Deal alert / Paul McCartney: Tug of War / limited super deluxe edition

This isn’t so much a ‘deal alert’ as an availability alert, since Paul McCartney‘s top-of-range SUPER deluxe edition of Tug of War (released in Oct) is limited to just 1000 units and is already unavailable from many stockists including McCartney’s own website. However, this is available on Amazon Italy at the time of writing.

To recap, the super deluxe is the same as the deluxe (3CD+DVD+two books) except for the fact that it’s very limited (as discussed), AND you get a “numbered acrylic slipcase”, some hand numbered Linda McCartney prints. To be honest, I’d already decided to stick with the ‘just’ the standard deluxe myself, but the Amazon Italy price of €124 (about £88) is the cheapest I’ve seen this and at only £18 more than the Amazon UK deluxe price, I gave in to temptation! Hell, I am editor of SuperDeluxeEdition, so it’s probably in my job description to buy this thing! If you want to join me, get on with it before they sell out…


Tug of War Super Deluxe Edition contains:

• CD 1 – Tug of War: Remixed

• CD 2 – Tug of War: Bonus Audio

1 Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From (Demo / Remastered 2015)
2 Wanderlust (Demo / Remastered 2015)
3 Ballroom Dancing (Demo / Remastered 2015)
4 Take It Away (Demo / Remastered 2015)
5 The Pound Is Sinking (Demo / Remastered 2015)
6 Something That Didn’t Happen (Demo / Remastered 2015)
7 Ebony And Ivory (Demo / Remastered 2015)
8 Dress Me Up As a Robber / Robber Riff (Demo / Remastered 2015)
9 Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version / Remastered 2015)
10 Rainclouds (Remastered 2015)
11 I’ll Give You A Ring (Remastered 2015)

• CD 3: Tug of War: Original Mix


1 Tug of War (Music video version 1)
2 Tug of War (Music video version 2)
3 Take It Away (Music video)
4 Ebony & Ivory (Music video)
5 Fly TIA – Behind the scenes of Take it away (18 minutes documentary)

• 12 page essay book

• 64 page scrapbook

• hi-res audio download

• Numbered Acrylic Slipcase

• Hand Numbered Linda McCartney prints


37 responses to Deal alert / Paul McCartney: Tug of War / limited super deluxe edition

  1. Rik says:

    Watch out – are selling ‘super deluxe’ editions but shipping deluxe editions. I know. I got one. :-(

  2. George Smith says:

    Hello guys

    The acrylic edition of Tug of War is available at
    The item has pictures on it, the price is a little be up but i think anyone will buy that item it’s worth it.

  3. Oliver says:

    Just received my shipping confirmation and I can already track the DHL Shipping. Hours before I received an email which told me, that the shipping will be 2 weeks delayed.

    • Oliver says:

      Ordered at

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      My SDE from Amazon France was damaged in transit and returned to Amazon. And of course they are no longer in stock, so I’ve missed out :(

      • Marvin Kehoe says:

        I’m sorry to hear that Paul.

        Mine arrived today from

        Pathetic packaging for such a heavy weight item… no cushioning or layered spaced protection / between all but one shortest side of the box… unlike the space layered packaging for the Frankie Inside The Pleasuredome box.

        *Warning* : I advise if possible to avoid using scissors or blade to cut/score open the parcel tape between the top or bottom flaps on the largest sides of the outer packaging, and try tearing the tape off instead, as the box set is pressed right up against those sides and only scrumpled paper to one side of the box set

        I hardly let the scissors blade penetrate, but it tore the shrink wrap of the box set and lightly scored the contents card :(

        Aside of the white sticker on the shrink of the box set slightly torn at one the edge, i’m surprised it arrived undamaged.

  4. Marvin Kehoe says: despatched today 5th… delivery due 11th Oct

  5. Mike says:

    Anyone received the set from Amazon Italy yet?

  6. Marc says:

    This is back in stock at Amazon France.

  7. Chris says:

    Meanwhile, the TOW and POP Deluxe Editions at Amazon in the U.S. have seemingly sold out or something. I got mine preordered for $79.99 each before that happened, and yet my order hasn’t been cancelled. Right now, Amazon isn’t taking any orders for both Deluxe sets. Both pages for those currently read “We don’t know when or if the item will be back in stock.”
    While I hope that my order won’t slip through the cracks, I also hope that MPL and Concord hasn’t run into yet another snag like they did with last year’s McCartney/Wings reissues.

