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thewlall copy

This won’t last long… Pink Floyd‘s The Wall Immersion Edition box set at a crazy prize on Amazon UK.

At the time of writing (18.45, 17/12/15) this box is just £33!



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  1. Bruce says:

    My order was also cancelled a few days ago. Very disappointing, especially as one of the local shops had a copy for $75 in January, but I passed on it since I was waiting on Amazon UK to ship it.

  2. David S says:

    Just had this email from Amazon, had this on order since 17 Dec:


    Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel your order #204-3238926-1998706 for
    The Wall [Immersion Edition] (Asin: B004ZNAXX2) as it is no longer
    available. We’d planned on receiving this item from our supplier but
    when we contacted the supplier for an update, they informed us that they
    won’t be able to source it. You haven’t been charged for this item.

    If you’d still like this item it may be available from a third party
    seller on Marketplace. An item being offered for sale by
    third-party sellers will be indicated by a blue box marked “More Buying
    Choices” on the product’s information page. You can check this by
    visiting the following link:

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes and hope to see you again


    Customer Service Department

  3. Keith Lambert says:

    After waiting patiently in hope, my order was sadly cancelled by Amazon today who stated that they had contacted the supplier who in turn advised them that they could no longer source the box; it seems that I should have been quicker off the mark when Paul put out the alert!

    • Paul stamper says:

      Cancelled my order also today, I’m sure they will get the stock back in and sell via Amazon

  4. jay says:

    finally got mine today. given I wouldn’t have bought it and have waited this long wasn’t a issue for me thanks so much for the deal price alert! now just need the other ones to drop like that.

  5. Tony Kinson says:

    My order is sitting there from December – waiting to give me a delivery date – yet they have stock for the £65 price. Surely they have to honour my order at the reduced price?

    • Keith Lambert says:

      Mine too…..and yes quite right, you’d have thought that they would fulfil any outstanding orders. I may drop their CS people a line.

    • Keith Lambert says:

      I called them but I should have looked at the item page in a bit more detail; they explained that the stock they are showing is from 3rd party sellers and not Amazon who we ordered the item from. They gave me the option of cancelleing the order but I of course declined in the hope that they may receive more stock at some point.

  6. Keith Lambert says:

    Thanks as always Paul! I’ve spent a fortune on music this year (Zeppelin, Queen, Skynyrd, Rush, The Faces, Beatles Mono + all the Hi-Res stuff I’ve purchased for my PONO) but this was too good to pass by. It’s been made even sweeter as I just received a £5.00 credit from Amazon as an apology for them not being able to deliver prior to Christmas. I am more than happy to wait for the set which has now cost me £27-98! :-) The deal alerts are just brilliant, even though my bank manager wouldn’t agree! Merry Christmas SDE and to all who visit the site.

  7. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    Hope you have a super-deluxe Christmas, Paul, and a bonus-material New Year.

  8. Pete {in Australia} says:

    THANKS as always, Paul. Just gone and ordered a copy. Was a bit cheaper, but once you add postage, to Australia, it goes up a bit, but still all up 31.06pounds, so great stuff!!!!!!!

  9. Alan Fenwick says:

    Mines dispatched and due to arrive on Monday, however I placed my order when there was still stock showing, so other orders may still show a bit of a delay until stock arrives.

  10. Tim Barton says:

    Since I’ve got this, I’m hoping to at least see Wish You Were Here go down. I’ve also got Dark Side as an Immersion Edition, but settled for the two-disc Experience WYWH set. I’d buy the box at this price!

  11. Ben Williams says:

    Have bought! When its back in stock, will Amazon honour it for £33 as per time of purchase?

    Great news though. Have passed on this box set before but at £33 who can say no to some marbles, oh and one of the greatest albums of all time!

  12. Shawn says:

    A rare event when you trip into a deal alert the next day and the price still holds steady. $47 shipped to the USA, couldn’t resist (even though it will “ship when available”). Thanks as always for the deal alert!

  13. BritinDetroit says:

    I am now sitting in purgatory as I wait for them to fill the Flob and the Georgie Fame Whole World’s Shaking orders….Both at superfab prices and supposedly in stock when purchased but now….

    We shall see if I am on the up or down escalator for these two boxes at fabgear pricing

    A Very Happy Christmas from Detroit to you and all your SDE readers

  14. adam shaw says:

    Got It !
    Thank you Paul for all your deals and info.
    I wish you and your family a Merry Xmas and a Good New Year

  15. Andrew says:

    I have become a junkie for this site since I discovered it a few months ago, and deals like this are so appreciated.

    I saw this last night and convinced myself I didn’t need it. This morning, I wasn’t so successful!

    Happy Christmas Paul and all other readers!

  16. MiG says:

    Came up 27.48 GBP when I ordered it, but then I’m shipping it abroad. Is the missing 5.50 GBP tax?

  17. Mike Sutton says:

    I got the email last night and order in right away and got the ‘Out of stock’ response. I wonder will we really get it for that price when it becomes available again?? It truly is an incredible price!

