Deal alert / Paul Weller: Stanley Road LP

Grab this great deal on Universal’s vinyl reissue of Paul Weller‘s classic 1995 album Stanley Road which has up until now been priced extortionately!

At the time of writing (5pm BST 20/4/17) this is around £22 which normally wouldn’t constitute a ‘deal’ but these reissues have been so expensive (Wild Wood, £38, anyone?) that this is actually pretty good. Heavy Soul is also around the £22 mark.

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Paul Weller

Stanley Road [VINYL]




6 responses to Deal alert / Paul Weller: Stanley Road LP

  1. Francesco says:

    Is a remastered version or original?

  2. David Hughes says:

    Gone back up to £30 now but they’ve been £20 delivered (all 4 PW reissues IIRC) on WOwHD from day one and have only fluctuated by pence up and down as the exchange rate does. I’ve found WowHD (allyourmusic parent company) and Dodax in germany my cheapest options in the UK for most things (inc. new releases, niche stuff like Waxwork/Mondo soundtracks and general box sets etc)

  3. alex says:

    @andrew totally agree with you : “Record industry killing the vinyl format for profit”

  4. andrew says:

    The reason why the Weller vinyl reissues are a total rip off .
    The originals could be picked up for between £45.00 to £60.00 in very good plus condition or better.
    Anyone who has bought the reissue on vinyl has paid £10 to £20 pound more than they are worth.
    Re-issuing of vinyl is the new version of the expanded CD. With the expanded CD you only pay over the odds for a few outtakes and “un-heard” of demos as an additional disc. With vinyl you are getting ripped off. Although the “super deluxe” versions @ £100.00 plus are ridiculous . I picked up the Human League vinyl box set last week for £39.99 and not the original prices of £84.99. The answer to buying new vinyl is “wait” or buy the original.

    Wild Wood @ £38.00 for the new release. You can currently get an original copy with obi and poster for £43.00 .

    Record industry killing the vinyl format for profit

  5. Martin says:

    Grabbed it earlier cheers for the alert

  6. Chris Squires says:

    Picked them both up this morning from the widget! That’s at least bringing it down to somewhere near normal pricing.

    Rather like Flowers in the dirt, some thing just start stupidly high…..

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