Deal alert: Queen: Studio Collection lavish 18LP vinyl box


The recently announced Queen vinyl box Studio Collection, which contains all 15 studio albums pressed across 18 coloured vinyl LPs is finally available to order on one of the Amazon sites and the price on Amazon Italy is a cool £50 cheaper than its competitors.

I’d suggest you need to be quick here, because at the time of writing (13.20 21/7) this is ‘just’ €334 which equates to around £234. Everywhere else this ranges from £280 to £300 so this is a GREAT deal that will save you about £50 and may not be beaten between now and the release date.

Extra info: Including shipping to the USA the price (at the time of writing) is: £198.96 GBP or €284.48 EUR or $310.28 USD or $404.08 CAD. Shipping to Ireland is just €5.

Read more on this Queen vinyl box, or just get on and secure it at this great pre-order price. The box is out on 25 September 2015.




29 responses to Deal alert: Queen: Studio Collection lavish 18LP vinyl box

  1. Sam says:

    And also the book was sealed also similar thing to The Beatles-sets.
    Not sure why they didn’t let people in USA have download-code with their orders? I got it but I ordered from Amazon Italy..

    Lately it’s been nice to get download-codes (or even cd) with the vinyl-releases and I would have liked to have one with the new David Bowie-boxset “Five Years 1969-1973”. But then again, I also bought the cd-set anyways..

  2. Sam says:

    This is the very similar to The Beatles (stereo and mono) vinyl-sets.
    The vinyl-box itself is sent in factory sealed box, the vinyl-box is not sealed itself but all the vinyl inside have been sealed in cellophane-sleeves (similar to what was used in The Beatles mono-set). The cellophane-sleeves aren’t really that good quality but they do secure sleeves a bit still and do what they are needed for.

  3. dave says:

    Hi Paul
    I ordered the box set from Italy when arrived the box was not sealed is this the same from other amazon sites

  4. Andrew Mogford says:

    I have ordered this at the price above but I have since become a little concerned. I assume these records and packaging will all still be in English? Thanks for the deal alert!

  5. Emili Lafarga says:

    Sorry for my mistake. I thought the offer icluded the box and the turntable but Paul is right, the price is only for the spinner.

  6. Emili Lafarga says:

    On (Spain)you can book the new Queen Rega recordplayer due on the 25th september for 449€ and you get yor 18-lp limited box.

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      You don’t get the 18LP box set and the Rega turntable for €449, that’s just for the turntable. They do have interest free though, which is quite good.

  7. Dmitriy says:

    Price rise after few hours.
    Now rise again.

  8. Steven says:

    My usual annoying question: is “The Game” in that original metallic foil silver sleeve? Or the matte dull silver sleeve? Any way to find out? When I first saw this, I was excited. The price was a bit staggering, but I don’t know how I’m supposed to survive with The Game and News of The World with black vinyl. Damn it.

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  10. Edward says:

    Do you think this Queen box will appear on Amazon UK at some point ?

    • Alan Fenwick says:


      I would have though it will appear on all Amazon sites before it’s release date, I wouldn’t imagine it will be too long before you will see it on there.

  11. Paul N says:

    Top Deal just ordered shipping only 5 euro to Ireland.. Happy Days

  12. John says:

    Amazon Italy deal including shipping to the U.S.: £198.96 GBP/€284.48 EUR/$310.28 USD/$404.08 CAD. I’m not the biggest Queen fan but this looks too beautiful to pass up. Ordered!

  13. Guy says:

    Great deal, but do we know if we get the download card with the Italian Amazon box? If so, I’ll get it, if not – not so sure….

    • Paul Sinclair says:

      MP3 download cards come with all boxes regardless of where you buy them. So ‘yes’ is the answer.

  14. David says:

    THX! 330 Eur incl. shipping to Germany… Don’t think that this will be topped

  15. Ravi says:

    Darryl – my shipped cost was $403 CDN. I don’t think you took the VAT off the Amazon Italy price!

  16. Darryl says:

    I just checked the Canadian Amazon and it’s actually just $4 dollars more than Amazon Italy (but taking S&H into consideration, if you live in Canada, probably cheaper). Maybe Amazon Canada has dropped their price now too.

  17. Jon says:

    Cheers Paul, had just ordered this from the Queen store yesterday but this is too good to pass up.

  18. Peter says:

    Looks very attractive, need to wait tho, Bowie CD and Vinyl and Zep Super Deluxe all due in next month or so.

  19. Ravi says:

    Thanks Paul! Grabbed this and saved $127 CDN/£63 over the Amazon Canada price I had previously ordered!

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