    • Bassel says:

      Hi Chris,
      I live in the U.S. as well, if you order from, both the deluxe editions of TOW and POP are still available, they come to 166.17 with shipping, so it’s about roughly 128 dollars, which is about 50 dollars cheaper than ordering it from

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Remember, “Hear Music” is distributed by UMG, and so Amazon’s embargo against UMG may affect ordering of these McCartney titles.

  8. Si says: … cancelled here too! Booooo … Oh well … Giving a punt, it’s the same picture as the Super Deluxe, but says Amazon exclusive instead!? Hmmmm … Well, only time will tell and they may cancel this one too!? Will all have to keep an eye out if this appears on other Amazon sites too. This is getting complex! :-)

  9. Scottie says:

    Hi I just ordered from tonight successfully. I got further discount to Euro116 including the shipping to Australia, so about $AUD170. Yes still pricey but its limited to 1,000 copies worldwide and its one of my favourite McCartney solo’s so I will go for it and likely by the standard deluxe also!

  10. fenwick says:

    Hey Paul

    To Andrea’s point above, are we sure this is the signed print edition? The description only says Amazon exclusive.


  11. Andrea says:

    Yes, the Amazon France page explicitly refers to the super deluxe edition, but from what I’m seeing it has no price tag since it’s “actuellement indisponible”. The Amazon Italy page refers to a “limited amazon exclusive” which I’ve no idea what the heck it means… if I were interested I think I’d be a bit cautious before shelling out €125…

  12. DJ Control says:

    Just had my order cancelled by :(

  13. Kenny McHardy says:

    Amazon France just cancelled my order due to lack of stock:

    ‘Tug of War – Super Deluxe Edition’.

    Despite our efforts, supply difficulties did not allow us to ship this article. Indeed, we were informed by our supplier that following a stock-and undated availability known, it could give us.

    Therefore, this article was canceled your order. Please note that you have not been charged for it and it appears in the “canceled orders” in your account.

    If you still want to receive this item, it is possible that this article is available to new or used from a third party vendor on the marketplace platform. You can visit the following page for more information:

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this cancellation and thank you for your understanding.

  14. Andrea says:

    Actually, the price tag of €124 is about double the price for the current deluxe price on Macca’s site (€ 64.90 to Europe).
    So, 60 euros for an acrylic slipcase and some prints? Thanks, but no thanks.
    I just add that nothing beside the picture, on the item description on the Italian site, explicitly refers to this actually being the super deluxe edition with the slipcase and the prints.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      That price you are quoting (€64.90) to Europe for the normal deluxe must be from the US site, which means it’s shipped from the US and liable for import duty. So if you get caught VAT and the ‘admin’ fee will bring the price up to about £70-ish – or more expensive that Amazon UK. If you click on the link for UK on Macca’s site it directs you to Universal’s site which is charging £65 + shipping. The Amazon Italy price is about £89 for the Super Deluxe so that’s about £24 difference or €33. I made the point in the post that I wasn’t claiming that it’s a bargain, but more highlighting availability. The Amazon Italy price is more or less the same as Amazon France which does make it clear you are buying the super deluxe.

  15. John Moore says:

    Yes picked this up although will be picking it up from Japan too as a regular deluxe- bit of a indulgence?? Thanks for the heads up!

  16. Darren Kerr says:

    Rip off! £18 more for a few bits of paper and a plastic slipcase? The standard deluxe is already a rip off at £70 but this is just the icing on the cake. Still they say a fool and his money soon go separate ways……

  17. Rob Baillargeon says:

    Just a note if this sells out, it pops up occasionally on the McCartney site. After 5 days of nothing, I logged on the Europe site and found it live again, bought it, got confirmation and it was gone again. Someone else had the same thing happen this morning. If you really want it, it is worth checking as people cancel orders or change their minds it pops back up

  18. Archie Dalrymple says:

    for only slightly more than the standard deluxe (err…..) you’ve got haven’t you.

  19. Marvin Kehoe says:


  20. Nir says:

    Thanks Ran! is indeed much cheaper. Just got one too.

  21. Ran says:

    Just got one from!

  22. Bridge says:

    When all said and done (to Canada), its more than twice the price of the Deluxe Edition, so can’t justify. $77CAN to $160CAN.

  23. Roberto says:

    on is EUR 124,85

  24. Marvin Kehoe says:

    It’s showing in stock again

  25. DJ Control says:

    Maccas web site is no longer taking orders. Thanks PS/SDE, I’m on board!

  26. Marvin Kehoe says:

    Thanks Paul, managed to get one (but only just !) Placed it in my basket on my default Firefox browser, tried to place an order through Google Chrome to translate…by the time I logged in there it was showing as sold out.. luckily the order went through from the basket in my Firefox browser. All within 3 minutes of receiving your mail.

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