Deal Alert / Pink Floyd: A Collection of Great Dance Songs / remastered vinyl

Great deal today for last year’s remastered Pink Floyd vinyl reissue of A Collection of Great Dance Songs.

This curious compilation was originally issued in 1981 between The Wall and The Final Cut but it’s well worth owning thanks to the inclusion of different mixes of some songs such as Shine On You Crazy Diamond (a unique edit) and Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) which is an hybrid of single and album mix.

The other big attraction is the version of Money which can’t be found anywhere else; David Gilmour re-recorded the track entirely, playing all the instruments himself, with the exception of the saxophone, where Dick Parry reprised his performance on the original. This remastered vinyl edition is only a little over £12 right now!

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Pink Floyd

A Collection of Great Dance Songs - remastered vinyl


Track listing

A Collection of Great Dance Songs – remastered vinyl

Side 1
1. One Of These Days
2. Money
3. Sheep

Side 2
1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part One) (1-5)
2. Wish You Were Here
3. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)

16 responses to Deal Alert / Pink Floyd: A Collection of Great Dance Songs / remastered vinyl

  1. Gorecki says:

    Isn’t it a touch baffling (and frustrating) that while all the other Floyd albums were remastered and reissued in 2011; then reissued again in 2016 (same remasters) – this rather enjoyable album finally gets remastered and…. no CD!

    Apparently there’s a market for yet another all-but-identical CD copy of Dark Side or Division Bell just 5 years after the previous one but not for a remastered distinctively different release.

    Well, it’s baffled and frustrated me! :)

  2. Rasputin says:

    Paul, is anything known about the continuation of these remasters?

  3. Mark W says:

    A word of warning on this one; I ordered this in January under the previous offer and went through three copies before I went for a refund. All copies were scratched; they must have had some issue at the packing factory. I haven’t had any issues with other Pink Floyd reissues.

  4. Chris Stewart says:

    Price has gone up to £15.58 now.

  5. Bernard O’Hara says:

    Paul – do you know if there is a download code with the vinyl?

  6. Martin says:

    Nice one to add to collection – Thanks for the heads up

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