ?

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      Highly unlikely… and even if it was, it’s not in their interests to tell you while trying to flog this box set :)

  5. Glenn says:

    Ordered! At under $10/disc is a good deal. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Robert Lett says:

    Ordered, thanks!

  7. Ben in Colorado says:

    Bugger all! I spent $120 from uDiscover. :(
    So the EP cost me an extra $30….. I guess the glass is either half empty, or half full….

  8. Martin says:

    Does this pre order come with them extra EP that you get if ordered via the universal store?

  9. John says:

    Ordered from Amazon UK. Came to £55.73 GBP or $73.64 USD including shipping to New York City. Thanks!

  10. John says:

    Ordered! However, I’m annoyed I missed out on the Box Set + Limited Edition EP offer which SOLD OUT quickly.*/*/-SOLD-OUT-Trials-Of-Eyeliner-The-Anthology-1979-2016/58PX0000000

  11. Matt harper says:

    Thanks paul, my wifes a huge marc almond fan (she’d enjoy him singing the phone book!)
    Sensible enough price to make me pull the trigger for a pressie.

  12. Kauwgompie says:

    Nice price in the UK but without remixes I’m skipping this release.

  13. MattS says:

    Good spot on this deal – thanks!!

  14. Eric Slangen says:

    Thanks, that’s a beter price, ordered.

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