Deal alert: Paul McCartney / Venus and Mars deluxe book set


LOWEST EVER price for Paul McCartney‘s Venus & Mars deluxe set on Amazon UK.

I think this will go quickly but if you get a move on, it’s yours for an amazing £37!

Sorry folks. This deal has gone! You can sign-up for SDE deal alerts via email so you don’t miss out next time.

Alternative (but not quite as good) prices below:

17 responses to Deal alert: Paul McCartney / Venus and Mars deluxe book set

  1. George Glazener says:

    Has anyone heard of a release date for the Pipes of Peace, Tug of War reissues?

  2. Joe Wiz says:

    We want Tug of War and Pipes of Peace!

  3. Craig Hedges says:

    Hi Paul

    Just a suggestion but when you post these deals it might be worth stating the time you post the article.

  4. Leemer says:

    Wow, £223, may be the highest price ever… Oops!

  5. peter chrisp says:

    What a joke saw that price too 223 pounds rubbish

    • Andy P says:

      It was £36.95 when I looked at 7.30 this morning, as Paul said you need to be quick. Early bird gets the worm!

  6. Straker says:

    That’s the import. UK version approx £42. Search with this ASIN:


  7. TopCat says:

    As a newcomer – what a fantastic site, great insights, news and deals – rediscovering my musical youth at great expense to the wallet!!

    Thank you for all your time and efforts Paul – nabbed this deal (only about $70 delivered to Sydney – unbelievable)

  8. Miker says:

    How many were there at £37 ? 1 or less because it is now £223

  9. DJ Control says:

    Was showing as £37,added it to my cart went straight to checkout and it was £223.

  10. DJ Control says:

    Now £223

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