Deal Alert / Queen Live at the Rainbow super deluxe edition


At last! After almost a month at over £100 on UK Amazon, the Queen Live at the Rainbow super deluxe is finally dropped to a sensible price.

Nearly £45 has been lopped off the four-disc set (2CD+DVD+Blu-ray) which comes with a 60-page book and lots of memorabilia items.

It’s still not as good a deal as the stunning Canadian price, but on the other hand if you’re in the UK/EU you have no (or low) shipping costs, no worry about import duty and it’s easy to return if damaged.

This set is released on 8 September and at the time of writing can be ordered for £69.

4 responses to Deal Alert / Queen Live at the Rainbow super deluxe edition

  1. Fatoldbloke says:

    Incredibly one apparent Queen fan was disappointed with the box saying there should not have been a DVD / BluRay included of the same thing, and they also complained about the books etc.
    Its a great box and well worth the $55 I paid.

  2. peter Chrisp says:

    Just made it on time @ 61 pounds, now the price has increased to a whopping 112 pounds talk about a relief, right place right time.

  3. Leslie Hanagan says:

    Back up to £112.99 today.

  4. Bertie says:

    Dealer price from Universal on this item is £72 + VAT.
    I fail to see the point in selling something at less than cost do you?

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