    And I add my thanks to Paul for the heads up……

  18. Jim Lee says:

    Thanks great price. Out of stock but secured. Anyone want a scarf? My bin has two already!

  19. gogandmagog says:

    well, only WYWH set and I’m OK
    …and I was thinking to pull the trigger past days in 60 EUR

    Thanks Paul!!!

  20. Stuart S says:

    Always had no intention of buying this but at this price, couldn’t resist!

    Just as my Division Bell box arrived today too…

  21. Kenneth says:

    This is the only box I passed on. So glad I waited and thank you so much, Paul. $47 to the United States is too great of a bargain to pass up. Merry Christmas!

  22. Justin uk says:

    Thanks for the heads up Paul- well worth £33- especially when you compare it to the shambolic live wall offering from mr waters! And the previous reviewer forgot to mention the scarf (o; This and the Tusk set have provided a great xmas present to me!

  23. Justin uk says:

    Thanks paul- well worth £33!

  24. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    Yes, fair point. Just thought it was worth reading.

    One of the other reviews warns about a sound glitch on Is There Anybody Out There (live). Is that error on all copies, does anyone know?

    • Si says:

      Based on memory the fault was on early pressings, it was unavailable for a short time after issue, has been corrected now.

  25. PeterJH says:

    Couldn’t ignore the price. Won’t be counting my chickens though, until it’s been confirmed as sent. I’m hoping it will make my wife very happy this Christmas. Thanks for the heads up.

  26. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    How you feel about this all comes down to what you paid. For context – not to put a downer on the bargain – here’s one such Amazon review from when it was priced at £90:

    Why oh why could I not have waited a few days and read the scathing reviews first, but no. Lulled by the blatant advertising on a certain DAB rock radio channel of how great this release was going to be, with previously unreleased live versions I went ahead and pre-ordered.

    For my £90 I now have a remaster of a brilliant album that I love, granted, but I could have got that for £15 with the “experience” edition. The live album tracks are not “previously unreleased” Nicky Horne, they are the 1980/1 “Is There anybody out there?” live CD which you can get for £12

    So what else do I get for the price difference, well I get 3 marbles, ooh whoopee, replacements, I knew I’d lost my marbles when it dawned on me what I’d just bought! 2 extra CDs of dubious work in progress tracks, moderately interesting, but then so is watching paint dry if you are bored. Some nice printed pictures and some repro passes and tickets – wow, I must mount those next to my genuine one from the original show 30years ago and the one from the 30th anniversary event of 2011 at the O2, they will really look convincing. Finally a DVD of clips you could probably find on YouTube. So roughly £60 extra for worthless filler – thanks EMI – I’m uncomfortably numbed by your transformation of a brilliant album into one of ridicule due to price and “extra” content.

    Experience edition – what experienced people buy, Immersion edition – what mugs like me bought.
    45 of 49 people found this review helpful

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      I don’t really have much truck with a “review” like that. There’s plenty of places to find out what’s on a set before you buy it (SDE being one) so it’s not a mystery. If people think something doesn’t offer good value then the answer is not to buy it, rather than buy it and complain about how bad it is. This set is definitely the least impressive of the three, but I think the two CDs of demos are really interesting. It’s definitely WAY overpriced at the normal price point, but at this deal price it’s definitely worth picking up if you were tempted but passed before.

      • John says:

        Paul – I bought The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here Immersions sets a while back but felt that The Wall was overpriced; more than happy to buy at this price. Just a final word to say thank you for your excellent website – I’ve become a SDE junkie.

  27. Dave Gilmour's Cat says:

    If you believe the Amazon reviews, this is not all it’s cracked up to be. But at this price…

  28. Chris L says:

    That’s my kinda price. Ordered! You’ve cost me a fortune this year………and I don’t regret a penny of it. Superb site. Keep up the excellent work Paul.

  29. Neil says:

    Thanks Paul. Cracking price!

  30. Si says:

    Wow! Good Lord, that’s an amazing price! Thank you Paul, one of the best shouts ever! :-)

  31. Brendan V. says:

    $47 shipped to the US. Says temporarily out of stock but it let me order for that price.

    Thanks for the alert!

  32. baward says:

    Tempting, but I’m still going to wait for the 5.1 of The Wall.

  33. Paul Edwards says:

    Now temporarily out of stock but I’ve got one at that price – bargain

  34. James Pigg says:

    Ordered! Brilliant price. As ever, thanks a million Paul and a very happy Christmas to all at SDE

  35. Mark says:

    Ridiculously low price. Thanks Paul!

  36. Nicolas says:

    40 us dollars, with shipping include (to USA). Real amazing price!!

  37. BritinDetroit says:

    30.56 pounds shipped to Detroit – Brill

    Could we have “Wish you were here” at a similar price please

  38. Chris Lancaster says:

    That is rather cheap. Ordered for £32.98 – according to Amazon, it’s not in stock now, but due in on 19th December.

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