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Pink Floyd‘s 2011/12 ‘Immersion’ editions of Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall arguably ushered in the era of the ‘super deluxe edition’ music box set to a mainstream audience.

They packages weren’t perfect; the discs sit right at the bottom underneath all the other content and the scarfs and marbles that came with these sets were much ridiculed at the time. However, the inclusion of hi-res surround mixes, well-thought out additional material and quality booklets and art prints – at a reasonable price – were largely welcomed.

German retailer JPC has, at the time of writing, got a fantastic deal at the moment on all three Pink Floyd boxes. They are available to buy for just £44 (or €60) – which is getting on for a 50% discount when compared to other retailers.


If you are not a Pink Floyd fan or already own these sets, then take a look at some other great deals on JPC:

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24 responses to Deal alert / Pink Floyd box sets

  1. P says:

    Funny how they cancelled the Wish You Were Here orders yet it is now shown as being in stock (it was backordered at the time of cancellation) and is still priced at 59.99 euros.

  2. Michael says:

    But thanks to SDE for highlighting it in the first place.

  3. Dan says:

    Just received email that my wish you were here order was canceled. Disappointing

    • Michael says:

      I got a mail saying my Wish You Were Here order was cancelled after a few days too. I share your disappointment!

  4. Yani says:

    2 of the 3 arrived today very swift and superbly wrapped for transit..

  5. Enrico G. says:

    Dark Side of The Moon (Immersion Box Set) Currently at € 59,00 on Amazon Italy.
    A deal alert from Enrico!

  6. Chris says:

    …but will be released for the 50th anniversary of the album :D

  7. baward says:

    As Rick says The Wall does not, Will. But it will, once James Guthrie has finished mixing it.

  8. MiG says:

    For a band that had released exactly zero (zeeeee-rooooo) live material from their 1972-77 peak, these boxes certainly were something to get excited about!

    Still dreaming they’re sitting on a treasure trove of soundboards…but I’m not banking on ever hearing them, particularly since what they DID release were largely from BBC recordings.

    • Phil Cohen says:

      Pink Floyd & The BBC made separate recordings of the 1974 Wembley concerts, but the BBC was not permitted to broadcast the part of the concert where the group was previewing early arrangements of (then unreleased) songs that would later appear on “Wish You Were Here” & “Animals”.
      As for sessions & concerts exclusively recorded by The BBC, Pink Floyd won’t permit them to be officially released. Furthermore, they will not pay to license any audio or video materials from any broadcasters, whether it is BBC radio sessions or French or American T.V. broadcasts.

  9. MR tim says:

    gogan, yes sorry.. my WTWH box set was purchased here in the uk. From Amazon uk a time back and the info card inside lists Region 0. NTSC. The discs themselves dont reveal anything.

  10. Fat Old Bloke says:

    Wish You Were Here Immersion box was a disaster for me. Firstly the discs were very badly scratched some unplayable. Secondly the bluray contained was faulty with audio issues. The actual bonus tracks are nothing to get excited about. I ended up sending it back to Amazon uk for a refund. Buyer beware on those Pink Floyd box sets. I kept the Dark Side Of The Moon box despite similar issues with disc damage

  11. gogandmagog says:

    Thanks, to be more specefic:
    Has somenone that has bought in Eurpoe the WYWH set, could check if the Blu-Ray/DVDs are region 0 ???

    (I have the same Blu-Ray zone that in USA)

  12. Will says:

    Damn it, Wish you were here is sold out!, does anyone know if the Wall come with surround sound btw?

  13. Mark S says:

    Bought The Wall, thanks!

  14. Mr Tim says:

    Gogandmagog…..In my Wish you were here set the dvd/blu are listed as region 0, NTSC. Presuming they are the same world wide.
    Too much hassle to region code and ” lock out” these type of sets i reacon. But thats only my best guess. Can someone confirm ?

  15. gogandmagog says:

    I would like the WYWH box.
    Could someone check if the Blu-Ray and DVD are zone free???
    (I’m at South America)

  16. Tom Saltarelli says:

    I just got the deal too!! That was all three for the price of one!!

  17. Tobias Schmitz says:

    the Pink Floyd box of THE DIVISION BELL is also reduced (69,99 €) at jpc.


  18. geert says:

    Ordered all 4 last week and already arrived these are cool !

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