Deal alert / Pure McCartney 4LP vinyl


Fantastic price right now for the 4LP vinyl box set of Paul McCartney‘s 2016 compilation Pure McCartney.

This set is just £39.99  at the moment (10pm, 12/2/17) which is a superb price, approaching HALF of the original cost!


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Paul McCartney

Pure McCartney [VINYL]





23 responses to Deal alert / Pure McCartney 4LP vinyl

  1. Jason Hart says:

    It’s really frustrating and stupid with all the up and down pricing…

  2. woodleigh says:

    I must get some of these newsletters quite late because the price at the actual sites is always above what is noted here. I get some bargains, but a lot of disappointment also.

  3. PChris says:

    Grabbed it. Thanks Paul, this was another quick one so it seems..

  4. Steven says:

    Amazon UK now back at £39.99 – just ordered.

  5. Geoff says:

    Back down to £39:99 again at Amazon.

  6. Still £39.99 at HMV…just ordered a copy.

  7. elliott buckingham says:

    i cant believe there are only 12 tracks on this set I like

  8. Paul Aiden says:

    Thanks Paul! Excited to get this, love the cover art and we already know the music is unbelievable

  9. PAUL LUPTON says:

    Side One alone demonstrates Macca’s genius……

  10. Marton says:

    Now £68.58 but #1 Best Seller in Vinyl

  11. Charles Hodgson says:

    Jesus, he put “Ebony & Ivory” on here?!
    Nauseating. The Frog Chorus is better.

  12. Mike the Fish says:

    Does anybody know how the Memory Almost Full tracks sound in comparison to the original album?

  13. Marton says:

    Seems to be gone… £61.09 now.

    • Ben Williams says:

      HMV also has copies for £39.99 currently.

      If Amazon get any more stock this week, I am sure the price will stay at less than £40 for the time being :-)

  14. Martin says:

    Oh go on then you twisted my arm…..

  15. Leemer says:

    Fantastic price, wish I had waited. Thank you for finding these wallet busting awe inspiring bargains!

  16. David M says:

    And the CD (2 disc same content) is 8 pounds. I am a vinyl guy but when the bargain price is still 5 times the CD price then something is not right.

  17. Lesley says:

    I have put off buying this set because of the price but now how can I resist at this price !!!
    Thank you Paul, love your site !!!!

  18. Lou Jenkins says:

    Thanks very much Paul – bagged a copy



  19. Richard says:

    Thanks for another great heads-up Paul. I was ranting to my brother only yesterday about the cynical lack of Flowers In The Dirt material on this set and how for that reason I would never buy it. For £40 I am willing to perform a rather abrupt volte-face.

  20. Chris Squires says:

    ordered, many Thanks Paul

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